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The (Ig) Nobel Awards honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think. Jaymi describes how scientists collect whale snot with a remote controlled helicopter, a prize winner if ever there was.

An attempt to stop poaching and just be nosy GPS Devices Installed in African Rhinos' Horns
Does sleep deprivation cause obesity? What If the Leading Cause of Weight Gain Wasn't Food at All?
Looks like fun. Priceless! Boy Rides in Tesla Roadster 2.5 for First Time
No stuffed animals won this year, they think. No Scandal (Yet) Over Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Laumer or Sami will never convince me that hunting is green. Britain's Largest Wild Animal, a Nine Foot Tall 300 Pound Deer, Shot Dead
They look pretty, but seem like a lot of work and money. Do Glass Tile Thermal Solar Roofs Make Sense?
TreeHugger Alex reports from Senegal: How to Plant 60 Million Mangrove Trees in 3 Months in Remote Africa
vertical farm
Does Dr. Despommier make a convincing case? The Vertical Farm
Novel Idea for Collecting Whale Snot via R/C Helicopter Wins Ig Nobel Prize

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