New Moon Shakti Fire Ceremony
Solar Eclipse and The Night of Lord Shiva
9th March 2016 at 6:30 - 7:00pm
Spring  Equinox  Angels of Awakening Celebration 
21st March 2016 at 10.30 -11.30 am 
Spring  Equinox    20th  March   2016  at 04:30 GMT 
Happy  Easter 25th -28th March 
Angels of Awakening Academy launches with the
New Moon Shakti Fire on 7th April 6:30 - 7:00pm then till 9:00pm for AoAA Launch Ceremony.

Angels of Awakening
Halo Angels 
Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Easter
Its March already! where did February Go????

Wednesday 9th March 2016 is a SOLAR ECLIPSE and night of Lord Shiva, so brace yourself for change, because the Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016 has the power to transform karmic patterns and liberate you from toxic entanglements. If you've been clinging to false hope, or can't seem to cut the cord with someone who's been draining your energy, this powerful eclipse, which takes place at 1:54pm GMT, will burn up old stories and
attachments that no longer serve you, leaving room for a new book to be written. source :
So do come and join us if you are able to, it will be a very powerful evening. We follow on with a John of God Healing current form Bari Brown.

We are moving out of Easter Cottage on 11th March 2016, exactly 10 years to the day when we officially opened the Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat. It is a definite completion and the beginning of a new cycle for us as the Angels of Awakening Academy prepares to unfold ready to launch on the new moon of the 7th April 2016.

That means Paul and I will be living in the original house again, and strangely enough we are even moving back into the same room, it feels very DejaVu! after such a wonderful journey of self discovery.The lovely couple buying the cottage will be in their new home, called Easter Cottage by Easter how amazing is that!!!  
Paul is whisking me off to Budapest in Hungary for a well deserved weeks break to visit the tooth fairy! Bari is back in Avalon and has an amazing new Crystal Light Healing bed from John of God, I thoroughly recommend a session. Patricia and Marie Jasmine are also here to provide healing, so just call Vicki. Donna and Mam are on there travels, say hello to them if you are in Thailand.  

I will be back for the Spring Equinox on March 20th and I'm sure we will celebrate at some time during the late afternoon. The official Angels of Awakening celebration is on Monday 21st March at 10.30 till 11.30 then we all run up to the Chalice Well for their event. Join us if you want to, and if you want to stay for the night or the weekend, we have rooms available. 

Our pop up shop has become a Clearance Sale, scheduled for Good Friday 25th March, Easter Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March. I am still very calmly packing, and chucking out so many Daisy Centre things, lots of wonderful preloved items, books, cd's, glass ware, china, clothes etc,  do pop in and have a look. We are raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Paul and our friend Daz with his Rock for Charity gig's are going for the world record "11 gigs in 11 citys"  over the Summer Solstice, all to support TCT , more will be revealed next month. 

Wow what a month April will be!!! we will launch the Angels of Awakening Academy....How exciting will it be? I'm keeping it under wraps until the moment is ripe  to reveal as there is so much to share with you from these amazing beings of light. 

I am in Barnes, London this week for Healing Sessions at VortexHealing UAP Level. Appointments are available on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd March in the morning. Otherwise I am back in Barnes on 29th March to 1st April  and 26th to 28th April for Daisy Healing in London or any other times in Glastonbury.

I look forward to seeing you soon
Love Daisy 

Angels of Awakening Academy
We Launch on New Moon of the 7th April 2016 at 7pm 

Apple and angel
These magnificent beings of light have guided Daisy to open the Angels of Awakening Academy.  We will have a evening of celebration it is a  New Moon for a new beginning another cycle in the process of awakening for you and your angels. 

It is all the 7's for the seven beings of light from the seven realms of the 
Angels of Awakening  on the  7th April 2016 at 7pm. 777

We will have a Shakti New Moon Ceremony at 6.30pm with Bari Brown. We celebrate and step into the new cycle with love, joy and sacred intentions.We follow on with our launch party, everyone is invited, just let me know if you are coming so that we have a slice of cake and a drink for you!

