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Introducing the Member Information Center!

As the premier statewide resource for New Mexico hospitality and tourism, the New Mexico Hospitality Association is dedicated to enhancing the value of your membership through our events, programs and resources.

We are excited to introduce our next big feature for members: The Member Information Center!

The Member Information Center, or MIC, will soon become the premier online platform for collaborating, networking and learning geared exclusively for New Mexico hospitality and tourism! Think of it like a LinkedIn just for statewide hospitality and tourism, plus the added benefit of a resource library full of valuable material relevant to our industry. The MIC will become a place for members to build web pages for your business or organization and a place for individual representatives from your business or organization to access content and network with other individuals so they can excel in their role.

Roll Out Date: August 21

Features of the MIC

With the MIC, you can expect a variety of tools and portals that will not only provide you and your associates with the knowledge to thrive in the hospitality and tourism industry, but also receive exclusive, 24/7, access to other key decision-makers and professionals throughout the state to network, collaborate and potentially establish business partnerships.

What you can expect in the Member Information Center:

Company/Organization Profile
Personal Profile
You will have the opportunity to build a web page for your company or organization that will display both within the MIC for members and on the NMHA website through our member directory for all website visitors to access and view.

With your web page, you can:
  • Add company contact info
  • Add your website
  • Display the date your business or organization was established
  • List your employees or associates
  • Link your company social media accounts
  • Display hours of operation and map location
  • Feature a video and photo gallery
Along with your company page, every representative will have the opportunity to create personal profiles so individuals can connect with other professionals through the MIC. Each membership allows access for up to 10 people.

With your personal profile, you can:
  • Add personal contact info
  • Create a short bio
  • Add a display photo for your profile
  • Join interest groups to connect with like-minded professions and access exclusive content
  • Link personal social media profiles
  • Control display preferences for all information
Resource Library
Member Directory
The MIC features a library of links, documents and videos that should serve to enhance every operation of your business or organization.

The resource library will feature:
  • Industry research and reports
  • Excerpts of law and policy
  • Previous webinar content
  • Presentations from previous conferences
  • Links to industry trends and news
We hope to update our resource library with latest content on a weekly basis.
The member directory will be a great place to amplify the reach of your own business or organization, as well as an opportunity to search for other NMHA members. What's more, the member directory will also display on the NMHA website so any visitor to the website can find your hotel, business or organization.

The directory will be a great way to stay in touch with business acquaintances as people move through their professional career, along with a more efficient way to connect with the right people all on one platform.
Event Calendar
Member-to-Member Deals
The MIC features a comprehensive events calendar that will aggregate events for all members. The events calendar will be another nice option for you to share your upcoming events in a simple, user-friendly format.

Events submitted through the MIC will appear in the "Events" tab on the MIC, as well as our "Events" page on the NMHA website.
The MIC also allows for any business to submit member-to-member deals. This new feature will allow members to enhance NMHA membership for all other members by providing exclusive deals to other members. Member-to-member deals will also provide your business with the opportunity to ignite business for your company through access to the most committed hospitality and tourism professionals in the state.
Job Board
News Release
No matter what position your business or organization may be hiring, the MIC offers a great platform to post and promote your job postings.

NMHA will curate job postings into our weekly industry email newsletter, reaching around 2,000 people.
Do you have news to share? Use the news release publishing platform to share your newsworthy updates with the industry!

NMHA will curate newsworthy content into our weekly industry email newsletter, reaching around 2,000 people. Be sure to use the publishing platform if you want to share your news!

How You can Prepare

The MIC won't launch until August 21, but now is the time to start thinking about who at your business or organization can access the MIC once the platform goes live.

The MIC would be great for your:

  • Owner/Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Event Coordinator
  • Billing or Finance Manager
  • Development Specialist
  • Marketing Director
  • HR Director
  • Web Designer
  • Public Relations Coordinator
Have Any Questions? 
If you have any questions about the MIC, Cody Johnson with the New Mexico Hospitality Association would be happy to help.

phone: 505-506-8624
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