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This issue is in gratitude! My story this month (scroll on down to the bottom) is "How the Long Island Medium Helped Me!" Also, I have reprinted a consoling poem called "Message from a Little Ghost" about our crossed over beloved animal companions. As always in the column to the right I have lots of upcoming dates for events.


Some of you have been with me since the 1990's, reading my little trifold paper newsletters. Some of you are new to my newsletters and new to the stories each month (always scroll to the bottom for those). Whatever got you here to this newsletter, I thank you. And in gratitude, I'd like to let you know about the Gratitude List!


My friends and fellow Authors Margaret Ann Lembo and Sara Wiseman and I started The Gratitude List last year - as a way to give back to our loyal readers with digital gifts, either pdf's, recordings or meditations.   The Gratitude List stays open only for 24 hours to download the gifts, so you have to watch for the Gratitude List e-mail to say: GO!!


We have added other wonderful authors, inspirational speakers and luminaries like LD Thompson, Susan Dintino, Kandee G, Dianne Collins, Barbara Evans. You will love the gifts! To sign up: GRATITUDE.  (Okay, I'll give you a big hint - it is here upon us Wed. May 23rd!!!!)  


Communication with all Life University (CWALU) had a graduation, lots of spring classes and it's hard to believe I'm already setting up for another class here in July, Big Bear, Ca in August, and Denver in September. These are weekend workshops open to anyone that also apply toward CWALU certification.  I have figured out how to replicate the classroom hours of the Full Time Program for people that can't travel. (Hooray they chorused.) Check out CWALU and if you want to do just the Full time home study CWALU, e-mail me.


I am grateful and blessed to have my little story of a lost/found dog in Magrit Margrit Coates book "Communicating with Animals, How to Tune into them Intuitively" available now in the UK and SOON in the US. Magrit kindly says: " It is an honour that my new book includes the most amazing story from Joan Ranquet, about her locating a lost dog. It gave me goose bumps to read it, and it is incredible evidence of the power of communicating with animals soul to soul."


I also had the good fortune to be picked Writer of the Week by PetPR.com: PetPR.  And here's a nice little piece on Gina McKnight's site dedicated to two of my favorite things: Horses and Writing.  I had a lot of fun on Rachel Belle's segment on the Ron & Don Show Rachel Belle's cat.


My darling Gabrielle turned 24 - she says 24 is the new 12!


 Gabrielle turned 24!  She says 24 is the new 12!

I have one spot left on the dolphin trip June 10-15th.....I have some upcoming dates in Ft. Lauderdale and Boynton Beach - New Moon Books, The Crystal Garden AND a free Introduction to Animal Communication Teleseminar. Those dates and upcoming workshops (including Big Bear, CA) are all on the right column here as well as on the site: EVENTS.


The recent food recalls have been startling. It is so tragic to think that you are doing the best you can for your animal and then something so out of your control, the unthinkable, your pet food is contaminated. I urge you to look at this list and know that there have been salmonella outbreaks and more more companies are being added: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/ars/article/Major-Brand-Pet-Foods-Recalled-Due-To-Salmonella962.


I have been a distributor with Dynamite for about 12 years. At least the manufacturing plant for our dog and cat kibble is a small family run mill that has been contracted out by Dynamite. Dynamite uses only US sourced products. Nothing else is made in this mill. The food plus the shipping can seem expensive yet when you start adding up the vet bills for kidney failure, or worse....or look at the price of the other premium dog foods out there, this suddenly isn't so expensive. Prices could be reduced if you became a distributor yourself and used it like a buying club and bought in bulk with other concerned friends. www.dynamitemarketing.com/joanranquet.


Between the new book, regular sessions and teaching, I have remiss on the promised Rescue of the Week. By tomorrow there should be an updated Rescue of the Week on my blog - The Fussy Paws Ranch, a Border Collie Group out of Central California, run by a couple that have gone to the dogs!! (And apparently they have 3 females available.) Now I have an interview form to fill out - so if you are a rescue that would like to be featured e-mail me


And stay tuned for my fun workshops with Radleigh Valentine coming up - he is the co-creator with Doreen Virtue of the Angel Tarot Deck. And much, much more!!




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This was the Animal Alchemy group in March.  Lots of chakra clearing on humans and animals and scalar wave and more!!

