New BioGeometry Event featuring
5 New Advanced Tools:

BG Advanced Training Graduates
October 7-8, 2017

Plus BG Foundation and Advanced Trainings for the East & West Coasts

The Vesica Institute
1070-1 Tunnel Rd.  
Suite 10-280
Asheville, NC 28805


Hello Friends,

In addition to our upcoming Live BioGeometry Foundation and Advanced Trainings this Summer (see full description and links in the last part of this email), we are announcing a New Live Class for BG Advanced Training graduates this October!

Both the BG Foundation and Advanced Trainings have been completely redesigned for 2017 by Doreya Karim, with a new structure, sequence of topics, support materials etc.

The new updated form of the Advanced Training (being taught by Vesica for the first time this coming July) also features
5 New Advanced Tools, never before offered or taught by Vesica in the BG AT.  

We will be detailing these 5 New Advanced Tools (Brain Hemisphere Stands with Dials, Space Harmonizer, and more) in an upcoming email, and for right now wanted to go ahead and let you know about the trainings we offering in how to use them (and also reviewing the key info and other tools from the BG AT).

For our many students who have previously completed the BioGeometry Advanced Training, the new Training we are announcing will allow you to review the BG AT using the new training materials, and to be trained in the use of the many new tools!  
Click the Link Below for full details.

October 7-8 in Asheville, North Carolina
with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

For those who have previously graduated the earlier version of the BG Advanced Training, this means you have in the next few months, two different options for learning the New Tools and material in the updated BG AT:

With this option you can review the entire BG AT, with the new updated system.
We are offering a special discounted price of only $599 (half the price of the regular training) for BG AT graduates reviewing this training!

This Practicum will teach the 5 New Tools in depth, along with hands-on structured practice sessions with both the new and existing BG AT Tools & Techniques.  The Practicum will also feature short reviews of other key aspects of the BG AT, using the new system.
This new Practicum course is only $299 for Early Registration, $350 after (if space remaining), and is of course only open to graduates of the BG Advanced Training.
(Note: The content of this Live Practicum is updated from the online BG AT Practicum which Vesica offers, which was created several years ago.  The online BG Practicums will be discontinued in the near future.)

Click the Links above for full info on the two options for BG AT graduates.

If you are not yet trained in BioGeometry, see below in this email for your chance to learn this incredible system in our upcoming Foundation and Advanced trainings for 2017.

We also have listed below the 3 just-released new BioGeometry tools imported from Cairo Egypt, which are available to the general public.

(Note: We will be detailing  in an upcoming email  the 5 new ADVANCED Tools which will be in the upcoming BG Advanced Training and AT Practicum courses, and which are ONLY available to BG Advanced Training graduates.  These are completely different from the 3 new public tools described below.)

The Staff of the Vesica Institute

Live Events 
for 2017

BG small

Foundation Training

Live Courses with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D

WEST COAST: June 24 - 29 in Los Altos, California

EAST COAST: July 8 - 13 in Asheville, North Carolina

This is your starting point for a life-changing journey
into the secrets of detecting & applying invisible energies.

The Foundation Training in BioGeometry provides the
essential skills needed to understand, detect, measure, create, transform, and practically apply the vital energies which sustain life, health, and spiritual connection. 

The Foundation Training is offered as a 6-day intensive.

Save $100! - Register by June 8 for $100 off Tuition


Advanced Training

Live Course with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D
July 15-19, in Asheville, NC USA

Learn advanced  
Energy Balancing and Design Applications using Shapes, Sounds, Angles, Colors, Proportions and more in this special training. 

This training is for graduates of the BioGeometry Foundation Training, offering advanced tools and techniques which will greatly deepen and expand your energy balancing skills.  It will also teach you how to create advanced Designs which emanate powerful beneficial energies.

This training offers advanced techniques including:

*  The Hidden Energy Pattern on the Egyptian Temple Walls: How to Apply it for Advanced Energy Measurement and for powerful Vibrational Effects.

*  How to Energy Balance Human Beings with the Vibrations of Specific Power Spots on the Earth (the "BiLocation" technique).

*  Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Examine, Chart, Direct, and Optimize the Vibrations at any Location on the Earth (including Secrets of the Ancient Sacred Builders Guilds).

*  How to Energy Balance Sources of Toxic Energy from Miles Away.

*  How to Combine Sacred Numbers in any Design for Powerful Energetic Effects (the "BioGeometry Modular Design System").

This BG Advanced Training is offered as a 5-day Intensive.

Save $100! - Register by June 15 for $100 off Tuition

Now In Stock and Available to the Public

Three new BG Tools which have just been released and are now available to the public.  Please see below for descriptions and an ordering link.

New BioGeometry Medallion:
This is the most fundamental BioGeometry tool, a pendant which can be worn around the neck.

This features the same "Emitter" shape as the previous generation Medallion, but with a completely updated and very powerful selection of BioSignatures.
Available in Sterling Silver or Bronze.

New Car Energy Balancing Strip:

The BioGeometry Car Strip includes selected BioSignatures and the new angle of the Wi-Fi "L", in order to harmonize the effects of electro-stress in the car environment; this strip superimposes the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry and BioSignatures shapes into the electromagnetic fields inside the car.

Instructions:  The strip can be attached anywhere on the car dashboard, preferably where the most energy is flowing through the area (which can be determined either with BioGeometry radiesthesia testing or with an Electro-Magnetic Meter). The strip should be swiped clear of any dust when one enters the car. This should be repeated every couple of hours, if on a long trip.

New Wi-Fi Energy Balancing Sticker:
The "L" Stickers superimpose the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry onto electro-magnetic fields. The "L" WiFi sticker is composed of an new angle which has been developed for WiFi Routers. This harmonizes the interaction of those fields with the body's energy structure.

Instructions:  Remove the plastic covering from the adhesive on the back of the BioGeometry "L" shape and stick to a clean, dry surface where the energy runs on the on WiFi router.  Good locations for placement are where the power cord enters the router, or top areas of the router: if you know BioGeometry, you can test with Radiesthesia for the best location to put the sticker (as those of you trained in BioGeometry know, this is the location of the strongest Wave of Vertical -G).  
If you have a RF electro-magnetic meter, you can test for the location on the router with the strongest RF reading, as the area to place the sticker.  The L WiFi sticker can also be applied to Smart Meters and other wireless devices in the home.

For a streaming video introduction to BioGeometry by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, go HERE

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