Angels Are Not Just For Christmas
It is that festive time of year again when all the shops are filled with baubles, tinsel and ‘angel wings’! Stores will be carrying a variety of tree top and glass angels for your tree, and infant schools will have little darlings dressed in white representing the angelic hosts. One brave and talented youngster in each group may even land the role of the angel ‘Gabriel’. For certainly Gabriel is by far the most well known of all the angels.

Yet even though the obsession with Christmas angels is delightful it represents only a tiny part of the enormous role the real angelic beings actually play in our everyday lives. The wonderful thing is, when we bring these images and symbols of Divine Light into our homes at Christmas time, whatever our beliefs and background, the symbolism and the energy of the angelic realms becomes a focus and enhances the energy within that space.

Angels were given to us as a gift at the beginning of time. People don’t even have to believe in them if they don't want to. They are there whether we are aware of them or not. As beings of light following the thoughts of God they appear as healers, protectors, guardians, and messengers bringing joy, hope and inspiration. And the greatest bearer of glad tidings is? …. Yes, Gabriel, you’ve got it!

Archangel Gabriel brings us messages of personal direction and helps us to remember our soul purpose. If you are struggling to find your personal direction, particularly your spiritual pathway, do try the meditation I have given you as a little pre-Christmas gift on my blog this week:

Click through to take a look and find the meditation:

Call upon Gabriel and think of the great angel shining a bright crystal white light directly on your path ahead. It is important that once called upon you learn to trust that your request has been heard. Then look out for the clues appearing everywhere in strange but obvious coincidences, interesting conversations, written headlines, snippets from books and other ‘good omens’.

Archangel Gabriel has helped me so much in my life. My Christmas wish is that light will shine on you too, not just for Christmas-time but throughout the rest of your journey onward!
Preparing For the Festive Season
We're preparing a number of gentle, fun, spiritual activities for you over the festive season and I hope you'll take part.

The night before the Winter Solstice (20th December at 8pm UK time), I'll be broadcasting LIVE online with Charleen Anna Louise at Walk, Talk, Breathe Angels. We'll be discussing in much more depth that 'Angels Are Not Just For Christmas' I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Bookmark the following link, or follow Charlene on Facebook here to be notified of the broadcast:

Then from the Solstice right through Christmas week, I'll be sending out a daily communion with the angels, based on the teachings and spiritual practices of the Essenes. I hope you'll take a few minutes to join me in communion - a few moments of peace and reflection at an otherwise hectic time of year.

There are also prize draws on my Facebook page. Just pop over to facebook to find the post and leave a comment to enter the draw. More draws throughout Christmas and just a little bit of fun.

Upcoming Events 2018
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