AoA Healing Weekend  on Friday 8th April until Sunday 10th April 
join us for our new AoA Healing Weekend, see below.
Monday 11th April we are offering our new AOA Healing Meditation evening with Daisy and the Angels.

Enrol for a place today on one of our weekend retreats or 3 month and 12 month courses.

We honour each New Moon  with this sacred fire ceremony.
Join us at the Daisy Centre on:
Wednesday 9th March 2016 (6:30 to 7:00)
Thursday 7th April 2016 (6:30 to 7:00)
The  Shakti Fire is a holy fire ceremony. It invites the pure female creation energy from the heavenly spheres to Earth, so that it can take its hereditary place on Earth again and be part of the manifestation of the Golden Age on Earth.

The healing and balancing of your own male and female creation energy can be supported during the Shakti Fire Ceremony.
This is a participative ceremony ~ you are welcome to bring flowers and rice and give these to the Shakti Fire Priestess so that she can put them into the fire.
For more information contact Bari on:  07726 762656 
Daisy's Healing Weekend
with  the
Angels of Awakening
Friday 8th  ~ Monday  11th April
Friday 10th  ~ Monday 13th June 
Friday 26th - Monday 29th August
Daisy's Angels of Awakening Healing Weekends are new and improved for 2016.
Experience a unique healing with Daisy  at her beautiful and tranquil Angel Retreat in Glastonbury. Feel the serene energy, soothing and smoothing any anxiety or everyday stress out of your whole system. Be immersed in Angelic Light and gain a new insight, a new perspective.   

  The Angels of Awakening want to bring more of their li ght and healing to you. They will combine the teachings of the Angels, Merlin's teachings, Awakening tools and Sacred Geometry to awaken, enliven and transform you in a beautifully serene Angelic way.  The   Healing Weekends are a wonderful opportunity for anyone to come and experience a healing or a workshop with Daisy at her beautiful and tranquil retreat in Glastonbury. Optional accommodation is available to you when you book this weekend, either for yourself or with a friend.

These transformational 2 days give you a whole-istic experience with many Healing and therapy sessions for you to choose from.  
The itinerary is  below, we allow for changes and all times are approximate. 
Friday Evening from 7.30pm  ~ Angels of Awakening Group Healing ~ Angelic mediation with Daisy  accompanied by the Sounds of the Harmony Drum with Paul Foss, The Cosmic Percussionist.
Saturday  morning from 10am ~ a half day course on discovering your Egyptian  Temple Linage and how it connects with t he Angels of Awakening Heart One of the Ascension Process. 
Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2pm ~ Daisy  and Bari will be available for personal Healing treatments, see the choice below. 
When you book a healing treatment with Daisy Foss or with one of her team of healer friends,   Y ou can book a room and come and stay at the Daisy Centre. The price for your night's stay will be £50 per night, or for a premier ensuite room the price will be £60 per person per night. The price for multiple nights, with only one person having a healing session, will be charged at £40 per person per extra night.

You will be able to attend as little or as much as you like ~ these weekends can be tailor-made for you and your group or just come alone and enjoy the experience .

To book your space please contact:
Angels of Awakening Academy 
at the Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat.
01458 834587 ~ 07970 108156

Easter Holidays
Enjoy the Weekend or a Mid-Week Break   
Angels of Awakening at the Daisy Centre
 in Glastonbury 

~ For that perfect present ~
We offer Daisy Foss ~ Angels of Awakening Gift Vouchers for weekend retreats and Vortex Healing ® Divine Energy healing in Glastonbury and London.

The house is  available for you to stay and enjoy the warmth and hospitality that only The Angels of Awakening at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury can provide! 
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve a room.

Please see our website for further details.
For 7 days or more call for a price. All  normal terms and conditions apply.   

