April 1, 2016 

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Integrated Mind-Body Decision Making: The Inner Board of Directors
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About Linda
Me and Flora

Linda Marks, MSM, is pioneer in body psychotherapy who has developed, taught and practiced Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) for 30 years. She is also a singer/songwriter, and loves the way music can speak heart to heart.

Author of LIVING WITH VISION and HEALING THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS, she co-founded the Massachusetts Association of Body Psychotherapists and Counseling Bodyworkers and is the founder of the Boston Area Sexuality and Spirituality Network. She holds degrees from Yale and MIT, and has a vital 20-year-old son.

To find out more about Linda . . .

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You can:  organize a workshop, sponsor a "Community As  Healer" experience or join with others who might want to host a workshop.
Frank Walsh's show
Singing on Talk 'n Tunes with Dave Birkin on saxophone

Upcoming Workshops: 
Integrated Mind-Body Decision Making:
The Inner Board of Directors
Heartbeat Salon
Monday, April 4
7 - 9 pm

Community As Healer
Saturday, April 23
1 - 4 pm
Newton, MA

Community As Healer
Heartbeat Salon
Friday, April 15
7 - 9:30 pm 

The Heart of Integrating
Sexuality and Spirituality
United States Association of Body Psychotherapy 
National Conference
(I will be teaching on Thursday 7/21 and Friday 7/22)
Providence, RI

Musical Performances:
Stoughton TV
Frank Walsh host
with Claire McFarland
and Dave Birkin
Interview and 3 original songs
Will be aired on SMAC in early April

Boston Public Library
with Tom LaMark and Dave Birkin
Commonwealth Salon
Thursday, April 14
2 pm

Cabaret Evening
War Memorial Auditorium
Friday, April 29
7 pm
Newton, MA

Newton Festival of the Arts Logo

Carole King and Burt Bacharach
with Kaoruko Pilkington
May 2
First Monday at 
7 pm dinner
7:30 - 8:30 pm show
Boston, MA

First Mondays Poster
SingOut for Cancer:
Music As Medicine
Benefit Concert for 
UpStage Lung Cancer
May 20
Dana Farber Red Sox Auditorium
Boston, MA

SingOut Logo
At The Music Salon
in Waltham, MA:

House Concert
Lori Diamond and
Fred Abatelli
Saturday, May 14
Potluck 6 pm
Concert 7 pm
Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli

Lori Diamond and

 Fred Abatelli


House Concert 

Chuck Vermette and 

John Spinks

Saturday, June 11

Potlcuk 6 pm

Concert 7 pm

If you would like to train in EKP, contact Linda
If you would like to sponsor a
Healing the Traumatized Heart workshop,  or a Community As Healer workshop,
contact LSMHEART@aol.com


March 22 I had the opportunity to perform a set of music, including 3 original songs with Mark Shilansky on piano, Greg Holt on bass and Steve Chaggaris on drums at Ryles Jazz Club as the feature in Celia Slattery's monthly Singers Showcase.  My duet partner for our upcoming Carole King/Burt Bacharach show on May 2 at Club Cafe, Kaoruko Pilkington sang a jazzy version of one of her Bacharach tunes!

With Kaoruko

March 25, Frank T. Walsh had me on his tv show, Talk 'n Tunes,  along with Dave Birkin on saxophone and flute, and Claire McFarland in a  vocal duet on three original songs 
Talk 'n Tunes
Talk 'n Tunes

Frank Walsh's show

One of the most fun shows coming up is "Linda Marks and Kaoruko Pilkington Sing the Music of Carole King and Burt Bacharach" on Monday, May 2 at the First Monday series at Club Cafe in Boston.  If you have not been to Club Cafe, it is a warm, intimate and delightful venue.  It is really a center of the Boston Cabaret music scene.  Kaoruko is a wonderful singer who teaches at Berklee.  Tom LaMark will join us on piano and Dave Birkin will join us on sax and flute.

First Mondays Poster

This show is done in a supper club style, so make a dinner reservation for 6:45 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm.   Please DO make your reservations ASAP, because these shows sell out!  Call Club Cafe at (617)536-0966.

Lisa and I have recorded "Everybody's Got A Song to Sing" for my new "Coming Full Circle" album that will be released in 2016. (By clicking on the link here, you can hear the song as sung by Lisa and me in the early 1980's when we wrote it!)
    You can order a copy of Heart to Heart
on Amazon and on CD Baby.  It is also on iTunes and Spotify.

