Event 38 Newsletter
April, 2016

New Solutions for Business Edition
In This Issue:

1. Introduction - Latest update from Jeff Taylor, Founder and CEO

2. New Product - Solutions for Agriculture  - See how our E386 drone and DDMS work seamlessly together to help farmers increase yields, decrease costs and manage operations better.

3. Drone Data Management System Update - We continue to add new features and make the system easier to use. Users in 64 countries agree.

4. Regulatory update for US readers - Update on the new 400 ft FAA blanket exemption and FAA Re-authorization Act delays.

5. New optical sensors for all of our drones - We have begun to offer Micasense RedEdge and Sequoia when available.

6. Event 38 and our customers in the News - Posts from guest authors and news from our team.

7. Event 38 Company Updates:
  • Tell us what you think – Do you have a new product feature you would like to see, a general how-to question, a word of praise or disappointment for us, we want to hear from you!
  • Become an Event 38 Reseller – We have an active international program. Become our local representative in your country.
  • Service Provider Partners wanted - If you provide services to the drone industry, we want to hear from you.
  • Become a guest blogger – Tell your story to the world. You could be next to get international exposure to more than 2,000 readers. We can even help you with editing.
  • Investors – We appreciate introductions!
  • Research initiatives – Doing industry research with drones? Maybe we can help.
  1. Introduction
       By Jeff Taylor, CEO

S O L U T I O N S   

Dear Friends, In this newsletter we want to introduce you to our "Solutions for Agriculture" where you get the capability to capture data with our latest E386 drone and then seamlessly process it using DDMS to create actionable solutions.

We have been manufacturing drones and sensors for commercial use for five years and late last year we began to offer complete business solutions with the launch of our Drone Data Management System . By integrating the data capture process with post processing, getting actionable information has never been easier.

Further over the past two years we have been working with industry experts  and researchers all over the world to create applications that help you increase yields, reduce costs, and improve your operations management. This past month we introduced ten new apps designed specifically for farmers. Please read more about it below.

Achieving return on investment for you is our top priority. Working with quarry operators and surveyors, we recently introduced an app that saves up to 60% in key operating areas. We posted a case study on our website explaining the details.
The industry is getting better at proving use-case ROI but we still have a long way to go. As we continue our own research and work with partners around the world, look for more exciting solutions in the upcoming months.

As our company enters its fifth year, we are excited about the progress that the drone industry has made and the tremendous support you have given to us along the way. From our humble beginnings in 2011, we now have customers in more than 60 countries on six continents using our drones, sensors and DDMS analytics platform for countless business applications, conservation, and research. 

We are always interested in your ideas and feedback on how we can better serve you. What can we do for you?

Thanks again! 

Jeff Taylor
jeff@event38.com   | @mjefftaylor | @event38
2. Solutions for Agriculture
By combining our rugged, long endurance fixed wing E386 drone bundled with ten new apps on our cloud based Drone Data Management System™ , growers now have the ability to easily collect detail data and create high-value analytics for improved farm management.
  The E386-Agriculture drone has a 75 minute flight time and maps 750 acres at the 4 centimeter level in a single flight. Most importantly, it has been proven in the field – with experience in 60 countries, this drone has a track record of working in the most demanding of today’s farming operations.

Data captured during a flight integrates seamlessly into the company’s Drone Data Management System™, our data storage, sharing and analysis platform. Data is converted into geo-referenced maps that can be viewed online, on mobile, shared, or downloaded for use in current workflows.

Working with growers, researchers, and industry experts over the past two years, we developed agriculture-specific apps that give growers key analytics to more effectively manage their farms.

This is just the start. We are continuing to create new applications as we get feedback from our users all over the world. We are proud to be able to offer this agricultural package and hope our customers take full advantage. More information is here
3. Drone Data Management System Update

The Event 38 Drone Data Management System™  is our All-in-One Storage, Sharing and Analysis Platform..

DDMS is one of the first to be able to take data from any drone
or sensor and create and port it out to popular reporting systems

DDMS streamlines your entire post-processing workflow - Upload, Process, Analyze and Share. It automatically creates a geotagged orthomosaic and tiles large maps to be viewed quickly in Map Viewer, our online map tool or on your mobile device. DEMs, NDVI and DVI calculations are available as well.
Over the past few months, we have attracted users on six continents. You have flown thousands of missions and achieved important insights from your data. And your feedback has set the stage for our future development activities.

We have begun to work with third party application developers so they can publish their apps on our platform. If you have developed an app that you think would be useful to other users, please contact Jeff Taylor.