Daisy Centre, 6 Church Lane, Glastonbury. Somerset BA6 9JQ
For more in depth information go to or email  or call 01458 834587 ~ 07970 108156 ~
Daisy Foss 
Angels of Awakening

Perk up your petals ~ 
Open your Heart to Love
Personal Healing by appointment 
available in in person in Glastonbury and London,  or by phone, facetime, skype or online.

Daisy has been working with Merlin and the Angels in London since 1999. Qualified at Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing at the most advanced levels of  Merlin's Grace, Angelic Heart 1,2 and 3.  She completed the UAP, Universal Assemblage Point Healing course in Virginia Beach and during that process lost her Original Veil.

Start 2016 with a good energetic clear out, from all your 
energetic bodies. Break  the Time Lines of old attachments with ease and grace. Energise your system and refresh yourself on all levels and generally feel better all round.

I still have some appointments for March  available in London on 
Tuesday 29th,  Wednesday 30th  Thursday 31st ~ 10- 8pm 
Friday 1st April ~ 1-2 pm,2-3pm
Tuesday 26th ~ Wednesday 27th ~ Thursday 28th April 
My next visit to London is on 26th -28th April  2016.

Book a Healing Treatment with Daisy today.  
Stay the night at the Daisy Centre or for the weekend. Longer stays are possible to enable you to really feel the benefit of a Residential Healing Experience. 

For a more detailed description on the Therapies below please 

*Angels of Awakening Process  
*VortexHealing ® Divine Energy Healing  
*VortexHealing  ® Angel  Heart 
*VortexHealing ® Fascia Unwinding  90mins 
*Angels of Awakening Breath Initiation 
*Angels of Awakening Reiki 
*Angelic Crystal Healing 
*Angelic Sound Activation  
*Daisy Matrix Connection to Source 
*Angels of Awakening Oracle Card Reading
*Past Life Regression  
Concessions available for all the above healing modalities,

Join our mailing list and sign up now on 07970 108156 or 01458 834587
Angel Oracle Readings and Angelic Reiki Attunements also available.  
VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman used here with

Bari Brown
Is currently in Brazil as an authorised Guide to  John of God.  She will be available for treatments at the Daisy Centre from 26th February 2016.

Bari is a Spiritual Guide, Emotional Alchemist 
and a Peace Minister. She  specialises in helping people recognise the barriers that stop them from connecting to the Light within and provides help to clear those barriers. Bari helps guide you out of confusion and into the Light of your own Soul

Bari is a qualified Alpha Chi Consultant, an ordained Peace Minister, an Angelic Reiki Master, an Aura Soma and EFT Practitioner. She is also an authorised Guide to John of God in Brazil, a Relax Kids Teacher, a  Meditation Leader and a Thai  Massage  Therapist. 

Book a Healing Treatment with Bari and come and  stay the night at the Daisy Centre to really benefit from a Residential Healing Experience. 

For a more detailed description on the Therapies below please 

Atlantis Crystal Healing 
* Thai Hot Compress Healing Massage 
* Emotional Freedom Technique ~ EFT 
* Angelic Reiki 
* Angel Oracle Readings and Angelic Reiki Attunements 

For further information:
Or contact Bari on 07726 762656,
James Coombes 
Is in the physical Presence of Amma, visiting her Ashram in Kerala, Southern India.
He will be joining us soon.

In 2005 James graduated from The Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing, which was a three year multi-modality energy healing training. 
In 2006 he began training in Vortex Healing ® Divine Energy Healing and is qualified at the most advanced levels, Merlin's Grace and Universal AP. 

Book a Healing Treatment with James  in advance for 2016. 
Stay the night at the Daisy Centre for a  weekend or longer to really benefit from a Residential Healing Experience. 

For a more detailed description on the Therapies below please

* Vortex Healing®Divine Energy Healing
* Integrated Energy Healing
* Divine Healing Massage 

for more information go to
VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman used here with permission.
Patricia Hubbleday
VortexHealing ® Divine Energy Healing
Available now by appointment
Patricia started many years ago doing Spiritual Healing for friends and family. In 2012 she began to train in the powerful healing art of VortexHealing ®  Divine Energy Healing. She has now trained to Merlin's Grace level 

Patricia has also spent 20 years training in the meditation practices of Tibetan Buddhism and has explored a variety of other spiritual traditions, so she brings an understanding of the spiritual path to her work.

