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     Thank you for being a part of the global peace effort and supporting the Angels for Peace project.

    Below you will find our mission statement, goals and call to action.   To be part of this project, all you have to do is read the daily topic and mentally send an Angel on a Mission in support.

    It's Easy! It's Free!     

Angel on a Mission Daily Topic
Thursday, October 27, 2011 
Topic: Education, Science, & Technology
"National Bullying Prevention & Awareness Month"
 Bullying is a crisis in our schools and negatively affects both the victims and 
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the perpetrators. 

       Some 16,000 children stay home each day because they are afraid of being bullied; children who are bullies by age 8 are 6 times more likely to have a criminal record by age 24
Please join me in sending Angels on a Mission to...
1.  Protect and  empower the children who are being victimized... be it verbally, physically, or over the Internet. 

2.  Provide support for the bullies so they might find more socially acceptable methods for dealing with their issues.

3.  Sow the seeds of compassion and acceptance in the hearts and 
minds of Earth's citizens.
Learn how you can help...
Bullying Prevention  

Mission Statement

Provide a way for anyone and everyone,

worldwide, to participate in the peace process. 

    Words, politics, and logic have failed to bring us peace. The angels

can soothe the broken hearts while melting the frozen hearts of our earthly sisters and brothers.


    By choosing to...

Send an Angel a Day (mentally)

 Be an Angel a Day (for someone)

Be the PeaceMaker (in your affairs and relationships)

YOU become an Angel for Peace



To get at least 1 million email recipients of the Angel on a Mission Daily Topic.

With that amount of energy focused on an issue

we can raise our collective consciousness and heal our planet.

Call to Action

Now is the time to seize the opportunity to join forces with

like-minded individuals to create healing in our lives and on our planet.

The more we care and the more we share, the sooner we will reach our goal.


Visualize Peace and Know that It is Ours


Angel on a Mission Daily Topic Themes 

* Sunday -- Spiritual Awakening
* Monday -- People & Places

* Tuesday -- Health & Healing
* Wednesday -- Global, National, & Regional Matters

* Thursday -- Education, Science & Technology

* Friday -- Abundance, Business & Finance
* Saturday -- Climate & Environmental Issues


May peace, love, light, and laughter be with you and yours today and always!


Revering the Light,


Treneater-Nur C. Horton (Rev. Nur)

Inter-Faith Minister, MA, MT


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