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Sat. September 30
Class: Healing and Wholeness 2
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
(See below article.)

Sunday, October 1
Rev. Jan Seward

Sunday,  October 8
Special Guest Speaker Jasianna Chaley!

Sunday, October 8
Unity Women of Truth Circle (UWOTC)

(Before Service)
Fervent Prayer
10:30 a.m.

Family Movie Night
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Christmas Concert
December 9 7pm
Youth and Family Ministry
Our  Youth and Family Ministry is active NOW!
Spread the word!
Ages 7 and up; meets Sundays at 11:00 
in the Myrtle Fillmore

Weekly Curriculum for 2017:

Our Nursery space is ready and opening soon to serve 
ages  1-6! 
So get ready to bring the kids and grandkids for a fun and playful time, while learning in Spirit!
Regular Groups Meeting  at Unity
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Toastmasters - Tues. nights 7pm
Bliss Run Sangha -Thurs nights 7pm
A Course In Miracles (ACIM) -  Thurs nights 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Line Dancing with DJ Mark Beach
2nd Fridays at 7pm
Heritage Lending Library in Lobby
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Submit YOUR Ideas!
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Supplies Needed
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- Light Bulbs


Non-Dimmable Flood Lights***

8.5" x 11 Paper

     (white and multi-          color)

- Paper Towels

- Bathroom Tissue
- Hand Soap
- Brother TN820 or         TN850 Toner

Thank you and BLESS YOU!
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September 27 MidWeek News
Welcome to our Unity of Columbus Newsletter.  
Approve of Yourself!

We thank Rev. Linda Poole Kennedy-Jackson for her uplifting message on Sunday, on the great spiritual Power of Order.

Today we conclude our series of articles on Wholeness, in honor of New Thought icon , Louise Hay.

One of the most important steps a person can take toward achieving a higher level of emotional and spiritual maturity is to love themselves.  Louise Hay wrote, "You've been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked.  Try approving of yourself and see what happens."

Have you looked into a mirror and counted your physical virtues?  How often do you look within and find love within yourself?  Do you recognize and celebrate the blessings you have to offer the world?

How often do you engage in negative self-talk, whether it is aloud or silent?  If you are seeking a remedy to this self-destructive practice, you need look no further than the wisdom of Louise:

"I say 'Out' to every negative thought that comes to my mind.  No person, place, or thing has any power over me, for I am the only thinker in my mind.  I create my own reality and everyone in it."

As you transform your life ("by the renewing of your mind," as Paul writes), you heal not only yourself, but the collective consciousness of the world, in accordance with Divine Law and Order.  Change your thoughts, change your life...

Join us at Unity this Sunday, as we join together in prayer, song, and fellowship, and we move forward as a community, pursuing our objectives with Zeal!

Stay Well,

Daryn L. Wells
Editor In-Chief


"Love is never outside ourselves; love is within us."  ~ Louise L. Hay
The Spiritual Snippet

We invite you to be still, center yourself, and listen to this guided meditation from Rev. Charline Manuel, Unity Minister and author of Pray Up Your Life!

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  Visit our website:  

The Light of Unity

"We are learning that we need to take time each day to go apart and arouse the powers and possibilities of our inner nature through prayer.
"It is well to establish the habit of prayer by meditating at the same time each day.  This helps bring order into the prayer practice.  If we leave this important period of the day until everything else is accomplished we are apt to neglect it."

May Rowland,
Director of Silent Unity
Prayer Support
  Our Unity of Columbus Prayer Team is praying for you.

Please send your online prayer requests to:

You are also welcome to fill out our Prayer Request slips and place them into our Prayer Box, located in our vestibule, and we will hold you in prayer for 30 days.

If you have an immediate prayer need, please call
Silent Unity, our 24-Hour Prayer Support Center,
at 1-800-NOW-PRAY (669-7729). 

