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Happy May to you!  After taking a month off from creating a newsletter, I am rejuvenated and excited to be back in the creative flow.  Funny how a little break can spark new ideas and energy to pour into business and life.  I love it!!


Question for you...what new ideas, tools, and ways of doing business are ready to grow or be renewed?  For me, lots of great ideas are birthing awesome workshops and programs for the rest of the year and I am excited to get to share them with you!

In this issue I share Insights from April 2012 and Perspective from Merrick & Company's CEO, Ralph Christie.  

I also feature a book that is about success through self-discipline AND showcase a nonprofit organization that provides microfinance loans for women in Uganda to open their own business.


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Insights from April 2012 - What does it take to really "go BIG"?


Several weeks ago I was at a business networking event and gifted an Accelerate Results Jump Start Session for the give away table.  I told the audience "Please only take this item if you are really serious about taking your business to the next level".  


What happened during the actual give away simply amazed me.  There were several individuals who's name was drawn that came up, looked at my gift and had a visible physical response to NOT take the session.  One person even picked up the gift, said "this one is if I am serious about taking my business to the next level" and put it back down.


I was simply astounded at the response.  As a business coach, I work with my clients to take action courageously.  Whether that is to take action they have never taken, think in ways they never thought of, or dig deeper than they ever thought to dig.  I work with people all the time who act in spite of the initial hesitation.  I started thinking...when have I felt an aversion to the thought of being "serious about going to the next level" - and better yet, an aversion to take action, period.


Funny how life gives you the answers right when you need them because I recently had this very experience with a coach friend of mine, Traci Brown (Personal Trainer for Your Mind / Professional Speaker).  Traci and I agreed to exchange sessions so we could get to know each other's work at a deeper level.   Traci said "come when you are REALLY ready to tackle something big" and I said "absolutely!!".  


The day before my appointment I had that twinge of discomfort, actually, I felt sick to my stomach.  I had that feeling of fear and anxiety that I really didn't know how "big" of a thing I was ready to tackle.  How would the session help?..What would change?...How would I be different after the session?  I even thought about canceling but decided to sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.  


Well, the next morning I woke up and decided to go anyway.  Go in spite of knowing how it would help, in spite of the fear and in spite of the anxiety.  During the session I expressed to Traci that I was a little nervous and in her humorous and loving way she said "hey, it's go big or go home right?" and I agreed.  The outcome was nothing short of amazing!  I am different, I did change and it did help. And equally important, I acted in courage and proved to myself that I could "go BIG".


Every time my clients face a business challenge that stretches them to act in courage and, as Nike says, JUST DO IT, they experience the results of their efforts but also the confidence to act in courage more often.


So, what does it take to "go BIG"?  It takes courage to act in spite of the fear, anxiety or what ever holds you back.


Coaching question: What would happen if you were to act in spite of what ever it is that is holding you back?

Perspective of a CEO

In 1997 I worked for the engineering consulting firm Merrick & Company.  As a recent graduate and young professional who was afraid of nothing, I took it upon myself to find out what Merrick was all about, so I reached out to Ralph Christie, a name I had seen on company emails, and asked him to lunch so I could get the "inside scoop".


Ralph was kind enough to accept my invitation and as I searched for his cubicle the dat of the meeting, the administrative assistant informed me he had an office, not a cube, because he was the CEO. Although I was quite mortified at the time, I went to lunch, learned much about Merrick and had the opportunity to hear perspective from a new leader that would come to have 15+ extremely successful years as CEO.


Fast forward to March 2012 when I came upon an article in the Denver Business Journal about Merrick & Company moving it's head quarters to accommodate long term growth, after being in Aurora CO, for 40 years.   Once again, I reached out to Ralph and once again he was willing to meet with me and share his perspective.


I learned that Ralph had "inherited" the CEO position as his predecessor, Bruce Walker, passed from a sudden heart attack leaving Ralph in the hot seat with expectations to continue running the business successfully.  Ralph noted that he didn't have the kind of mentoring that many CEO's receive via succession planning but that the leadership team was strong and allowed him to move forward in spite of being thrown into the position.


