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Dear Fellows, friends and supporters of CSLI Annapolis,

As you read this, our new calendar year is underway.   You will want to check out the Annapolis Calendar to see the events in the fall and make sure to mark down any you want to attend.  In most cases, the event specifies the audience (SJC or USNA College Student, Fellow, Pastor, etc.)

Dr. Ken Boa will be with us again this year October 11 through 15 and will be engaging our students, Fellows, Pastors and the community.  The community can hear Ken on either October 13 (PM) or October 15 (AM).  Check the calendar for details.   Ken Boa is an amazing author, teacher, speaker, and theologian.  You can learn more about Ken at his website,

Over 100 people will be engaged in CSLI events/programs this fall including Fellows, Inklings, SJC Students, USNA Students, Pastors, and other offerings.  The Fellows Program is open to all and applications for the next class will be accepted beginning February, 2018.  The Inklings are Fellows who want to continue to study good books and engage in thoughtful conversation.  If you are a Fellow and have interest in this, please let me know.

Come join us where appropriate and send me an email if you have questions about whether an event is open to the public or not.  

Love you all.....

Jim Phillips
C.S. Lewis Institute
City Director, Annapolis
717-421-5544 (m)

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Online Calendar of Events:     Click Here 

There is info here specific to Fellows, Pastors, Associates, Students, Fellows Alumni, and the community at large.  The first major event for the community at large will be the return of  Ken Boa to Annapolis October 11 - 15 and there will be two opportunities for the community to hear Ken during this time.  
  1. Friday, Oct 13, 7pm, Downtown Hope
  2. Sunday, Oct 15, Bay Area Community Church (all 3 morning worship services)
Pastors, Students, Fellows & Fellows Alumni you will have special events to hear Ken.
Take a look at the calendar and bookmark this page for your future use.

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