October 22, 2010

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Atlas Announces 2010 Templeton Freedom Award Winners

Atlas is proud to announce the winners of the 2010 Templeton Freedom Awards for Excellence in Promoting Liberty (TFAs). Sixteen exceptional think tanks from ten countries, representing three continents, were chosen from over 132 applications from 48 countries by an independent panel of expert judges. The program has awarded more than US$1.5 million in prizes and grants in the past seven years. This year's awards program grants a US$10,000 prize to each winner. The TFAs include eight different categories (see below) in which two prizes are awarded in each category.

And the winners are...

Free Market Solutions to Poverty

The Korea Economic Research Institute in South Korea for its Regulatory Reform Project in which 130 experts from diverse backgrounds examined the validity and effectiveness of approximately 5,000 regulations registered by the government's Regulatory Reform Committee. The Independent Institute in California for the book Lessons from the Poor: Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit by Alvaro Vargas Llosa, which uncovers compelling evidence of the entrepreneurial energy that is the true catalyst of economic progress and argues effectively that developing countries should focus on wealth creation rather than distribution.

Student Outreach

The Free to Choose Network in Pennsylvania for its online project, izzit.org, a unique information pipeline that reaches 19 million students each year with original and repurposed videos that communicate the ideas of the free society in U.S. classrooms. The Central Asian Free Market Institute in Kyrgyzstan for its Unleashing Silk Road initiative which introduces youth to the fundamental ideas of a free society, focusing on individual freedom, the market economy and the rule of law via a week-long camp, movie nights and discussion forums.

Social Entrepreneurship

Fundaci�n Salvadore�a para el Desarrollo Economic y Social (FUSADES) in El Salvador for its program, Strengthening Social Action, which combats rural poverty by helping to modernize farmer's agricultural practices, equipment and post-harvest methods through technical assistance to produce higher quality crops and effectively get products to market. The Common Sense Society in Hungary for its Start Up! Entrepreneurship Project, a multifaceted project which aims to promote the idea of entrepreneurship through educational and international workshops, panel discussions, lectures, reading groups, and media events.

Ethics and Values

The Acton Institute in Michigan for its first-rate documentaries designed to communicate the importance of virtue, limited government, and free enterprise to general audiences, specifically The Call of the Entrepreneur and The Birth of Freedom.
Centro de Divulgaci�n del Conocimiento Econ�mico para la Libertad (CEDICE) in Venezuela for its initiative, A Country of Owners, which promotes awareness of one of the most basic human rights, the right to own property, and encourages ideas and actions in favor of individual private property through educational activities.

Initiative in Public Relations

Instituto Juan de Mariana in Spain for its Green Jobs and Green Energy Campaign, which illustrates the consequences of government intervention in the energy market by showing that for every green job created by the Spanish government, two jobs are destroyed in the private sector. The TaxPayers' Alliance in the United Kingdom for its Pay Cheque Transparency Project which highlights the growth in public sector pay and introduces greater transparency to taxpayer-funded remuneration, enabling public opinion and the media to act as a check on further big pay rises.

Innovative Media Award

The Prometheus Institute in California for the release of its iPhone application, DIY Democracy which empowers citizens to reduce the burden of government in their lives. The Mercatus Center at George Mason University for the "Fear the Boom and Bust" educational music video which discusses the ideas of the two of the most famous economists in the 20th century, Friedrich von Hayek and John Maynard Keynes.

Award for Special Achievement by a University-based Center

The Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College in Pennsylvania for its conferences, evening dessert lectures Freedom Readers, introducing free market principles to non-economics majors, and generating 1,550 known media placements, including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, and the National Review Online.

The Financial Markets Working Group of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia for its research addressing the causes of and potential solutions to the economic downturn, challenging the narrative that free markets are responsible for the crisis, and exploring an alternative evidence-based explanation.

Award for Special Achievement by a Young Institute

The Transition Institute in China for its numerous initiatives to spread the ideas of free markets, liberty, human rights and rule of law in China, including the Anti-monopoly Research on Public Utilities, Civic Education and Legal Research and Action. The Institute of Economic and Social Studies in Slovakia for its project The Price of the State, which improves younger generation's general knowledge of the basic mechanisms and proportions of public finance.

