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April 2016  



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Sunday, April 24th, 5:00 - 7:30 pm
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF)
4907 Garrett Road
Durham, NC

Join Us As We Celebrate Pesach With A  Humanistic Haggadah And Songs. 

Everyone Is Welcome!  Bring Family And Friends!
Please bring a Passover dish to share that will serve at least 8 other people. We look forward to tasting your holiday specialty! Also, please bring your own serving utensils (labeled). We will provide wine and matzos, sacramental wine, grape juice and cold drinks. you are welcome to bring you own wine for the dinner. Attendance is free but donations are cheerfully accepted.

RSVP to Karen Schinsky at 919-260-4801 or

Books will also be collected to donate to The Book Harvest.

Saturday, May 14th, 11:00

The Humanistic Judaism book group will discuss, Julia Dahl's "Run you Down", her latest NY reporter novel. Carol Minton will host at Tobacco Road Cafe, Chapel Hill. For more information, contact Lynne Kane for further info (919-960-0983) or

Sunday, May 15th, 10:00am-12:00pm
Murphey Hall
UNC-CH Campus
(Details to Follow in May Newsletter)

It's been an exciting, active time for our Sunday Schoolers. Many of our students participated in the recent Musicale and did a wonderful job. The Juniors led audience sing-a-longs of some old favorites, and Rosemary Betts and Sara and Sylvia Gordon offered spectacular solos, duets and trios, including the "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" scene from Fiddler on the Roof. We're very proud of all our talented Sunday Schoolers!
Classroom work continues apace: Juniors learned about Purim and made their own groggers (special thanks to Lanya Shapiro for co-leading the Juniors class with Tate this past session). Seniors continued their exploration of the Holocaust, viewing videos from the Holocaust Museum and discussing the events of the past, relating them to current events, including aspects of the presidential election. And the Mitzvah class continues to explore the value of bar/bat mitzvah and the pieces that comprise the celebration.
We celebrated Purim with lots of noise and fun. Many of the kids wore costumes for the day, and during Family Time we enjoyed hamentashen and other unhealthy treats(!), and had a megillah reading. Each time the name "Hamen" was spoken, the kids increased the decibel level with their voices, the groggers they'd made in class, and additional noisemakers we had on hand. A memorable morning!
A note to parents: on the final day of Sunday School, May 15th, each class will give a presentation on what they've learned this year, and the kids will be making their decisions about where they want to send the tzedakah (charity) they've collected all year.

We'll also hand out "King David Awards" on that final day - citations for things each child has done in the past year which demonstrate courage, achievement, overcoming obstacles, or helping others. Parents, as well as teachers, are encouraged to nominate their children for one or more achievements. You may do so by emailing David (, or you may complete and return the form which will be attached to your next email from your child's teacher. Students may be nominated for more than one award. Plan on joining us for this final event, starting at 11:00 on May 15th.
Only three more sessions for the year! Look for next year's Sunday School calendar and registration forms on the website soon!

On Saturday night, April 19th, the social hall at ERUUF could barely contain the joyful sounds of Kol Haskalah's talented performers and appreciative audience. And talk about "chai!" Exactly 18 songs were performed, from the comic to the sublime, as instrumentals, solos, duets and group songs filled the air.
The planning committee did a bang up job - thanks to Marv Axelrod, Robin Betts, Barbara Flink, Susan Salzberg and Karen Schinsky for putting together this tremendous event. And thanks to our orchestra: Paul Bogas, Valerie Brown and Dan Zachary. And we mustn't forget those who contributed to the potluck dessert buffet, which helped lift the spirits even higher!
Among the many gifted performers, standouts included Marv Axelrod and Anna Klein as Tevye and Golde from Fiddler on the Roof, and Rosemary Betts, Sara and Sylvia Gordon doing "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" from the same musical. Rosemary also shared a poignant rendition of "Scarborough Fair," and joined Sylvia for "What You Believe." Sara Gordon offered a beautiful "Home."

The comic highlight of the evening came from Barbara Flink, who gave us Allan Sherman's "Harvey and Sheila," and Paul Bogus offered a heartfelt tribute to his parents with his "Hey Lil." And a delightful group of Sunday Schoolers led the audience in several Kol Haskalah favorites.
The sizable audience had a terrific time, and many shared the hope that this type of event will become more frequent. This reviewer concurs!

A special shout out to David Sennett who performed as a terrific Master of Ceremonies!  
Thanks to everyone who made the dream a reality.


Monday, March 28th, 6:00 pm 
Sanford School of Public Policy, Room 04 
Duke University 
Durham, NC

Duke University's Coalition for Preserving Memory, an organization dedicated to memorializing the victims of genocide from the 20th and 21st century, will be screening the film Defiance -- a true story about the Bielski brothers' desperate attempt to save thousands of Jews from the Nazis during WWII. A discussion with the you ngest Bielski brother, Aron Bell, will follow the viewing. 

