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March 2015


Apps and Online Programs for Seniors and Caregivers


Smart phones and tablets are becoming the norm for staying connected and their use among seniors and their caregivers is growing. Both groups are now more likely to consult online resources for assistance and now more than every the growing number of apps and online programs are catering to them.


Here are the current best Apps out there:

  • Balance ($.99) - Developed by the National Alzheimer's Center this app allows caregivers to coordinate care with multiple people and keeps track of medication.
  • AARP (FREE) - Several different apps with money saving tips, deals on travel, as well as content from its website and magazines.
  • MedWatcher (FREE) - Created in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration and providing information on medical uses and known side effect of a wide range of medications so that you can track information about your drugs and report negative side effects to the FDA.
  • Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight ($1.99) - Gives ability to use smart phone as a flashlight, a vanity mirror, and magnify text 1x to 10x.
  • Check (FREE) - Helps to keep track of your bills to avoid missing bill payments and late fees, you will receive a reminder when bills are due and allows for online payments.

And the current best online programs and websites:

  • Pillbox - Sponsored by the National Library of Medicine this program allows you to identify unknown medications based on what it looks like and then provides drug information and labels.
  • Care Family - Designed to help families with loved ones who are far away by matching caregivers with families and providing tools to keep track of their loved one's care.
  • Comfort Zone - Offered by the Alzheimer's Association this program allows families to remotely monitor a person with Alzheimer's. For a monthly fee you can receive automated alerts throughout the day and night when the person being monitored has travelled beyond a preset zone.
  • Lumosity - A website with a variety of brain games to help keep you agile and improve cognitive function. 

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