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Mecum and Curing Kids Cancer in Kansas City

Dana Mecum (left) autographing the "I'm SOLD on Curing Kids Cancer" sign.

Curing Kids Cancer and Mecum auto auctions have been partners for over two years.  We truly value our relationship and are so thankful for how much Mecum supports our efforts. This month a the Kansas City Mecum auction we were able to raise more than $18,000 with their help. We will be at the Houston Texas auction in April. Dana Mecum and head auctioneer Mark Delzell, will visit Texas Children's Hospital with CKC staff to meet both the doctors and the children that Curing Kids Cancer supports. 

CKC in the News

Curing Kids Cancer's annual Fire Truck Pull is just around the corner. Here are a couple of articles about the upcoming event.

Medical Buzz

Dr. Stephen Grupp
Stephan Grupp, M.D., of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia received $50,000 this year to continue his research in CAR T-cell therapy. This is an amazing type of treatment where the doctors take some of the child's own T Cells, which normally fight infections but cannot "recognize" cancer cells. They genetically re-engineer the T Cells in the laboratory so that they can "recognize" the cancer cells and put them back into the child. These new modified T Cells can then kill the cancer cells like they do with regular infections. So the child does not need traditional chemotherapy or radiation.  So far it has been used to treat children with the most common form of leukemia, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia or ALL but it is being modified to see if it can be used to treat other types of childhood cancers. So far CAR T Cell Therapy has a 94% success rate and demonstrates that we are one step closer to finding cures for pediatric cancers in our lifetime!

Meet Joshua Mack
Josh Mack
Joshua Mack is a spunky 12 year old boy from Marietta, Georgia. At the age of seven, his family's lives were forever changed when Josh was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Josh had a bumpy three year battle with cancer. but through all the hospital stays, pain and missed childhood activities, his positive outlook helped him fight on and had his doctors amazed at his spirit.  He loves the opportunity to share with others the need for help for pediatric cancer research.
Josh plays lacrosse, designs web sites,  and sings for events and with his church choir. He is also part of a leadership group at his school called the Amigos. Despite some memory issues and learning deficits due to treatment, Josh maintains an A to B average in school. His career goal is to be an attorney.
Happy Helpers

We Love Our Volunteers!

Curing Kids Cancer has some hardworking volunteers. Without their dedication, we would not be able to host events like the upcoming Fire Truck Pull or the Golf Tournament. 
Below is one of our awesome volunteers, Tim Young. Tim is a cancer survivor and has been volunteering for Curing Kids Cancer for the past few years. He has his own team at the Fire Truck Pull every year and has contributed his time to multiple other events including the First and Gold Gala. Thank you Tim for all that you do! 
Tim Young at the First and Gold Gala 

If you would like to learn more about to how to get involved with Curing Kids Cancer feel free to contact us.

Director of Programs and Events at Curing Kids Cancer,
Lauren Korthoff:
 lauren@curingkidscancer.org or 404-596-5507

Want to help?

There are many different ways to get involved at Curing Kids Cancer. Below are just a few Curing Kids Cancer fund raising ideas for the month of April.

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Hang an umbrella upside down and ask classmates or coworkers to toss in their spare change. 

Car Wash: Gather your friends, co-workers or teammates and host a car wash at a local business.

 Softball Tournament for the Kids: Build teams from your own company or church, or reach out to other businesses, and put on a softball tournament with registration and admission fees donated to CKC. 

For more ideas visit curingkidscancer.org

Kiss Kids Cancer Goodbye

Wouldn't you love to kiss kids cancer goodbye?  Well, here is your chance to help do that with our Kiss Kids Cancer Goodbye Lipstick Challenge.  And it is happening right now!

We are partnering with Magda Brady, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, who has offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of lipstick to Curing Kids Cancer now until April 15. 

Click here to make your purchase:  www.marykay.com/mbrady.  

You can choose from any lipstick or gloss. Thank you for helping to Kiss Kids Cancer Goodbye!
    Upcoming Events
April 9,2016
Curing Kids Cancer Fire Truck Pull

Curing Kids Cancer and the Columbia, South Carolina Fire Department are hosting the 
3rd Annual Fire Truck Pull  at the Columbia Fire Department & Museum, 1800 Laurel Street, on April 9. Teams will compete to see who can pull a fire truck a set distance in the fastest amount of time. Curing kids Cancer will be putting the money raised towards their $1.2 million endowment at the Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinic at Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital. Be sure to sign up your team today.

Mecum, Houston 
April 14-16

We are excited for the next Mecum auction in Houston. If you are interested in learning more, click here.
If you are interested in donating a car or other auction item, please contact  Curing Kids Cancer  Account Manager, 
Mikaela Hopkins:  mikaela@curingkidscancer.org

May 2, 2016 
Curing Kids Cancer Golf Classic

The Curing Kids Cancer Golf Classic will be May 2nd at The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta,GA. If you are interested in being a sponsor, or purchasing a foursome, please visit birdeasepro.com/curingkidscancer.  You can also contact Lauren Korthoff at
 404-596-5507 or lauren@curingkidscancer.org. Hurry as  there are only a few spots left!

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