Ojai Pixie Sticker
The Ojai Pixie sticker - look for the little guy!
Greetings from the Ojai Pixie Growers!
April 28, 2015
April 2015 was Ojai Pixie's biggest month ever! We are ever so grateful to all our customers for making this Pixie year huge!

Ojai Pixie harvest continues -- we have picked over 2 million pounds and have another half million or so to go.  The fruit is ever so sweet and tasty and we sincerely hope you have been enjoying this bountiful season with us. 

Merchants and townspeople of Ojai have been celebrating our homegrown Ojai Pixie Month in so many ways.  Spa specials, "Pixology" classes (that's making mixed drinks with Ojai Pixies), restaurant dishes and Ojai Pixie art shows celebrated our dear fruits.  A lot of visitors have been to Ojai and enjoyed our Pixie bounty. 
Many of you stopped in at the farmers' markets and introduced yourselves; mail order customers, avid fans of Ojai Pixies from as far away as Boston, New Jersey and Washington state.  We appreciated your visits and it's wonderful to put faces on familiar names. 

The 52 Ojai Pixie growing families feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful town.  We have tried paying back the town by doing our annual Ojai Pixie day at the public schools where we give away the itty-bitty sized pixies to children at all of Ojai's public schools. 

April was a record year for Ojai Pixie growers hitting the road to support our grocery store customers. Growers visited Austin, Des Moines, Cleveland - and so many stores in LA that we would be surprised if you didn't bump into us!
We are very grateful to Melissa's World Variety for supporting our fruit in such a big way.
Check out their latest video:
Ojai Pixies should still be on grocery shelves-- if you see them disappearing please ask your produce managers to keep stocking them.  They are not gone until we have picked and eaten every last one.  Harvest will continue through May-- unless of course you eat them all before the month is over. 

Don't forget Mother's Day is just around the corner-- look here to find out where you can pickup Ojai Pixies to add to your Mother's Day feast.
You can also ship your favorite moms some Ojai Pixies direct from the farmers via mail order at tangerineman.com or www.friendsranches.com

Thank you from all of your favorite Ojai
Pixie tangerine farmers, and our
harvest crews & packing crews