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Toggle Switch or Dimmer Switch?

          April, 2017

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"Be happy not because 
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because you 
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the good in everything."  

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Masters Degree - Applied Psychology from Seton Hall University


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since 2008


Married 28 years


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In living through my almost 53 years of life, I find that most people fall into one of two categories, either they are a toggle switch or a dimmer switch. 

Those that fit the toggle switch category appear to have two speeds, on and off, and not much in between.  Those people wake up immediately with the energy to face the day and fall asleep at night almost instantaneously as well.  

Individuals who fall into the dimmer switch category tend to wake up gently and gradually and need a little time to get going.  Once they get going, they are unstoppable. Those same individuals wind down slowly in the evening as well.  Neither is right or wrong.  Neither is better to be.  They are just different.  

Knowing which one you are can be beneficial in planning your life.  We benefit from having both types of individuals in our life, whether we are the same or different from them. Enjoy the passage below and let me know if you are a toggle switch or a dimmer switch.

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From The Positive Perspective......

Again, this information is not based on scientific evidence, just observations from my ½ century of life.

If I am a toggle switch, I am very good at dealing with the unexpected and making quick judgments which are sound.  I am excellent at quick follow-through.  I tend to like to stay busy most of the time, because if I stop, then I am done for the day.  I am usually researching things while watching TV or a passenger in a car. I fall asleep 30 seconds from when my head hits the pillow.  I tend to be known as the person who will help anyone, anytime. I am also the person who can always fit in "one more thing".

If I am a dimmer switch, I am very good at looking at the details of situations, because I take the time to slow down and reflect on all that may need to be done for something to be successful.  I enjoy the quiet time in the morning to reflect on life and plan my day.   I can slow down for a little while and then dial back up to full productivity without a problem.  I enjoy just taking in nature and being amazed by its splendor and can stop and enjoy that without a mission to be accomplished.  I have excellent patience because I can adjust my speed to someone's slower speed when needed.

As you can see, both have their strengths.  So what if you are one kind of switch and you are married to the other kind of switch?  Well, the visual of both types of switches helps when discussing it.  Being able to appreciate the efficiency of the other person and not putting them down for thinking differently is a start.  Being aware that your partner may think differently when talking about the issue helps as well.  Using the skills of good communication and conflict resolution will help you get to any solution you need.  If these skills could be improved, give me a call and we can work on that for sure.  Or, you can look at previous newsletters for tips in these areas, just look at the titles to guide you to the right ones.  They are all listed on my website.

FYI, I tend to be a dimmer switch and in my opinion, I am married to a toggle switch.  Every day is a fun and sometimes "interesting" experience, but each day is always a day of thankfulness.
Until next time.....look at life and your inspirations From The Positive Perspective.
Stay well.
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I wish you well...