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Revenue Management Tips
April 2012

Revenue Management Plan - Step 8  
Am I comparing myself in terms of pricing against the market and my competition or am I working in a vacuum? Know what you are competing against. Understand the pricing strategy of competitor hotels.Read more
Competitor Analysis
Is your product and service level better or inferior companered to your competitor hotels? You have
to evaluate the value proposition of your hotel's competition. And there is only one way, go check  them out... Read more
rate tiger channel manager  

Distribution Benchmarking
Are you competing with your competitors on the same distrbution channels? Are there any regional or local websites in other countries that have distribution strength for your destination? On which distribution channels should you be present? Read more

Revenue Management Strategy Plan - Step 9
How do consumers look at my hotel vs. the competition? You need to create some tools to define the difference between your hotel and your competitive set. Check out step 9 in our revenue management strategy plan.... Read more
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