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Anticipating the Holidays:
What will help you feel safe?

Get the BPD Facts
November 30,2017 
7:00 PM-9:30 PM

Anticipating the holidays can lead to anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, remember all the  times in the past you may have worried about something happening, anticipated it happening, and then it didn't happen!   Stress can be caused by the assumption that something is going to happen and,when it happens, it will be bad!
How can you change your perception of events? Are you trapped in your thoughts, stuck in old patterns, labeling things so that you can't see things any other way?  What can you do to decrease these painful feelings when they first arise?    How can you stop self-criticism and start accepting yourself.  How can you be kinder to yourself? 
To not only survive the holidays but actually enjoy them,
what would make you feel safe? 
with your family, friends, partner?

We look forward to welcoming you to
Get the BPD Facts at TARA! 
Next meeting:Thursday December 14, 2017 7-9:30 PM
TARA Offices
23 Greene St 3rd Floor
between Canal and Grand St
Street parking available after 6pm
All subways to Canal St
Thursday evening
November 30, 2017 
7-9:30 PM
Couples $45
Students and those on disability: $20
RSVP to reserve your place
212-966-6514 or  
23 Greene St #3
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