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Don't miss today's edition of Take A Stand! TV as Eric Barger unpacks the mindset and driving force fueling "The New, Truly Confused Evangelicals."

As the culture around us quickly declines, Christianity has its own set of resident anarchists determined to overthrow biblical truth with a new unholy reformation. The  research is disturbing and the conclusions shocking to those uninformed but the fact remains - evangelicalism is in desperate trouble.

T his 4th episode in the series is titled  "Resisting and Combating"  and make no mistake why. We are witness to an ongoing wholesale redefinition of Christianity made to fit the Postmodern paradigm - but these two worlds can never coexist without compromise.  Eric asks "Can there honestly be any such thing as "Postmodern Christianity?" Answer:  Not if the Bible is still our guide!

Eric concludes with a list of issues for concerned Bible-believers to watch out for that may indicate the postmodern mindset is at work in their midst.

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