February 2018
While video-streaming subscriptions are on the rise for services like Netflix and DirecTV Now, another segment is also seeing an increase: illicit streaming services. Even more, some video pirates are giving consumers the idea they are using a legitimate service.  

Three tech predictions for 2018
We make predictions on three important tech trends: 1) bitcoin and how long the mania will last, 2) the exciting (and worrisome) future of AI and 3) the future of the net neutrality battle.  

Get ready: 8K TV is next up 

Sharp Corp. has set its sights on leading the future of TV with its 8K Super Hi-Vision (SHV) TV. While delivering sophisticated 8K services won't be easy, Sharp and other industry stakeholders are moving at a pace that suggests the consumer 8K TV market is much closer than many think. 

TV Spectrum Repack
DTC's extensive U.S. TV repack transition study laid out how much time and money it would take for hundreds of broadcasters to move to new channel assignments. Congress allocated $1.75 billion to complete the transition. DTC's study showed a cost of $2-$3 billion. The study's results were heard. Recently, additional repack funds were allocated to a Federal Communication Commission reauthorization bill (HR 4986) making its way through Congress.

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