Due to the lack of reservations we have had to postpone the Junior Program Carnival Fundraiser for this Saturday. We are in the process of reevaluating whether to reschedule or cancel completely. Our apologies to those who made reservations and were scheduled to attend. Our Juniors greatly appreciate your support and dedication to their program.

Spring Spruce Up is next weekend, April 21-22nd . We need everyone to put on their closed toed shoes, throw their hair up in a scrunchie or man bun (if you have hair) and grab a paint brush. This is always an important weekend to add a little spit and shine to the ABYC campus before Opening Day , scheduled for May 5th this year!

Two weeks ago I was contacted by the Little Family to make a flyer for the upcoming Latham Bell Dinghy Challenge . Humble as the Little Family is, I need to give you some back history.

Bobby Little Jr. chose to create a Boxing Day-like event as his "project" for his stint on the Junior Board. Dedicating the event to Latham, aka his "Papa Bear", was his idea of honoring his friend and mentor.

Latham's parents, Susan and Dick, were in tears yesterday when I called to propose the idea to them by phone. They not only agreed to the event, but Susan offered up Dick to sail Latham's boat in the race.

Regatta Chair is, of course, Bobby Jr. He'll have an older adult co-chair soon. They're working on the NOR and we'll post it as soon as it's completed. This is an event solely hosted by the Juniors. It's their gig!

Bobby's email is: Bdlittle761@gmail.com . Contact him with any of your questions.

The flyer for the event is below. Mark the date on your calendar! If your tush won't fit in a dinghy, then help us land side make this an event to remember. For me, Latham is watching! :)

Enjoy the weekend my beloved ABYC Family,

Stacy Massey
Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader   *\0/*