Book a Healing Treatment with Patricia this month and stay the night at the Daisy Centre to really benefit from a Residential Healing Experience. 

For a more detailed description on the Therapies below please
Refresh Yourself  ~ 
Well-being Tune-up

This  group healing uses the power of Merlin's Grace level  VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing to recharge and refresh you in mind, body and spirit. This is a session of approximately one hour to relax and receive pure healing

Every Tuesday in February at Daisy Centre
(Further dates to be added)
7:15 pm (doors shut 7:30 pm) 
Drop-in £6 per class 
Ring Patricia on 01458-837922 or  email  f or further information.
VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman used here with permission.

5th March for 7 weeks
Saturdays 10.15 - 11.45 am.  
£9 per class.

Enter the magical world of crystals! This course will be an informative introduction to the mineral kingdom.  Each week we will begin with a 30 minute crystal meditation.  Then one hour of crystal teaching and discussion.  

This course will provide you with knowledge on the qualities and attributes of different crystals and how they link to the chakras.  Including knowledge on the healing properties of crystals, cleansing, dedicating and programming your crystals, crystals in history, elementals of the mineral kingdom and much more.
Please call Marie-Jasmine to confirm your place, before arrival.
Tel:  07 595 752 704

Marie-Jasmine is a multi-modality healer, teacher and psychic reader.  Marie began working with clients in 2003.  Initially training with Reiki, and has since worked and trained with many international teachers, healers and schools.  

Marie's unique gifts are her energy healing therapies; assisting people to release, emotional, psychological and physical imbalance in the body, mind and energy field.  Also; Marie-Jasmine's spiritual and psychic development group sessions, are very transformative.  Marie-Jasmine now works as a healer, reader, mentor, spiritual guide and workshop facilitator. 

Psychic Development Group with Marie-Jasmine
Every Thursday in March 2016 at Daisy Centre
(Further dates to be added)
7:15 pm (doors shut 7:30 pm)  Drop-in £6 per class 
Ring 07 595 752 704 or email for more info

For Sale
Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat

A unique opportunity has arisen to purchase this multiple award winning Angelic Healing Retreat in the centre of Avalon. The Angels invite you to be or to help find new guardians for this beautiful Angelic Space of Love in the centre of the heart chakra of the world.
Nestled in the heart of Glastonbury town and in the vale of St John's church, it is currently run as the Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat.
Currently run as a bed and breakfast and healing retreat, and forming the Daisy Centre, a four bedroom 16th century stone built Grade 2 house with three further garden rooms and a detached studio.  
This versatile period property consists of a large reception area, living room/dining room, conservatory, kitchen breakfast room, four double bedrooms and three bath/shower rooms, plus three further garden rooms, one of which has an ensuite shower room.
There are pretty walled gardens and the facility for off road parking. NO ONWARD CHAIN
It has off road parking and a large pretty walled garden.

The price has changed now as Easter Cottage is under offer, subject to contract.  This makes this property much more affordable. Price on application from Daisy, Sara or Hayley.
For further information, please contact Hayley or Sara on 01458 274069 or
Easter Weekend
Clearance Sale
Of Preloved items
Friday 25th, Saturday 26th
& Sunday 27th March
10.00am ~ 5.00pm
Books, c.d.'s, angel gifts,
clothes, toys, antiques,
bric-a-brac and more!

Join us for a cup of tea  while you browse a t the Daisy Centre
6 Church Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 9JQ
(entrance in St John's Car Park)
Tel: 01458 834587

A donation will go to supporting
Daz's Rock 4 Charity
for South West Teenage Cancer Trust
Angels of Awakening Angelic Healing Retreat
Daisy Centres ~ 6 Church Lane, Glastonbury, BA69JQ