Dear Subscriber,
As part of our commitment to continue improving and bring you quality series in both audio and written form, we have launched a brand new site that is compatible on all mobile devices, tablets, and of course your computer.

We think you will find the new format much more user friendly, with adjustable text sizes and other features.  The first three episodes of every series are available for free, and for just $3 a month, you will receive access to the entire site including all audio and written episodes, specials and miniseries.  In the future we will also be including downloadable audio files in addition to the already included streaming audio, so you don't always need an internet connection when you want to listen to your favorite series. 

As part of our commitment to improving your experience, we will also be introducing a download store for purchasing our eBooks and other material in the coming months, along with some exciting contests.  Of course our BWN store is still available for our books and products.

We invite you to come take a look, and hope you will consider a $3 subscription that will support not only the continuation of BWN, but the writers, editors, and narrators who put so much work into supplying our content.  And as always, we envite your suggestions and comments.  

Thank you for all of your support so far, and happy reading and listening!


Jim McGovern, CEO





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