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Dear Fellows, friends and supporters of CSLI Annapolis,

Last month, I introduced the new Annapolis Web Site and Online Calendar.  You were also introduced to seven 
" "facets" of  CSLI Annapolis so you could appreciate the depth and breadth of CSLI Annapolis' service to the four pillars of our community: Government, Military, Education, & Community at Large.

This month, I promised to share with you how the funding is distributed to support CSLI Annapolis' activities.  I will also share h ow God has funded CSLI Annapolis, and the fruit of those funds, which can only be attributed to "Kingdom Economics" - (returns on investment beyond any reasonable expectations).  Lastly, I will also add a note from a Fellows alumni who is serving in a foreign country - a work that is also funded in part by CSLI Annapolis.


Since the founding of CSLI Annapolis in 2009, we have been inspired by George Mueller when he was called to build orphanages in Bristol, England during the mid 1800's.  Mueller said: "I want this work to be a testimony to the fact that there is reality in dealing with God alone."  He let people know what God had called him to do, he let them know how they could support the work, and he left the soliciting of funds to God alone.  God blessed this work with the needed funds providing for over 10,000 children over the years.  See Mueller's Story for more.

Following this model, God has also provided for CSLI Annapolis since 2009 and today, CSLI Annapolis has seven "facets" of service to our community.   Here is how the CSLI Annapolis budget is spread across those facets:

10% for Conferences and Seminars (Facet 1):  Hundreds of people have attended the seminars that occur each year with notable speakers like Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Randy Newman, Ken Boa, and others.

10% for our Fellows Program (Facet 2) including venues and speakers:  Over 125 Fellows have completed the Fellows Program in Annapolis representing over 20 denominations and 30 churches.

16% for our Student Fellowships (Facet 3):   Over 100 students have participated in our Student Fellowships and are now serving around the world as pastors, priests, missionaries, and a wide range of secular vocations.

8% for our College Associate (Facet 4) and Associate Programs (Facet 5):   Over 25 students have completed the College Associate class the past three years and the 2017-18 class is 13 strong; and over 25 people have completed the pilot Associate Program and we are expecting 2-3 new churches to implement a class during this academic year.

8% for our Pastor Network (Facet 6):  Over 100 pastors participate in the Pastor Prayer Luncheons and there are seven pastor prayer groups meeting regularly.  See Pastor Network for more info on this.

3% for our new initiative with the State & Local Government (Facet 7).  We have been invited to help members of our state and local government "articulate their stand on social and moral issues in a language a culture hostile to the Scripture will understand." We have had one successful breakfast event, more planned when the legislature returns to session in the new year.

10% for international work, which I have not included among the seven facets because our support is primarily funding only and encouragement of students and Fellows to support and serve in the international locations where we have a presence.  (See story below)

Lastly, 35% is used for salary and administration both from Annapolis and the DC office where valuable services are provided to keep the overall overhead cost of running CSLI Annapolis low.


None of this work could be done without the faithful support of our speakers, facilitators, mentors, and donors.  

Thank you for your support of CSLI Annapolis.  If you would like to support this work financially, you can do this by going to SUPPORT CSLI FINANCIALLY.  (Please specify "Annapolis" as the recipient of your donation.



(There are abbreviations in this note so that sensitive inf0rmati0n may be protected from email scanners.) 

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write to you to invite you to join the work happening this summer. I am writing this from a very sensitive part of the world. Those who know us well know where. Many of you have been watching the news and have been following developments in this region. It would be easy, when watching the news, to be discouraged and think that father has forgotten this part of the world. The reality is that He has not. I wish I could share all that is happening here, but I am unable to do so. Just know that He is still at work and that His Kingdom is being built.

This year Father has raised up more workers than we could have even dared to hope for. The previous three summers we have had a few faithful nationals partner with us. This year, in total we have 23 adults participating in the work here from 7 different local fellowships. They are divided into three separate teams.  Team one is focused on reaching students with His story on the two college campuses in the region. Team two is focused on serving at different Kingdom businesses. Team three is made up of young leaders from our partner fellowships and they are hoping to learn about the Ch's in this region and to network with leaders here with the goal of seeing how our association of fellowships can help resource and equip the Ch's and leaders here. Also, this Sunday, for the first time I will have the opportunity to teach at the local gathering of foreign workers here. Our heart is to really be a blessing to the workers and the work here.

Friends, we really need your prayers. So, I am writing to you to one, encourage you by what Father is doing and two, to plead with you to pray for the work this summer. There is a very real enemy and he has already attacked in many ways. The sp. Battle here is very real, much more so than in other places I have been to. The attacks have mainly been physical and often come at night in the form of migraines and other physical attacks, they have also been emotional such as nightmares and sleepless bouts of fear. Scripture calls us to be on our guard against the attacks of the evil one. He is real. As a team we have been reading through the book of Hebrews. This morning I read in chapter 2 of how by His death the one whom we serve has destroyed the devil and has freed us from slavery to fear. We have a great and mighty helper, who is more powerful than any enemy may encounter.

Would you commit to pray for us and the work here? Pray for much fruit. Pray for His protection. Pray for victory. 

We love you and are so grateful for your partnership, CSLI Alum working in a restricted region.

UPDATE: Father has already answered so many of your prayers. We are into the final week of our time here. We have already seen so much fruit and have been greatly encouraged by the work He is doing!


Next month's focus will be on the calendar for the fall and the events and happenings you can participate in.

Love you all.....

Jim Phillips
C.S. Lewis Institute
City Director, Annapolis
717-421-5544 (m)

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Online Calendar of Events:     Click Here 

There is info here specific to Fellows, Pastors, Associates, Students, Fellows Alumni, and the community at large.  The first major event for the community at large will be the return of  Ken Boa to Annapolis October 11 - 15 and there will be two opportunities for the community to hear Ken during this time.  
  1. Friday, Oct 13, 7pm, Downtown Hope
  2. Sunday, Oct 15, Bay Area Community Church (all 3 morning worship services)
Pastors, Students, Fellows & Fellows Alumni you will have special events to hear Ken.
Take a look at the calendar and bookmark this page for your future use.

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