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Message From PanIIT USA President about upcoming elections

Dear fellow alumni,


As the term of the current Executive Committee for PanIIT USA is coming to an end, we are getting ready for nominations and elections for the 2014-15 Executive Committee. Here are the Executive Committee  positions for which we are seeking nominations.  We will provide more details of the responsibilities and the selection criteria in May.


The new EC term will start at the 2013 Houston Global Conference, so the elections will be held in late Summer to allow sufficient time for a hand-off.


Elected EC (Board Members):

  • President - Leads the effort of the PanIIT USA Executive Committee
  • VP/Secretary - Coordinates the activities of the PanIIT USA Board and Executive Committee
  • Chapter Liaison - Represents the PanIIT chapters on the PanIIT USA Board and provides support to chapters


Nominated EC Members:

  • CFO - Manages the PanIIT USA finances and all required federal and state reporting requirements
  • Treasurer - Maintains the PanIIT USA financial accounts, files taxes, and maintains State of California incorporation status
  • Manager, Electronic Media - Coordinates the activities related to PanIIT USA electronic media
  • Manager, Website - Manages the IIT.org website
  • Manager, Social Media - Manages the PanIIT USA LinkedIn account
  • Manager, Newsletter - Manages the PanIIT USA newsletter
  • Manager, Branding - Leads the PanIIT USA branding initiatives
  • Manager, Alumni Services - Leads the PanIIT USA Alumni Services
  • Manager, Chapter Services - Coordinates the services and communications with the PanIIT USA chapters


The positions are open to all IIT Alumni residing in USA.  If you are interested in any of the positions or want to nominate anyone, please email me at newsletter@iit.org




Sid Chowdhary

President, PanIIT USA

Please send your interest to newsletter@iit.org
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Amar Gupta (BT/EE/74) has become the Dean of Seidenberg School of Pace University with campuses in Manhattan, White Plains, and Pleasantville. He is currently involved in initiating four interdisciplinary initiatives, one of which relates to telehealth and looks at this emerging field from technical, business, legal, public policy, and other interdisciplinary perspectives. Prof Gupta is an interdisciplinary innovator performing breakthrough research, teaching a wide variety of subjects and collaborating with diverse organizations such as IBM and the United Nations.

IIT Campuses

IIT-Kanpur in the Guinness Book of World Records

Techkriti '13 will be remembered and cherished for a long time not just for the talks, exhibitions, Papa CJ show and Sukhwinder Singh's concert but for breaking a world record from the Guinness book and bringing glory to the institute and the participants. The record of most number of people (1,451) solving a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube in a span of an hour at one place broke on the last day of Techkriti '13 with the new record being set as 1,884 solvers.


Core team of Techkriti '13 had a vision to break the record and they worked passionately for it. A team was formed to plan and manage the event. Workshops were conducted in various schools and colleges of Kanpur in order to break the record. Team also campaigned in the hostels to make the residents aware and encouraged them to volunteer.


The event was to start at 1:30 pm but it started at 4:30 pm because a lot of people were coming in and making them stand in a queue, distributing refreshments, putting a band with the participant number and arrangement of video cameras was a time consuming task.


As the reverse countdown ticked to 0, everyone unpacked their cubes and started solving it. Ones who were expert solved it in a couple of minutes and started spreading the algorithms to the nearby amateurs and intermediates. The participants were not allowed to stand or touch others' cubes, exchange cubes and carry algorithm sheets. Few people remained at the end of an hour and those who left earlier were made to stand in a queue for getting their names registered for the certificates provided by Techkriti and Guinness World Records Organization.


The news of record breaking came in the evening and we rejoiced that our four hours did not go in vain and also most of my wingies learned to solve the cube.The vision and mission of the Core team was highly appreciated. Participants felt proud of this opportunity and hoped to witness more such events in the future.





Former IIT-Kanpur Director appointed as National Security Advisory Board member

KANPUR: Padma Shri awardee and former IIT Kanpur Director Sanjay Govind Dhande has been appointed as a member of the National Security Advisory Board. The term of appointment of Dhande is for a period of two years, an IIT Kanpur press release said here yesterday.

"National security become has multi-dimensional. Whether its technological development, cyber attack or research, all are related with National security. Central government has vested an important responsibility to me," Dhande said in the release.

NSAB consists of persons of eminence outside the Government with expertise in external security, strategic analysis, foreign affairs, defence, the armed forces, internal security, science and technology and economics.




Twenty-three Students from Eight Indian Institute of Technolgy (IIT) and a National Institute of Technology (NIT) will attend Summer Research Internships in National Tsing Hua University 



Hsinchu, April 16, 2013.


In the 21st century, Asian universities are increasingly seeking each for

interactions. Indeed, one clear manifestation of this new phenomena is

that in the summer of 2013, twenty three (23) undergraduate students

from eight, out of sixteen, world renowned Indian Institute of Tec hnology

(IIT) campuses and one from National Institute of Technology (NIT) will

be in National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu as intense research



The eight IIT campuses represented by these 23 students, dotting the vast

land of India, are Banaras Hindu and the orig ina l seven of Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee. The sole student representing National Institute of Technology comes from Hamirpur campus. Throughout the their entire stay in NTHU, each student will be assigned a faculty member to work in his/her laboratory. It is expected that the students  will interact intensely with the faculty and members of his/her team of researchers,  which include post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students. 



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The next battle in the tech world will be a battle for 'couchspace'.

Remember the days of yore when proud 'couch potatoes' would snuggle into their most comfortable piece of furniture, with their TV remote in one hand and a hot beverage in the other? The couch potato of today prefers to sink inside layers of comfort with an iPad or laptop instead. You ask why? Here's why.

