Thank you for your interest in the programs of study at Southwest Acupuncture College at our two long-standing campuses in bustling Boulder, Colorado and breathtakingly beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. As one of the oldest schools in the country, since 1980, we are proud of our heritage and bold educational paradigms that have graduated outstanding students and leaders in the field of acupuncture and Oriental medicine for over 35 years. Continuing in this tradition we are excited to announce that pending approval by the Accreditation Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine that we will launch of a new way of learning at the college in concert with cultural trends in the field and a rededication to our mission of educating students to become independent health care providers. That model incorporates the best we have to offer in a new combined 2 year distance learning/2 year clinical residential program for the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Program or a 1 year online/ 2 year residential program for the Master of Acupuncture. Pending approval, our traditional, fully residential program will no longer be an option of study except for those students currently enrolled or those who enroll for the last time in January 2017 under the old model.
Commencing in the fall of 2017 and henceforth, depending upon the program selected, students will now spend a portion of their studies in online distance-learning program and then in residence on campus. This format will allow you to continue to live where you currently reside, to continue to work or do the things you currently do, without the need to move to either of our two locations. Typically you will take 3-4 classes per semester for one-two years. Classes will continue to be taught by our instructors of record who have the expertise in the field to guide you through such courses and help you reach your educational goal of becoming a licensed health care provider as an acupuncturist. They are experienced in organized, step-by-step instruction that is both rigorous and flexible at the same time. Weekly, under instructor tutelage and interaction, you will be carefully guided in the assimilation of a strong theoretical basis in the Chinese and Western sciences in preparation for practical classes, clinical residence, and then professional practice. The pace of this portion of the program will be somewhat slower to facilitate deep integration of the material. This is not a self-paced program although much freedom exists for the student to study online.
Following successful completion of the online portion which will take 1- 2 years depending upon the program selected, all students will choose a campus to complete their practical and clinical work for another 2 years with those instructors who excel at clinical skills. There will still be some lecture classes that you will take on-line while you are in the residential program thus continuing to maximize, personalize, and individualize your lifestyle options. This way of teaching benefits you as an adult learner as you progressively make your way to being ready to practice the medicine by treating patients within our outstanding clinical program. Now the emphasis is on the cultivation of all the practical, clinical, and diagnostic skills that can only be taught in person in a forum with the teachers, other classmates, and the patients.
The MSOM program takes 4 years to complete and the MSAC 3 years. The program has been constructed to allow the student to receive financial aid at a minimum of 9-15 course hours per week. The online program requires personal time-management skills, computer literacy, writing skills, and a willingness to engage in building community online. Oriental philosophy teaches that change and adaption are necessary in order to transform and fulfill our nature. This program both acknowledges education that can be achieved through technological feasibility and at the same time honors the ancient lineage of Oriental medicine. After approval has been secured we will be able to provide you with our full color catalog with all the specifics of the program from A through Z. Thank you for your interest in Southwest Acupuncture College. 
Dr. Skya Abbate
MA Sociology, MA Pastoral Studies, MA Bioethics and Health Policy, DOM (NM), Dipl Ac, Dipl CH
Executive Director of Southwest Acupuncture College
6620 Gunpark Drive
Boulder, CO 80301
1622 Galisteo St
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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