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April 2015


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Happy Spring,

We would like to take a moment to update you on what's happening with the Financial Product and First Option. 

We continue to enhance the new GUI version and have provided a summary below of our upgrade to version 10. 

The knowledgebase continues to grow and we have added an additional 50 entries in various applications. Below is a sample of some of the new ones you may find helpful.

We've also included a checklist for new users and instructions for how to get news updates from First Option and access training videos.

Thank you for your business.
First Option GUI Version 6.0.1
IT Services
Financial GUI Version 6.0.1

The First Option GUI product has been upgraded to Looksoftware version 10.1.  The beta version has been running successfully at a number of locations with no reported issues. 


This is a significant and exciting upgrade because it allows us to take advantage of IBM i Open Display File technology. From a technical standpoint, instead of using DDS to develop future user interfaces an open standards based XML format can be used to enable the delivery of multiple clients for web, mobile, rich desktop, and cloud services.


If you are currently a GUI customer, the new version will be released on Tuesday August 18th.  The upgrade will be automatically applied when you first sign on.  If you are not a GUI customer, it's time to make the jump!  Contact



Bank of America Check Reconciliation Interface


In a continuing effort to integrate interfaces into the application, we have added a Bank of America check reconciliation import.  Like the journal entry upload, this can now be initiated from an option in the application.  Please Note: This is only available in the GUI version of the application. 


Check Register Excel Export


There is now an option to download the check register into an excel spreadsheet.  Like the Trial Balance two and four column reports, the user can select to export the data into an excel spread sheet which can be saved onto your PC or network server.  Please Note: This is only available in the GUI version of the application.  


Helpdesk Self Service Tools
software services

We continue to improve the self-service tools by adding 50 new knowledge base entries.  Below are just a sample of new ones that you may find helpful.


Have you ever entered the wrong date in the Check Daily Reconciliation and need to change it!   Check out knowledge base entry.


Have you ever entered the wrong accounting period on a GL batch that has not posted and need to change it!  Check out knowledgebase entry.

New Financial Application User Checklist

When adding a new user to your financial application(s), you may find the check list below helpful.

  • Watch the financial help desk training video. 

  • Create/Clone a user profile. If you have an existing user that performs the same job function, it can be quicker to copy that user. 
  • Create or Clone application user authority. 

    If you have an existing user that performs the same job function, it can be quicker to copy/clone that user's application authority. 

Application Tip - Don't forget to clone the XP application which has functionality like command line.

Other Resources


Can I get email updates on holiday schedule hours and other News at First Option?


Yes, you can subscribe to News by clicking on the Subscribe tab when you log into The system will prompt for your email and then click Submit.


Or if you prefer, you can click on the News icon once you log in and see all news updates. 


 I can't remember my signon information for the Helpdesk and not sure I am even registered.


If you have sent a request to the helpdesk you are registered automatically. Your user id will always be your email address. Just click on lost password located at the bottom of the sign in box. You will be prompted to enter your email address and enter the security capcha text located on the screen. From here you can create a new password. 


We would like to get rid of our IBM i but keep the financial software, is there an option for us?


Yes, you can go on our hosted version of the software in the cloud. Email for pricing and info.  

Training Videos - New GUI based product
software services

Just a quick reminder:

Training videos by application are available on First Option's youtube site.  


Currently there are videos for AP, GL, AR, Purchasing and Report Writer.  

There is also a video on how to use the helpdesk and knowledgebase.


Below is a quick demo on how to view the training videos.Click image below.

How to use New Training Videos
How to use New Training Videos

Top Three Reasons First Option Financial Customers' Host
software services


ThreeFirst, peace of mind - Your system is up and running 24/7 by 365 except for scheduled maintenance. Even with the threat of hurricane Sandy, First Option's iSeries server remained up throughout the entire storm! Intermittent connection problems with Internet Service Providers were identified, escalated and resolved on a timely basis.


Second, avoid the cost of hardware and software maintenance, monitoring, backup tapes, PTF's and operating system upgrades - Hosting your First Option Financial Software in our shared environment allows you to share the cost with other customers.  


Third, Focus resources on your business not IT - The internal cost of hiring, managing, and training IT resources can be costly. Use First Option's experienced network of IT resources for business critical projects which allows you to grow your business not your IT staff.   


For more information on our hosting package please email   

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