Read more on the honorees and their projects here...

Inspired by these award-winning institutes? Read below to learn about the exciting updates in the battle of ideas as we share some quick headlines from your allies in the Atlas network. But first, let us share some details about the fantastic experience that awaits at the 2010 Atlas Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner in Washington DC (November 9-10)

Upcoming Events

2010 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner

Join hundreds of freedom's allies at the largest international gathering of free market champions from the United States and around the globe.

Atlas's annual Liberty Forum has become a "must-attend" event for members of the worldwide think tank community. Now in its 10th year and moved to November to complement the annual Freedom Dinner, the Liberty Forum is a tremendous opportunity for expanding your networks, learning new ideas and strategies, and gaining inspiration to work even harder for the cause of liberty.

The Freedom Dinner, which will be held on November 10, celebrates the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and honors the courageous individuals who stood for liberty in the face of communism. The 2010 Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner will take place at the historic Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 9 and 10.

This year's Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner speakers include...

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Will ... think tank luminaries, Ed Crane of the Cato Institute, Kris Mauren of the Acton Institute and Chip Mellor of the Institute for Justice ... economist Gabriel Calzada of Instituto Juan de Mariana in Spain ... think tank leader Marion Smith of Common Sense Society in Hungary ... fundraising and PR gurus Ann Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Associates) and Rick Berman (Berman and Company) ... experts on Sound Money, Energy Policy, and Approaches to Cutting Government ... and inspiring think tank leaders from difficult parts of the world. See the full schedule and register now!
Network News from Around the World


8th annual African Resource Bank, hosted by the Inter-Region Economic Network (Kenya), will take place November 9-12 in Mombasa, Kenya


Dragon's Den Competition winner, at the September 2010 European Resource Bank in London, four young institutes presented their work to a panel of judges. The Common Sense Society (Hungary) won the grand prize of �10,000 for their Constitution Project

Bastiat in Dutch, the Murray Rothbard Institute (Belgium) will publish Dutch translations of "Justice and Fraternity" and "What is seen and what is not seen" by the French political economist. Look for them in November

Liberty Camp in Poland, the Polish-American Foundation for Economic Research and Education (PAFERE) hosted its Liberty Camp from September 16-20 in Sulej�w where students from Poland, Italy, Belarus, Russia, and Albania learned about the principles of the free society

2010 Bastiat Prize for Journalism finalists announced, the International Policy Network (UK) gives away one prize for print pieces for $15,000 and one for online work for $3,000. The winners will be announced in November

Austrian Economics in Lithuania, the Lithuania Free Market Institute will hold its annual course on the Austrian school titled "Realistic Economic Analysis" from November 17-20 in Vilnius

Middle East

Economic Freedom of the Arab World conference,
hosted by the Fraser Institute (Canada), Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Egypt), the International Research Foundation and the Egyptian Junior Business Association, will take place November 1-2 in Cairo

North America

Attention freedom-fighting students, the 2010 Students for Liberty conferences are going on right now, with upcoming stops at Columbia University, UC-Berkeley, Harvard, and UT-Austin

Forgotten Dreams: A people's desire to chart their own course, the Nassau Institute (Bahamas) provides a brief historical account of the effort made by the people of Abaco, Bahamas to remain in control of their development. Part One and Part Two

Economics & Development event in Canada, the Institute for Liberal Studies (Canada) hosted an event on "Ideas in Economics" at the University of Ottawa on October 15 that featured Dan Klein and Brian Lee Crowley, and will hold another at the University of Waterloo on November 19. More details here

Pacific Research Institute (California) annual gala, themed "Returning Prosperity to America" and featuring Arthur Laffer, will take place November 11 in San Francisco

Latin America

Congrats to Libertad y Desarollo (Chile), the think tank will celebrate its 20th year on December 13 in Santiago at a conference featuring Mario Vargas Llosa and Jos� Mar�a Aznar. The event had to be postponed due to the earthquake in February