Crazy lifestyles

Scheduled TV telecasts do not suit our crazy lifestyles any more. You come back home after a hectic day. You want to be entertained. You want to watch the last episode of 'Game of Thrones' that you missed this Sunday. You want to catch up with 'Saturday night live' on a Wednesday. How's your TV ever going to match up with those demands? Yes, you can buy a DVR but that's an additional $150 gone down the drain.

Cost of cable

Most people are frustrated with the insane amount of money they're spending on cable. The regular TV viewer feels cheated because she's paying for fifty channels when she actually watches just two. People do not want to cross-subsidize channels for others. They want to pay for the content they watch. Isn't it much fairer that way?

Endless possibilities

A tablet or a laptop adds endless possibilities to TV viewing. For starters, it boosts content with the raw power of the internet. Pause your TV series and read Wikipedia entries on the real life events that inspired it. Impressed by a performance? Check out the actor's commendable work on IMDB. Want to watch the previous season? Download away on iTunes! Bored of passive viewing? Play an interactive video game for a while.

Content availability

Despite the reasons quoted above, this new drift towards smart devices would not be enabled but for one major game changing factor - availability of TV content on the tablet and laptop interfaces. Between iTunes, Hulu, Netflix and other streaming sites, one can safely say that about 75% of all TV content is available for a price. For an individual, this means that out of the four shows they would like to follow, at least three can be accessed through a tablet or a laptop. The question is - is it really worth paying for cable, buying a TV and a DVR for just that one show?


Freeing up content from the shackles of DVRs and TV screens allow you to be tremendously mobile. Flying from SFO to New York? Load up five of your favorite TV episodes or two movies you've been waiting to find time for. Commuting by train / bus for over an hour each day? Take the time to edu-tain yourself with TED videos.

But this really is just one side of the story. Let's call it the iPad lover's story.

There's another side of the story which a TV lover will love to tell you.

TV manufacturers over the years have done everything they possibly could to differentiate the television from the tablet or the laptop. They have made TV screens huge and at the same time made TV's sleek. They have invested in high resolutions and brilliant speakers that have elevated the audio-visual experience many, many times. Having carefully established this safe harbor for themselves, TVs are now ready to launch aggressive attacks on tablets as content consumption devices.

The 'Smart TV' of the near future will offer google searches on content showing across channels. It will have apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, TED and more. Moreover, it will offer brilliant sync capabilities with your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Who will win this ultimate showdown for 'couchspace' - the Smart TV, the tablet or a hybrid? The answer is still up in the air. In my humble opinion, however, we will see a segmentation of the TV viewing audience. The more hardcore kinds will gravitate towards the Smart TVs and the softcore kind will become ardent iPad-huggers.

Let's wait (on your plush couch!) and watch (on the device of your choice!) what the future has in store


What's it like to be married to an IITian?

One of the most popular answers on the question and answer website Quora relating to IITians caught our eye. The article has a high number of votes and at the same time funny, quirky and not without a grain of truth. The article is by Pooja Madaan, and it is an answer to the question, "What is it like for a non-IITian to marry an IITian?"we produce below her article and hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

I'm married to an IIT-ian, but am not one myself. Here are some of my observations:


  1. They're incredibly smart at work, and ready with amazing (sounding) solutions to really complex world problems. But amazingly daft at simple things like running a normal routine like existence (managing a house, social life, et al).
  2. Eventually, after attending all meetups, meeting friends of friends, hanging with colleagues etc., their social life somehow always boils down to their IIT network
  3. Contrary to popular belief, most do not have a chip on their shoulders about being from India's ivy-league
  4. You learn that way worse things happen in an IIT hostel than some really scandalous things you hear about at Frat houses
  5. All success/ failure is benchmarked against wingies/ hostel mates
  6. Most are intellectually very curious, and amaze you with insights about everything from politics to philosophy to economics (my husband knows more about world economy than I do and I'm an Econ major)
  7. Unfortunately (in my experience), most are not very adept at social skills
  8. 10 years after graduating from an IIT, having a girlfriend is still as big a deal as it was back then


We did a short survey amongst those around us and found out that while they mostly agreed with the responses, some felt Pooja is probably being a little too nice!


We urge you to head over to Quora and give Pooja's response a thumbs up, and do let us know what do you and your spouse feel about this.


 IIT 2013 Global Conference



We are pleased to announce the confirmed dignitaries for the conference

IIT 2013 conference, to be held in Houston December 6-8, 2013, has announced the initial list of confirmed dignitaries - Annise Parker, Blake Irving, Mark Warner, Jeet Bindra and Naveen Jain. The conference has sent out invitations and is following up with Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, Amitabh Bachchan, and Ratan Tata. IIT 2013 had a great kickoff with the PanIIT leadership team and based on their feedback, we look forward to hosting a successful event.


Conference registration is off to a huge start with 425+ registrations to date.  We have 75 remaining spots at our Early Bird II rates available for the first 500 registrants. Please register at http://iit2013.org/register-now/


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IIT Alumni Linkedin Group has emerged as a very vibrant resource for our community. We are now 21400+ strong and growing. The group is a great way to connect with fellow IITans living in your area, working in your industry or from your batch. It is great resource to find employers, employees, contacts or customers via qualified introductions on an opt-in basis. The members are finding it as a great place to discuss their ideas or to promote their products.

Recently, the whole IIT community came together to support IIT Bombay Heritage Fund for a noble goal of securing donation worth $10K from Chase Community Giving contest, where engaging fellow IITians through Linkedin played a key role.  Congratulations IIT Bombay Heritage FundThank you all who should IIT Tempo and voted.  


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