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April 2017 Newsletter
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David Snider
Steve Strickman
Adam Warshavsky
Ben Williamowsky
Steve Wollins 
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President Jeff Rosen
President-Elect Steve Feldman
V.P. - Membership Marty Butin
V.P. - Hospitality Michael Eisenberg
Treasurer Mitchell Glassman
Recording Secretary
Stuart Kushner
Sergeant-at-Arms Mitchell Morris
Financial Secretary
Lawrence Tempchin


President's Message...           

Amity has had a very successful 2017 recruitment campaign. We have 43 new members in Amity's class of 2017 and six returning members after a break in membership service. Again, I want to thank Marty Butin and Steve Feldman for all of the hard work they put in to get this great 2017 class. 

We had a second dinner event at La Ferme on March 21st, where another maximum crowd of 100 first enjoyed the delectable spread of appetizers, open bar, and the camaraderie of fellow Amity members for an hour before we enjoyed our top notch sit down dinner.  Again, for anyone who was unable to register because we were full,  make sure you sign up early for future dinners. 

The evening was capped off by our excellent speaker,  Don Markus, a former Amity member, who is an author and a sportswriter for the Baltimore Sun.  Among other things, he discussed March Madness and the demise of the Terps.  

Thanks to  Michael Eisenberg and  Steve Strickman who coordinated this event and  all of the others who assisted in making this a fantastic event, including Billy Oshinsky   for doing the Motzi and Mitchell Morris (Sgt. at Arms) and his assistants at the registration table: Vic Cohen, Scott Samborn, Larry Wolk, Neal Sereboff, and Steve Suissa.

Also, congrats to Mitch Engle and Norm Ressin who were the two big winners in our 50-50 raffle.  Over $325 will be contributed to the Amity charity fund. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Activity Updates:

Couples Club -- F or those of you who have not joined,  it is a great way to broaden your social circles with your significant other.  If you were not already a member from 2016, you should have received an invite to join from  Mike Sadagursky. According to Mike, members should  be on the lookout for an invite to the first event.

Social Events --   We are organizing a  "trap, skeet and shotgun sports" event in the Fall.  Interested members should send an email to Ron Ziegel at  expressing interest.

Philanthropy -- According to Scott Blackman, the Montgomery County Adopt a Road Program clean-up activity a pplication has been sent in.  Scott has requested a span on Falls Rd. in Potomac and is tentatively looking to have the first clean up on Sunday morning May 7.  


January 29 New Member Brunch
Lakewood (Sun)
Guest spkr
February 21 Dinner Parthenon (Tues)
Guest spkr
March 21 Dinner La Ferme (Tues)
Guest spkr
April 19 Dinner Manor C.C. - 
new member
induction (Wed.)
May 10 Poker and dinner at
Progress Club (Wed)
May 24 Golf PB Dye (Wed)
June 13 Nationals game with dinner/bus (Tues)
June 20 Golf Westfields (Tues)
July 17 Golf Queenstown (Mon)
Dinner Harris' Crab House
Aug 20 - 21 Golf Penn National overnight (Sun-Mon)
Sept 13 Golf Whiskey Creek (Wed)
October 17 Dinner 4935 Bar & Kitchen / Guest spkr 
November 15 Dinner Lakewood Lobster / Ribeye
Guest spkr (Wed)
December 11 Dinner Il Porto / Guest spkr (Mon)

Please note that all dinner events start at 6:30 and all golf events at 11:30 unless you are otherwise notified.
Our April  event, on Wednesday the 19th, will be our annual New Member Induction night at Manor Country Club. It promises to be a fun night, with emcee extraordinaire, Mike Freiman roasting and toasting our inductees.  Remember, new members... get ready to dust off your tuxedo for that special night!  In the alternative, you can wear a dark suit.  A s always, w e will be enjoying a great assortment of appetizers and top-shelf cocktails, followed by the sumptuous main course of filet mignon, crab cakes or sea bass!  

Register as soon as possible when you receive the invite. W e again have a seat limit and you don't want to find out a few days before the event that the registration is already closed.  If you know that you can't attend, please select the "I can't make it" prompt in the invite in order to avoid receiving the follow-up reminders.  

Also, coming up in May is our dinner on May 10th at the Progress Club featuring poker after dinner.  Even if you don't play poker, please come and enjoy drinks, dinner, and the camaraderie of your Amity friends.  Our first golf event of the year will be on May 24th at PB Dye.

Finally, you recently should have received an email invite for our annual trip to Nats Park on Tuesday June 13  for a game against the Braves. Thanks to Steve Wollins for again organizing this event. Remember, you can invite friends/family, up to three guests per member.  

As it is has been said, however, "it takes a village" to make an organization thrive.  It is not  only  the leadership team that makes a contribution. Each and every Amity member is a vital cog, and it is very important that you assist in any way you can to achieve that goal.  From volunteering on a membership or entertainment committee to suggesting new venues for restaurants, golf courses and guest speakers, your input is crucial.  Please contact me or any of the other officers if you are interested in volunteering or providing input. 

Looking forward to seeing you at Manor on the 19th! 
Jeff Rosen
Good and Welfare
  •  Nothing to report this month. 
If you have news that you would like to share with the club, please go to the website and fill out this on-line form.  As a community, it is really important for us to communicate significant life cycle events. Simply click here and fill out the form.
2017 Amity Roster!

Click here to get a pdf of the 2017 Roster. As we get updates, we will refresh this online version. So, if you've moved, changed jobs or retired, changed your phone number or email address, etc. reply to this newsletter and let us know that your information has changed.  

1 - Robert Silverman 1948
1 - Neal Brown 1947
3 - Steven Hofberg 1957
4 - Lawrence Spott 1972
5 - Howard Smiga 1964
9 - Raymond Bialek 1954
9 - Thomas Temin 1955
14 - Thomas Schild 1955
15 - Stanley Marinoff 1937
15 - Michael Feidelman 1961
15 - Mark Ezrin 1966
16 - Howard J. Goldberg 1952
16 - Donald Kahn 1946
17 - David Spiegel 1954
17 - Harris Ammerman 1945
20 - Bernard Brill 1954
21 - Steven Friedman 1954
22 - Gary Flax 1965
25 - Robert Abel 1948
29 - Howard Margolis 1961


1 - Steven and Linda Friedman 1976
2 - Anthony and Anne Marill 1995
4 - Steven and Denise Feldman 1987
4 - Harold and Karen Jenkins 1982
8 - Brett and Barbara Kaplowitz 1989
8 - Barton and Gloria Trenk 1989
9 - Jason and Esther Rosen Newman 1995
10 - Andrew and Susan Simpson 2005
12 - Scott and Rebecca Silverman 2003
18 - Jeffrey and Ilene Rosen 2004
20 - Howard and Vicki Margolis 1991
23 - Mark and Debbie Ezrin 1994
27 - David and Marcy Krieg 1974
28 - Richard and Sharon Sternberg 2013
28 - Alan and Karen Weiss 1978