In January we introduced our charter membership plans. We encourage all of our current users to lock in introductory pricing now being offered. 
4. Regulatory Issues 
Notice to US Drone Owners  -
In December, 2015 the FAA introduced mandatory registration of all drones, both new and previously purchased. If you own a drone and do not have a 333 exemption you must register your drone before first flight or face stiff penalties and possible civil and criminal penalties. Click here for more information.
The FAA published draft recommendations for "micro" drones in April, 2016 - It includes recommendations for drones weighing less than 250 grams and those weighing up to 2 kilograms. It also creates 'risk categories' based on weight, kinetic energy and certain operations categories. it is important to note that these are only recommendations and not final rules. As of this date no date has been set for final publication. Details are here  

Final regulations for business use of drones - Since the publication of draft rules for commercial use of drones more than a year ago, there has been very little additional information released. The FAA has 'promised' to publish final rules by June, 2016 which will replace the requirement for a COA or 333 exemption with a first set of rules. While we dont know the final specifics, the draft rules are here and our response to them is here.
  • Recent update - Drone regulations have been included in a FAA re-authorization congressional bill. Unfortunately, several provisions are being contested which has slowed final approval. As of this writing, there is no estimate of when the bill will be passed.

We will keep you informed as progress is made.

5. New Sensors for the E384 and E386

We have partnered with Micasense and Parrot to offer their two latest cameras:
  1. RedEdge™ simultaneously captures five discrete spectral bands, enabling the creation of tailored indices for customized applications. Global shutter design creates distortion-free images on every platform. A variety of interface options including stand-alone mode, serial, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, give RedEdge integrators expanded flexibility. RedEdge's Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS) enables measurement of ambient light conditions during flight for more accurate data in varying light conditions.

  2. Sequoiais a powerful sensor in a remarkably small package. This camera features four narrowband filters optimized for analyzing crop health and a 16 MP RGB imager for easy digital scouting. Sequoia's irradiance sensor and integrated GPS make it an accurate and calibrated tool for precision agriculture.

These cameras are compatible with both our E384 and E386. You can order them here 

6. Event 38 and Customers in the News
  • DDMS Updated Intellishoot Geotagging Utility - Our geotagging utility now intelligently sorts image tags from a telemetry log to properly apply tags even when some tag coordinates are missing due to intermittent telemetry connections. This improves the accuracy of mosaics and DEMs without any additional post-processing or manual review. Download the latest version here.
  • National Air Services flies the Event38 E384 in Paraguay - This E384 system will be used for accurately mapping the extensive properties as well as for agricultural purposes. Furthermore, it will be used for surveillance. More here
  • Ohio/Indiana UAS Center includes Event 38 in FAA 333 Exemptions  - Event 38 is included in recent FAA 333 exemptions awarded to the Ohio/Indiana UAS Center. The exemption allows the UASC to commercially conduct UAS operations for precision agriculture; education; environment, wildlife and forestry monitoring; infrastructure inspection; survey and mapping; and research and development. Info here
  • Event 38 Announces  Four New International Resellers  -  We have new partners in Ecuador, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Spain. Info here and here
  • Process Maps, NDVI and 3d Models for Free - How-to guide  to process orthomosaics, NDVI maps and 3d models with imagery from any drone for free - here
  • Event 38 COO, John Blair Speaks about drones at Case Western Reserve University. Info here
  • Drone Services as a Business - How-to guide to start your own drone business - here

More news is available at the Event 38 blog, Droneyard.com  Info here

7. Event 38 Company News

International Reseller Program - We believe local presence is important and we are actively seeking additional partners. Our reseller program is customized for each partner. In general, we sell to you at a discount, and you can re-sell at whatever price you desire. If you are interested in working with us, please contact John Blair, jblair@event38.com for details.

Tell us What You Think! – We work very hard to provide you with the best possible products and customer service. Sometimes we get it right and other times we know we can do better. Most of all we want to make sure, so please tell us how we are doing and what we can do better. Contact Chris Spradlin, cspradlin@event38.com with your comments.

Service Provider Partners Wanted - We are looking for partners who can offer insurance, maintenance or other drone related services to our customers around the world. Please contact John Blair,jblair@event38.com to discuss details.

Become a Guest Blogger - Our blog, Droneyard, http://droneyard.com/ gets significant international exposure. Each month thousands of viewers come to our website for information about our company and how drones are improving commerce and environmental conservation.  We welcome your contribution – It’s easy and we can help with editing if you like. Please contact Chris Spradlin,cspradlin@event38.com for details.

Investors – (This is not a solicitation).  In preparation for a capital raise we have begun developing relationships with investors who are interested in our marketplace. We would welcome an introduction to anyone, angel or VC, who you think might be interested in our company. Please contact John Blair,  jblair@event38.com with details.  

Event 38 Ongoing Research Initiatives – We have several initiatives underway to develop commercial use of drones. Our goal is to demonstrate ROI to end users. If you are conducting research in the agriculture, construction, surveying, environmental conservation, or related industries, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact Jeff Taylor, jeff@event38.com for details.

  About Us
Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, specialized optical sensors, and a cloud based Drone Data Management System™ for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 64 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction & mining, environmental preservation, and other applications.