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Volume 14 Issue 1April 2014
 Spring Cleaning
 This time of year we like to go through things an do a "clean out". 
Not only is it a good time to clean your closet (& maybe sell a few items) it's a good time to look over your finances and make adjustments.  

Home Ownership & Down Payment Assistance

Sometimes the hardest part of buying a house is making sure you have the down payment required. Of course our CAB program is a HUGE benefit for you in this area but not everyone can qualify for CAB or you are needing to save for your educational goals rather than your home dreams right now.

There still may be help for you. This article gives points on some other programs that you might qualify for that can help you if you can't save through CAB.



Short Term Savings Goal

Let's face it, we all are use to "instant gratification" and sometimes the long term savings goals don't always give us that "thrill". 

Why not make a short goal of saving a set amount in a short period of time? If you do this more than once, you get lots of "thrills" of stacking your savings! This article offers tips on saving $500 in one month. Now that might not be a feasible amount for you but you CAN set a goal & these tips can help you save some money!

Save This Month   




Save THIS Week

Need a "baby step" for saving/watching your budget?


How about saving for THIS week?

Little changes add up so if you need to focus on a short time frame, focus on this week. Then the week after; before you know it, you are at a month & have saved money!



How About This Week?











The next CAB Financial Education Class will be Saturday May 3 in Idabel.




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Upcoming Financial Webinars

(call 866-933-2260 for more info)

 May 7     Planning for Retirement

June 4     Saving for College




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upcoming webinar events!






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