In our conversation Ralph shared the keys to long term growth and success.

  1. Investment in and development of yourself, your leaders, and your employees is critical to an organization's sustainability and growth.  Understanding what will grow the business and grow the people allows for employees to connect with themselves, the company vision and other employees. 
  2. Diversity of markets, products, and services creates long-term sustainable success.  Diversity ensures that the organization is able to respond to changes in the market, the economy and other external challenges via existing areas of strength that support areas that are being challenged.
  3. Strategic planning is the glue that holds it all together.  It is about validating the market and the development of the company.  A solid strategic plan addresses not only the future of the company and each market, but also how the leadership team must evolve in its thinking, actions and implementation.  From a coaching perspective, strategic planning is about bridging the gap from "who" a company is now to who the company will be long term.  
  4. The need for measured risk is key to being a sustainable organization.  Ralph expressed "America has the most creative leaders" and we need more confidence to take MEASURED risk in order to stay competitive and achieve the great things we are capable of achieving.

The keys to success that worked for Mr. Christie as CEO of a corporation are, indeed,  transferrable to small business as well.  


These four keys are exactly what I work on with my clients and proves not only successful for the business, but ultimately successful for the business owner, employees, and clients.


One last note, Ralph is a shining example of how to bring out the best in others.  By being open to conversations with the "newbee's", his executive team, long standing employees, and those external to his organization, he creates the kind of rapport that truly inspires all of us to expand our confidence, our thinking, and thereby our vision to make the world a better place.

Issue: 10 
Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month

"The most rewarding things you can do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done." ~Arnold Palmer


Featured Business: 

Women's Global Empowerment Fund


As the VP of Programs for DTC CBW I get to work with dynamic speakers from various organizations.  One of the best programs we have every year is the non-profit spotlight.  


In November of 2011 one of the non-profits that presented was the Women's Global Empowerment Fund which provides microfinance loans for women in Uganda to start their own business.  


The mission of GWEF, to reach poor and underserved women in northern Uganda through microfinance loans and education programs creating opportunities while strengthening families and communities, speaks volumes and the most amazing thing is 

that it only takes $57 for a woman to start a business. ONLY $57!!  
The women that receive the loans are not only have a need to provide for their family but, more importantly, have a vision to be a business owner and impact the community.  They have integrity and every one of them has paid back the loans.  Some have taken multiple loans to start multiple businesses which is making a community impact beyond measure.


Learn more about this wonderful organization at http://www.wgefund.com  


Featured Book: 

Take the Stairs, 7 Steps to Achieving True Success

by Rory Vaden  


I was fortunate enough to get to hear Rory Vaden, strategist, trainer and motivational speaker, present at the National Speakers Association of Denver monthly luncheon in October 2011.  Not only is Mr. Vaden a dynamic speaker but his topic of self-discipline is one of the most critical components to ultimate success.


In his book, Take the Stairs 7 Steps to Achieving True Success, Mr. Vaden not only provides the tools needed for success but uses the simple analogy of taking the escalator instead of the stairs and how that mindset is actually what prohibits us from unlocking our true success.  


"Taking the Stairs" is about being self-disciplined in our business and personal lives.  From the moment we get up to when we lay our heads on our pillows.  From our business actions to our wellness and health mindset.  From who we are on the inside and how we show up in our actions.  It is ultimately consistent self discipline and NOT taking shortcuts.


As Rory notes, its about doing "the most effective thing I can be doing right now"...no short cuts, no excuses.


Take the Stairs is a book that I have gifted to several people because of its powerful message, inspirational anecdotes and no-nonsense approach to success it can be purchased at your local bookseller as well as Amazon.com.


Learn more about Rory Vaden and the Take the Stairs Tour at http://www.takethestairstour.com/ 
and check him out on FaceBook at http://www.roryonfacebook.com




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The 6-Figure Mindset  

Friday/Saturday May 18th & 19th 

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