To a child it matters most.

We will again be collecting gift boxes for needy students at our local elementary schools.

Please wrap the top and bottom of the box separately and mark whether the box is for a boy or girl. 

Please contact Rev Chris Larsen if you have questions ... or simply contact the office at 455-7389


Church Theme for 2017

November 13th

The next phase for Revitalization
As many of you know by now the vote taken last Sunday on our Vision Pathway for Revitalization resulted in an overwhelming show of support (97% plus) to go forward. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your confidence in our leadership and your prayers for God's will to be revealed for our future.
Now that we have established our Vision Pathway concerning what we need to be doing (Our Mission Mandate); why we need to be doing it (Our Values); and, how we need to do it (Our Strategy), many of you may be wondering, "What's Next." I can answer that question in two words: "Hard work!" The next phase of our Revitalization will involve a lot of hard work and commitment. As you know, our theme for 2016 was "Embracing God's Vision." Now that we have embraced our Vision Pathway, it is time now to live out that Vision.   So our theme for 2017 will be "Living Out the Vision."
What will this involve?
- First, our leadership team will continue to meet monthly to lead the way in examining each of our ministries as it relates to our Vision Pathway. They will study ways in which we can improve what we are currently doing to make disciples.
- First on the agenda will be our greeters ministry. This involves all of our "first impression" ministries, such as, parking lot greeters, indoor greeters, people who are stationed at our information booth, some new signage and banners, along with training volunteers who will guide, direct, and inform our guests each Sunday.
- Once these things are established we will then begin to focus on improving our small Bible fellowship groups (Sunday school classes). We will look at ways our existing groups can be improved, as well as areas where we can create and form new groups. Training will take place at this time for new teachers. Following this, study and focus will be given to all of our ministries on ways we can improve what we are doing for The Great Commission as we seek to raise the bar for the Glory of God.
In conclusion, it is my prayer that God will touch your heart concerning what part you need to play in His ongoing work through our church. All of this is going to require volunteers, members of our fellowship who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get busy for the Kingdom of God. May God help us as we move forward for His Glory.
Pastor Ron Lentine

Exciting News

On 11-13-16 we will be moving our
Morning Worship Service  to the  FLC

Our project to replace the worn carpet around the Worship Center has begun. 
For the work to be completed in the shortest period of time as possible there will be some changes for the  next few Sundays. 

We will worship in the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings and in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday evenings during this time period.

We will need several volunteers to setup and take down chairs each week.

The church office will remain open as scheduled.

Did we mention that we will need several volunteers to set up and take down chairs in the FLC each week? Contact Chris Larsen if you will volunteer your time. 

Sunday - November 13th

10:30am - We will honor our Veterans!

On November 13 our veterans at Myrtle Grove Baptist will be honored in our morning service.

Also - on the 13th ....

Our veterans have been invited by the First Baptist Church of Warrington to a special luncheon beginning at 1:30pm - 3:30pm. At this luncheon veterans will be honored once again for their faithful service to our country.

Finally on Sunday Evening - November 13th

There will be a special recognition for our veterans at our Sunday night Gathering of God'sPeople at Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church.

Come join us.

6:00pm - A Gathering of God's People
United in Prayer for America

Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church

We will honor veterans who gave their all for our country. Are we, as Christians, willing to give our all for the kingdom of God?
This Gathering will cross over racial, cultural and denominational lines to bring God's people together in a show of unity and love.

A Gathering of God's People
United in Prayer for America
Sunday, November 13 @ 6pm
Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church
CSM News:

Please bring your donations of new toys, dolls, games, etc., to the church office to be given to needy children at Christmas.
Your help is much appreciated.

Sunday school classes and small groups, as well as individuals are encouraged to adopt a family. Call the church office to be assigned a family or for more information.

November is National Family Caregivers Month

The theme is "Take Care to Give Care." The first rule of taking care of others: take care of yourself first. The chance to take a breather, the opportunity to re-energize, is vital in order for you to be as good a caregiver tomorrow as you were today. NOTE: The next meeting of the Caregivers Support Group will be January 26, 2017, at 9am in Fellowship Hall.

Lords Supper

Due to our revitalization process, The Lord's Supper has been postponed until Sunday, November 27 (Thanksgiving weekend). 


Tuesday, December 6 @ 10am in Fellowship Hall

Program : Sound and Spirit will present Christmas Music

Menu : Ham (prepared by Lorna) along with your covered dishes; Cost: $5

Parents -

If your children leaves the sanctuary for any reason please go with them - it is just a safety issue.

thank you.

Reminders . . .
Business Meeting - Wednesday, November 16
We will vote on the 2017 proposed church budget by secret ballot.
Thanksgiving Week Schedule
- No midweek services on Wednesday, November 23
- Church Office closed on Thursday & Friday, November 24 & 25
Sunday, December 4 @ 10:30am
Lewis Miller, Regional Coordinatorfor the Florida Baptist Convention, will deliver the morning message.   Lewis was the consultant/teacher for our revitalization process this past year. We are grateful for the investment Lewis provided for our church and look forward to his coming.
Preschool Learning Center . . .
needs your help!  
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
Tuesday, November 15 in the Family Life Center
Volunteers are needed to help serve. Call Mary Ann,
455-3352, if you are willing to help on Tuesday morning.
Reserve the date . . .
Sweet Spirits Christmas Luncheon
December 16, 2016
Sacred Heart Cathedral

November 13, 2016
Morning Worship Service - 10:30am
Prelude                                                               Instruments
Opening Hymn                 God Bless America
Procession of Veterans and Active Duty Service Personnel
Hymn                 Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Vocal Declaration                                   Miss Danielle Sims

Star Spangled Banner

Recognition of Veterans & Welcome       Pastor Ron Lentine

Welcome Chorus                      We Believe
Offertory Hymn                 America the Beautiful      
Deacon's Offertory Prayer

Vocal Offertory                                 Mrs. Andrea McGinnis  
Take Me to the King
Praise and Worship

Message                                               Pastor Ron Lentine
Invitation Chorus                     Make Us One       
Invitation Hymn             Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus                   
Closing Words                                         Pastor Ron Lentine
Announcements & Benediction    

Rev. Walt Magaha & Rev. Chris Larsen
Dismissal Chorus                 God Bless America
Postlude               America the Beautiful             Instruments
Evening Worship Service - 6:00pm
A Gathering of God's People
United in Prayer for America
Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church

9:15am               Sunday School & Bible Fellowship Groups
10:30am                                                       Morning Worship
   4:00pm                                             Discipleship University
   6:00pm                                                       Evening Worship
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Tuesday, 6:00am-7:00am (OWR)
Open Gym
Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30pm-5:30pm (FLC)
Hour of Power Prayer Ministry
Thursday, 10:30am-11:30am (WC)
6:00pm                                                  Prayer & Bible Study ( FH )
6:00pm                                             Youth Bible Study (BCB)
6:00pm                                                 Children's Choir (FLC)
6:00pm                                                         Praize Kidz (103)
7:00pm                                  Worship Choir Rehearsal (CR)
Business Meeting
Wednesday, November 16 @ 6:00pm (FH)
Homebound Committee Meeting
Thursday, November 17 @ 11:00am (BR)
Tuesday, December 6 @ 10:00am (FH)
Mission Committee Meeting
Wednesday, December 7 @ 6:00pm (HGC)
Deacon/Yokefellow Meeting
Monday, December 5 @ 6:30pm (FH)