CD Cover

Community As Healer:

If you would like to experience the heart-centered body psychotherapy work I do, and be part of a community of literal "helping hands," you can attend the HeartBeat Salon Community As Healer Workshop hosted by MariePatrice Masse and John Howe in Stow, MA  on Friday, April 15 or attend our month  Community As Healer Group in Newton on Saturday, April 23 from 1 - 4 pm.

My article this month, "Integrated Mind-Body Decision Making: The Inner Board of Directors" which is also the topic for a workshop I am leading at the Natick HeartBeat salon on Monday, April 4 at 7 pm.
Your comments and feedback are always welcome!     


"The most satisfying thing in life is to
have been able to give a large part of one's
self to others."
--Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go. "
--Mary Oliver

"There are many levels of the heart.  And the human heart will break because it empathizes.  The deeper heart...that heart that is one with the universe, just as it is, in a non-reactive way and says, 'Ah so.' 'Yes.' and it includes your human heart which is breaking but your identity isn't only with your human heart.  Your identity is with a deeper intuitive heart wisdom which is different.  You don't deny the pain, but you don't get reactive to it. "
--Ram Dass
Integrated Mind-Body Decision Making: The Inner Board of Directors
While there is plenty of external stress we face on a daily basis, from gridlock during rush hour to worrying about ISIS bombings occurring seemingly randomly anywhere in the world, many of us have no shortage of internal stress as well.  How do we balance professional time and personal time?  How do we make space for self-care as we take care of others?  How can we do not only what we HAVE to do, but also what we really WANT to do?  These kinds of challenges that arise in daily life can evoke conflict between different parts of ourselves.  

 While we are often taught to think in polarities (right or wrong, happy or sad, now or later...), we may find that we think and feel in shades of gray or think or feel multiple thoughts and feelings at the same time.  Something can be both right for us and wrong for someone else.  We can be happy and sad and also scared at the same time.  And maybe we need to work on a project in stages, some now, some in the short term and some in the long term.  How do you make decisions in complex or multi-faceted situations?


Music Notes

Music is such a source of great joy, and is a universal language to connect people heart-to-heart. In addition to my own musical gigs,   I also participate in many of the wonderful open mics and other musical events available to local singers:

Amazing Things Arts Center organized by Leslie Holmes
Many BACA (Boston Association of Cabaret Artists) singers perform in a monthly open mic.  This month, it is April 13 at 7 pm.

BACA (Boston Association of Cabaret Artists) Open Mics in Watertown (next one is Wednesday, April 27 at 7 pm at UU Church in Watertown)
Club Café in Boston has many open mics hosted by a wonderful variety of singers and pianists in its Napoleon Room.
The Winiker Band  brings their unique joyous musical flavor to Brothers Restaurant in Brookline, MA on Saturday and Sunday nights.  Singers are welcome.

The Boston Minstrels is a fabulous organization founded by Tim and Jane McHale which brings music into prisons, homeless shelters, VA hospitals and places music rarely travels to, making music with heart.  April 23 will be the 25th anniversary gala for the Boston Minstrels!  Mark your calendar and support this important work!

And here in Waltham at my home, I host special house concerts through the Music Salon.  Mark your calendars for May 14, when the incredible talented and poignant duo of Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli give a wonderful house concert.  I will also be hosting two guitarist singer/songwriters, Chuck Vermette and John Spinks on June 11.

Scullers show favorite



Visit  http//lindamarksmusic.com to see what I am up to!

What is EKP?
EKP is Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, a heart-centered, body-centered psychotherapy method Linda Marks developed and has taught and practiced for nearly twenty years. Working with the heart, touch with permission, the wisdom of the body and the intuitive guidance of the spirit, EKP creates a special sense of intimacy that deeply touches and transforms most all who participate.

Participants can be "client," witness or helper as an individual group member has a "turn" to do deeper heart-centered, body-centered psychospiritual work in the center. Since the electromagnetic field of the heart extends out 10 - 12 feet from our bodies, as we go deeper and open our hearts, we are all touched.

EKP helps restore our capacity as organs of perception. The skin is our largest organ, and a source of soul deep knowing, perception and expression. When our hearts and hands can work as one, we move beyond defenses safely and respectfully and find freedom, connection and expression.



Emotional safety is the foundation of EKP.  When we are emotionally safe, we are more aware of feelings, sensations and deeper thoughts in our bodies and hearts.  You will have a chance to listen to and care for your heart as you help create and hold a safe healing space for everyone's heart.  Experience what we mean when we say that in EKP, "when anyone has a turn, everyone has a turn."


I welcome dialogue and comments on my articles through my blog: HealingHeartPower.blogspot.com   It is user friendly, and even something you can subscribe to.


Linda Marks

email: lsmheart@aol.com
phone: (617) 913-0683
web: www.HealingHeartPower.com