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Sunday, April 10th, 1:00 pm.
McDougle School Cafeteria
Carrboro, NC
This wonderful annual event brings together diverse members of the community to share a meal, enjoy entertainment from a variety of local groups and meet folks that we might not encounter in our every day activities.

To help set up for the dinner come to McDougal school cafetorium on Saturday, April 9th from 10:00 a.m.- Noon. Volunteers are needed to put together place settings, arrange flowers and set up table and chairs. Mildred Council, from Mama Dip's Kitchen will coordinate the menu and, along with the Carolina Inn, will provide the dinner's main courses.

Donations are also requested to help subsidize the admission for families and individuals in the community that would otherwise not be able to participate. $24 will cover the cost of tickets for a family of four. The goal is to provide up to 50%of the tickets for the 600 or so attendees. 

For questions, contact Carol Minton at    
or go to 






Sunday, April 24th, 4:15 pm 


This month, please consider helping Kol Haskalah, along with Judea Reform and Beth El, provide dinners to homeless and hungry people in Durham. We serve over 200 people each month and the number keeps growing. We feed all ages, all backgrounds, all religions.


We need donations of 10 tuna casseroles, cookies, 14 large cans of green beans (Costco size),  2 large cans of sweetened iced tea mix, 12 cups of shredded cheese and peanut butter and jelly (there are so many kids now!) and 3 large bottles of Ranch or Italian salad dressing. 


You can drop off the food at Judea Reform by Friday, April 22nd or take supplies directly to the shelter on Sunday, April 24th. Please let me know what you can donate so I can coordinate with the other congregations. Contact Francis Presma at or 919-451-6207. We would love to have more participation from Kol Haskalah in this mitzvah. 


Also, please consider joining the prep crew to prepare and serve meals to help the needy and hungry; it's fun and a minimal time commitment. We begin at 4:15 p.m. and are usually finished by 5:45. Children over 13 (and Pre-Bar and Bat Mitzvah) may use time to participate in making or buying food for these dinners as part of their community service activities. What better way to teach what Humanistic Judaism really means. Contact Frances Presma at if you would like to sign up.



Tuna Casserole Recipe


2 bags of noodles (any kind)

3 carrots and 3 celery stalks, chopped

2 large cans of cream of mushroom soup (Food Lion has their own brand)

6-7 cans of chunk light tuna, drained


Cook noodles, blend all ingredients together, put in disposable tin (one really big or two medium ones). You can deliver anytime to Judea Reform for them to freeze in advance or deliver fresh on Sunday to the Community kitchen. So easy! Prepare when you have



We continue to collect non-perishable foods for the food banks and old towels/blankets for the animal shelters. We also collect soaps, shampoos, etc. (all those samples that we get and never use) and donate them to the Durham Women's shelter. Please bring to any congregation event. We will deliver for you!    


~ Renee and Burt Rauch  

  4/3    Lynne Kane
  4/9    Andrew Robbins Pollack
  4/10  Barb Flink
  4/13  Alice McCall Smith
  4/14  Zev Gordon
  4/21  Marv Axelrod






               4/17  Lauren and Andrew Robbins Pollack

               4/24  Rena and Jim Zito 


I f you have, or know of, member life events that you would like to share with your Kol Haskalah community, let me know at

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To all our members: If you or someone in your family could use community support, please contact us at to let us know what we can do or If you're in a position to offer some help.

It is with sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Phoebe Einzig, mother of member Bonnie Axelrod. Our thoughts are with Bonnie, Marv and the rest of Phoebe's family.

Donations can be made to:  
Alzheimer's Association 
Eastern North Carolina Center 
3739 National Drive, Suite 110 
Raleigh, NC 27612  
Tributes are greetings,  thank yous, or other messages from members to members acknowledging celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries or other events with a donation to Kol Haskalah in that person's name. We ask that a minimum donation be $10 per greeting.

Thank you to David Sennett for "spreading the news" about the 19th annual Community Dinner and our link to it. 
~ Carol 
Please send tribute notices and checks, made out to Kol Haskalah, to:
Barbara Flink, Kol Haskalah Treasurer, 10100 Rock Hollow Road, #108, Raleigh, NC 27617


Unless otherwise noted, events occur at
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

  4907 Garrett Road

Durham, NC 


    6/10 mile east of 15-501, on the left 


Click for directions/parking info


  Seder and large celebrations are in the Fellowship Hall at the front of the complex  


Shabbat celebrations are in Classrooms 4 & 5 at the back of the Care Building, at the rear of the campus.