What's happening in your part of the world?
Think tank leaders, email
Cindy.Cerquitella@AtlasNetwork.org with your news of accomplishments and upcoming projects.
Atlas Fellow Mario Vargas Llosa Honored with Nobel Prize in Literature

Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian novelist, activist, icon, and Atlas's Templeton Freedom Fellow, has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature for "his cartography of power and trenchant images of the individual's resistance, revolt and defeat" in his critically acclaimed novels and essays. Earlier this year Atlas announced that Vargas Llosa would join its efforts in raising awareness for think tanks in the Atlas network by traveling the world as a "public ambassador" for the cause of liberty. Read more about Vargas Llosa joining with Atlas to promote freedom ... an article by Atlas President Alex Chafuen in the Buenos Aires Herald ... an announcement from the Templeton Foundation ... an article by Atlas friend and Miami Herald columnist Carlos Alberto Montaner ... and announcements on his prize in the New York Times ... Reason.com ... and Time Magazine. Also, read about Swedish leftists' outrage over Vargas Llosa's prize in "Don't give him the Nobel -- he's Right-wing!" an article by Johan Norberg.

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Nominate a Publication for the 2010 Fisher Awards

In 1990 Atlas established the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards to commemorate Atlas's founder's ideals and achievements. The Fisher Award recognizes institutes that have published a book, magazine, report, monograph or study that, in the opinion of the judges, made the greatest contribution to public understanding of the free society in the past two years. The deadline to enter is December 1. The winning institute receives a US$10,000. The award ceremony will take place in April 2011 at The Atlas Experience in Dallas, Texas. Contact Antonie Hodge at Antonie.Hodge@AtlasNetwork.org for more information.

Atlas Named Sunmark Foundation Preferred Partner

The Sunmark Foundation, a private charitable foundation, has recognized Atlas as a Sunmark Foundation Preferred Partner for "effectiveness in fulfilling [its] mission through the establishment and accomplishment of meaningful, measurable objectives as evidenced by disciplined means of measurement," according to Chairman Menlo Smith. In a letter to Atlas President Alex Chafuen, Smith commends Atlas for its defense of freedom, "The principal issue in our country today is the preservation of our Constitution and of individual liberty. You and your organization have contributed meaningfully to this challenge and have done so with prudent stewardship of the resources entrusted to you. We are grateful for the privilege of partnering with you in your endeavors." In a statement, Chafuen thanked Sunmark, noting the privilege and responsibility that comes with the honor. Read the statement here...

Adedayo Thomas Interview with Reason.tv

Adedayo Thomas (aka Liberty's African Troubadour) is publisher of Atlas's web platform, AfricanLiberty.org, and travels the continent on his speaking tour "Creating the Pathways to Prosperity" spreading the ideas of free markets and individual liberty. This past summer he visited Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Benin, Ethiopia, and Ghana distributing books by Fr�d�ric Bastiat and In Defense of Global Capitalism by Johan Norberg. "Every day I get 20-30 good emails from students telling me they read the books and they want me to come back," says Thomas. He recently sat down with Reason.tv to discuss his work and the prospect for more liberty in Africa. Watch it here...

Atlas Fellow Interviews Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell in the WSJ

In last Saturday's "Weekend Interview" in the Wall Street Journal, Atlas's Sound Money Fellow, economist Judy Shelton, sat down with Robert Mundell, professor of economics at Columbia University and winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Mundell won the prize for his work on exchange rates and is regarded as the "father of the euro." Read the article "Currency Chaos: Where do we go from here?"

Atlas Fellow Deroy Murdock to Appear on "Stossel"

Deroy Murdock will appear on the Fox Business Channel show "Stossel" discussing voter fraud, dead voters who mysteriously cast ballots and live soldiers who are being disenfranchised. The segments will air October 22 at 10:00pm, October 23 at 9:00pm and midnight, October 24 at 4:00am and 10:00pm, and October 26 at midnight.

Recent Atlas Toolkit Links

Check out "The Think Tank Primer" (PDF), a collection of tips on starting a think tank from industry leaders in the Atlas Services section of its website.

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