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January 2016 Issue                                                         The Metz Center for Sleep Dentistry
 Why do I call this a Continuum?
Because it is a series of fresh sleep medicine courses!
The Metz Center structures the continuum for learning and interest - not to "sell". Dentist Alum regularly return to our continuum because new cutting edge information is always being presented! 

You will meet a unique group of dentists and a core group of speakers considered to be the leaders in their area of sleep medicine.
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for the April 2015 Continuum.

Dr. Lavigne combines the worlds of academia and sleep research, clinical practice and treatment of patients, and education of predoctoral students. Research interests include neurophysiology of sleep and pain, as well as specific disorders including sleep bruxism, sleep apnea, and periodic leg movements during sleep.   Learn more about Dr. Lavigne. 
Dr. Avram Gold Avram R. Gold, MD
Focus: "Sleep-Disordered Breathing, Functional Somatic Syndromes and Anxiety Disorders
Dr. Gold links sleep-disordered breathing to functional somatic syndromes and anxiety disorders via an out of the box paradigm. The iconoclast posits a connection via hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation, a theory that moves away from commonly held beliefs within the medical community.  
Learn more about Dr. Gold.

Read an article about Dr. Gold - Sleep Review, June 2015 .   
Focus: A Phenotyping Model for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea; and
"Future of Dental Sleep Medicine" 
Dr. David White has firm roots in the academic world, he brings clinical expertise and business acumen to any discussion about the past, present, and future of sleep medicine. In 1996, Dr. White began the clinical side of the sleep disorders program at Harvard-affiliated Brigham & Women's Hospital (BWH). Learn more about Dr. White. 
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Oral Appliance Therapy: Challenges, Solutions, and a Suggested Decision Tree
Edward D. Michaelson, MD FACP FCCP FAASM
Sleep Review, January 2016

A sleep physician reviews some alternatives for dental practice models. Oral appliance therapy (OAT*) for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can provide an alternative for patients unable or unwilling to use CPAP and is increasingly becoming a revenue source for dental practices. Although many educational programs for OAT are available, implementation of a successful program is challenging...

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Chair: James E. Metz, DDS
Dental Sleep Medicine Interest Group
James E. Metz, DDS, was invited to become a member of the
Executive Committee of the Sleep, Respiratory, and Neurobiology (SRN) Assembly of the ATS. This is the first time a non-MD has been a member of an ATS executive committee! Congratulations.
Tinnitus and its Relationship with Muscle Tenderness in Patients with Headache and Facial Pain
Pezzoli M, Ugolini A, et al.; J Laryngol Otol. 2015 Jun 19:1-6
This purpose of this study was to examine tinnitus prevalence in patients with different types of headache and the relationship between tinnitus and the pericranial muscle tenderness and cervical muscle tenderness scores. A cross-sectional study was conducted...
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Join two leading sleep medicine experts in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains! Each morning, Dr. Frank Seaman  and  Dr. James Metz will lead presentations about cutting edge and novel approaches to dental sleep medicine. Spend your afternoons enjoying all the beauty, activities and attractions that the snowy Keystone Resort has to offer.
Just Announced:
Test Yourself! 10 Minolta 300i oximeters will be available for overnight testing of participants (release statement needed), and Dr. Metz will use those participants as examples, interviewing each person to pull out pertinent information.
Dr. Frank Seaman 
Dr. Frank Seaman
Dr. James E. Metz 
Dr. James Metz

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Dr. Metz will explain new Patient Safety software.  Patient Safety has done a significant upgrade that gives us an even better window into the patient's health.   It is truly exciting.  
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The future dates for the Step Up to Advanced Sleep Dentistry Continuum thru 2017 have been confirmed.
October 21 & 22, 2016
April 7 & 8, 2017
October 20 & 21, 2017
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The Metz Appliance
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Learn more about the American Thoracic Society
ATS, renowned professional society of pulmonologists, has reached out to dentists to explore how sleep breathing therapy can be enhanced by working together.
Read the recent article.

  An Official American Thoracic Society Statement:  The Importance of Healthy Sleep: Recommendations and Future Priorities
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Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring with Oral Appliance Therapy
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Three-dimensional Evaluation of Upper Airway in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome during Oral Appliance Therapy
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Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders
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Masticatory and Cervical Muscle Tenderness and Pain Sensitivity in a Remote Area in Subjects with a Temporomandibular Disorder and Neck Disability
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Morbidity and mortality risk ratios are elevated in supine dominant OSA
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Prevalence of Residual Excessive Sleepiness During Effective Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep-disordered Breathing
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Modulation of inflammatory and hemostatic markers in obstructive sleep apnea patients treated with mandibular advancement splints: a parallel, controlled trial
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A 2-year Mean Follow-up of Oral Appliance Therapy for Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
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Exploring the treatment response of oral appliance in elderly patients & patients with severe OSA
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Exploring the effects on the body as a result of sleep-disordered breathing and a poor night's sleep
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Combination Therapy TMD/OSA
a case study by Dr. James Metz
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Dr. Metz in First for Women magazine
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