Louise L. Hay


"In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, 
whole, and complete." 
~ Louise Hay
This Sunday At Unity
11:00 a.m. Sunday Celebration and Worship Service     

Rev. Jan Seward

"God's Motivational Tool!"

Shirley Williams, LUT

Jay Maynard and Danny Bauer

"Whatsoever you do, do it with zeal, as to the Lord, 
and not unto men."  ~ Colossians 4:13

Be sure to stay for food and fellowship after the Service.
You are always welcome home at Unity!

This Month's Power: Order

The ability to organize, balance, sequence, adjust

Power Color:   Olive Green

Apostle:   James, son of Alphaeus

Part of Body Associated with Order:  Navel

Affirmation:  "My life is balanced and in order, and all is well."

Unity is a multigenerational ministry.  As we explore The Twelve Powers each month of this year, so do our children!  We invite you to check out our Youth Ministry bulletin board near Wilson Hall; celebrate our children as they discover the Power within themselves.
Now Accepting Applications
for Nomination to
Our Board of Trustees!

We are looking for dynamic leaders to join our UOC Board of Trustees!

We will have two open positions, to be filled by election at our Annual Membership Meeting in November.  Each Trustee position is for a three-year term.

If you are interested in joining our Board, please click the link below to download the nomination application.  Please print, complete, and return the form to Veronica Carter, Chair of the 2017 Nominating Committee by this Sunday, October 1.  We thank you for your interest!

You must be an active member of Unity of Columbus to apply for a Board position.

Armand and Angelina In Concert
Monday, October 2 at 7:00 p.m.
Unity East Church

Join New Thought artists
Armand and Angelina for a
Posi-Music Variety Performance at Unity East!


Unity East Church
170 E. Columbus St.
Pickerington, OH 43147
Calling all volunteers! Calling all volunteers! 

The Nursery and The Children & Youth Ministries are looking for super awesome volunteers who have a heart for all children and the desire to joyously share the Consciousness of Christ to our future generations!  If that sounds like you, come and be a part of our growing team!  
For the children

Potential candidates must be willing to commit to a minimum of a one (1) year period of service, able to serve at least twice 
(2x) a month, and can pass the FBI & BCI Background checks.  
Candidates must also be available for an interview and training.  Applications will be available this Sunday, so grab one and let the good times grow!!!

Thanks, and see you Sunday !

Rev. Dr. Ty V.
Children & Youth Ministry Director/Facilitator

Friends:  You may download the application HERE!


SEE "Mini-Intensives"
at Unity of Columbus

Unity offers many ways for you to explore and expand your spiritual potential; this includes credentialing paths to become a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) or a Licensed/Ordained Unity Minister.

Our Adult Education Team is happy to announce that we will be offering a number of Unity Spiritual Education and Enrichment ("SEE") courses on selected Saturdays (10 Credit Hours each), 
from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  

If you are not a regular attendee of Unity of Columbus and would like to register for one of these courses, please contact us at 
(614) 267-4959, or UnityOnMaize@gmail.com.

Optional SEE Registration Fee: $45.00 per course

Course Schedule:

September 23, 30: "Healing and Wholeness 2"
with Shirley Williams, LUT

October 7, 14: "Development of the Unity Movement"
with Jewelene Henson, LUT

October 21, 28: "Background of New Thought"
with Shirley Williams, LUT

From our co-founder Charles Fillmore:
"Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ; our objective is to discern the truth in Christianity 
and prove it.  

"The truth that we teach is not new; neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principles. 
"Our purpose is to help and teach mankind to use and prove the eternal Truth taught by the Master."
First Saturday Chant
Presented by In Spirit Ministries

Special Guests Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett

Saturday, Oct. 7 at 5:00 p.m.



First Unitarian Universalist Church
93 West Weisheimer Road
Columbus, OH 43214

For more info on Lisa and Erika: lisaanderika.com

Our New Thought Friends in Columbus     

Center for Spiritual Living Columbus:  Columbus Center for Spiritual Living Website 

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