Tuesday May 16th
8am - 8pm

Tuesday May 16th has been set aside (with extended hours) to give our loyal Sid Dickens' customers the chance to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities, including a price increase effective June 1….

*WIN 1 of 5 signed tiles
by Sid Dickens for this event

to pre-order/purchase
current collection tiles  at $82
price increases to $88 on June 1

*LAST opportunity
to order  T417 - O Canada Tile

*FIRST Opportunity
to see the new Voyage collection
(first shipment is signed

As always, Sid Dickens plaques commemorate special people and events in our lives.  Whether hung on a wall, or displayed on a stand, they are an expression of your sentiment.

Each tile is hand-made, and has a sentiment expressed on the back.  We endeavour to stock all current tiles so feel free to look through the collection and see if there is a tile that is just right for your mate.

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WIN 1 of 5 Signed Tiles
  Sid has exclusively signed 3 tiles for this event...
Family - T341
Born into a love that exceeds any distance. 
Gatekeeper - T401
 We are the guardians of our choices;
the directors of our lives.
Sacred Lotus - T407
Spiritual reflection engages the purity of the mind and body.
Sid Dickens, t400, limited Edition, Retired
Lily - T400
 Sid created a version of last year's popular Cyber Monday memory block exclusively for retailers, and was only available to order during the month of January.
Two have been set aside for our annual Sid Dickens' Day draw.
With every tile purchased,
receive an additional ballot
for a chance to WIN one of the above tiles*

*You must be present to fill out a ballot,
and ballots are only available
Tuesday May 16th.
Price Increase as of June 1
Normally, this annual event is held in June. However, we just received notice from Sid Dickens Inc. effective June 1 the MSRP must be increased to $88.  We felt it was in your best interest to hold this event earlier and my staff graciously came together to pick an additional work day on short notice -  they are the best! 
A new shipment has just arrived, so many tiles are back in stock! However, it is a shipment that was ordered without the anticipation of this event or price increase. Therefore, if there is a tile that you would like and it is sold out, it will be ordered for you. If paid in full ($82.00+tx), you will not be subject to the price increase even though it will arrive after June 1.
T417 - O Canada
Sid has just released the O Canada Memory Block in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday.

Canada is a country that is proud to honour Peace, Diversity, Freedom, Multiculturalism, Spirit and Opportunity.

Happy Birthday Canada!
T417 - O Canada
"With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee."
This is a special signed edition of the T417 with an exclusive red meaning label.

The O Canada tile will be still available to order thereafter as T418 with the regular black meaning label and unsigned back.
Voyage Collection 
Sid Dickens Voyage Collection is NEW, and has just arrived at Crafted Decor - we are one of the first retailers to receive them.

The first shipment is signed ($100).
Next shipment unsigned ($82). 
sid Dickens Voyage collection

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