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Volume 4 Issue 4April  2013
Save Towards a GOAL!!
Let's face it, saving can be hard. We are almost conditioned to "scratch the itch" when we want something and buy it right then. We purchase without thinking of the consequences of spending the money in our pockets and what that might mean down the road. This article from Woman's Day gives some great tips on setting goals and how to set goals that will work for you!

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 CAB Client Spotlight 



Congratulations to Rhonda Young, owner of Rhonda's Flowers!  Rhonda recently completed CAB1 and used her CAB funds to open a flower and craft shop in the Idabel Market Center located at 710 NE Lincoln Rd in Idabel OK.  Rhonda also sells crafts on consignment and is adding a wedding registry to her business.  Rhonda has signed up to participate in CAB2 to help expand her business, and encourages other tribal members to take advantage of the CAB program. "I have been telling all of my family and friends about CAB.  It is a wonderful program," says Rhonda.  Rhonda accepts flowers orders 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. "I won't turn down any floral orders.  Customers can reach me 24/7 at 580-236-9130," she says. Rhonda can also be reached during regular business hours at 580-286-5551.


BIG Money Mistakes---

Are You Guilty of Any of These?






Mistakes---we all make them. And hopefully, when we do, we LEARN from them and get smarter about what we need to do and not make the same mistake again.  Chosing the wrong shade of lipstick or eating that extra piece of cake doesn't matter too much down the road but money mistakes, well those can haunt you for YEARS. Trying to fix those poor choices takes effort and commitment. The following article has great advice for you on the smart vs. dumb moves where your money is concerned.
























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