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Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals - Hear, Heal and Talk with Your Pets to Know What They're Thinking FREE BONUS of Communication with all Life Guided Meditation
by Joan Ranquet by Communication with all Life University Press.

Recently I was with another client/friend who had lost her beloved Corgi. She gave me an old Seattle Times news clipping of a story written by a Pastor who couldn't be consoled by the loss of his own dog....until he came along this poem, author unknown:



Message from a Little Ghost


I've explained to St. Peter I'd rather stay here

Outside the Pearly Gate.

I won't be a nuisance, I won't even bark.

I'll be very patient - and wait.

I'll be here and chew a celestial bone,

No matter how long you may be.

I'd miss you so much - if I went in alone,

It wouldn't be Heaven for me. 






How the Long Island Medium accidentally helped me in a session



It has been a countdown for my rewrite in "Energy Healing for Animals", time seems to hover as a threat to my sanity. The feline, canine, equine joy that normally plays out as dog walks, cat play and riding has turned into the dogs and cats can play while I clean stalls!


The days are pretty structured between writing and phone sessions and house/barn calls. There isn't time for spontaneity, at all. I go outside to clear my mind and shift worlds.


Back when I was a screenwriter my friends in LA all knew a deadline was approaching because my apartment would be spotless and well organized. My horse would be over groomed.   And I would look like mommy dearest because I'd pluck my eyebrows down to about one strand per eye.


Of course the worst thing that could happen to me as a writer is facebook or google. Suddenly I'm going through complete strangers entire photo albums. I also google. And of course download episodes of shows that I don't bother turning the TV on for.


I will pause a bunch of things and promise myself if I get X amount of pages finished - here's the treat: episodes of whatever I'm hooked on. I had a week where Jackson Galaxy was my obsession with his show "My Cat from Hell". And then this last week it was "The Long Island Medium".


The other afternoon I had several back to back sessions. When one woman, Debbie, called from Connecticut, she was still very shaken by her cat's recent death. When I asked her what happened she burst into tears and said her dog killed the cat. There was a silence and she said "we put the dog down".


I asked her how she was doing with that. In a raw tone, she said she didn't even have room to process the loss of the dog. Her grief was epic with regard to the cat as well as her guilt. Her inability to process the loss of the dog too was so tragic and yet understandable. Yet this was not leaving me.


Customarily I ask about the rest of the animals in the household, and that activity took me back to what I was there to do. I took a deep breath and said I would be getting quiet and connecting with the cat, Meka. I connected with Meka as one would in any other communication session. Honestly, it was quite beautiful, connected and it felt like Debbie was finding more peace throughout the session. There were unexpected discoveries. The beautiful kitty Meka didn't die from the wounds but from the complications to the medications as it turned out that the cat had heart problems that had gone undetected. (This Debbie explained prior to the session.)


Meka led me to look at the cat's 8 years and see where the heart had been challenged prior to this tragedy. Meka was not holding any ill will toward the dog Riley. In fact, they were finally at peace with each other, not bound by these species specific guidelines.


And then that moment was there, the moment I so didn't want. Mind you, I harp upon boundaries in classes to my students, I am not one to say to someone after an animal has passed "Oh let me check in." I don't do that about anything. I am very respectful. Yet the opening was there because Meka was so graceful.


So I said, "Riley wants you to know he's grateful too. In the short time he was here, he struggled more than you will ever know, he just wasn't right and he knows you tried but he just couldn't do it." Debbie was quiet and then said very resolutely, "I know."


And then right then the dang video I had paused an hour before came on with The Long Island Mediums thick Long Island accent and I jumped out of my chair. I jumped because I was startled, had the chills and because I didn't want to disrupt the moment.


And then I knew this was the moment. I said "Riley is not without humor, and he seems like he's very bouncy still. I have to tell you what just happened". After I explained about "The Long Island Medium" mysteriously coming on, she started to laugh and said Riley used to jump on the couch and hit the remote and turn the TV on.


While Debbie has a journey ahead with her grief, at least the guilt is somewhat assuaged and a little peace surrounds the loss of both Meka and Riley. It's amazing what lessons these teachers offer, even in their death. RIP Meka and Riley. 



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