Join for the car.... stay for the friends!
April  2017 
I know you all join me in sending our deepest sympathy to Troy and Dawn in the loss of Troy's son Dylan. Only those who have lost a child can understand the grief that accompanies such a loss. Our hearts and prayers are with Troy, Dawn, Santana, Dylan's wife Desiree and daughter Maddie, his brother Dakota and his sister Amber. Our club is a family and we share the sadness of Dylan's passing.

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If you have content that you would like to see in the newsletter just send me an email and I will get it in there. (providing it's the appropriate and has relevance to the club) 

Just have it to me by 31st of each month. I will have the newsletter in your email box every month by the 7th.  Please don't bother Butch or other members asking where it is. I promise you'll have it by the 7th. This is something the board has set a deadline with me on.

Please don't forget to share cruise info with your peer network and come out and support the club every 3rd Saturday.

First Cruise is on the Calendar for 4/15 5 pm.  

We are Crusin'

Some amazing effort has been put into getting a phenomenal location for this years cruise. For this first time ever we have a CASH bar that will be available, full service restaurant, and more.  

At a time or two (depending on an event at the Kosair building) club member parking will be limited to AWAY from the building. Please respect the other people who have rented out the building so that we can use this venue for years to come. 

A Board member will let you know if your car or yourself needs to move.  Again, this is an agreement we have made with Kosairs and we told them it would NEVER be an issue that would ever come up. 

March's Sunday Drive
Board Members
Butch Hume 
C: 502-376-1986 

Vice President
Troy Bennett 
C: 502-664-5862 
Mike Davenport
C: 260-602-1207
Laura Wood 
C: 502-376-1988 

Social Director
Steve Conley

Sergeant of Arms
Lance Ross 
C: 502-609-6507 

Competition Director
Mark Oerther 
C: 502-905-4628 

Ambassador to Museum
Mike Bryant
C: 502-592-7106

Lance Ross
Diane Everse
Carol Barth
Donna Gumm
Mike Williams
Patty Mahoney

Lance Ross
Thresia Ross
Dale Josey

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Sunday Drive - March 
The Sunday drive became the Sunday meetup when mother nature wouldn't cooperate with our plans of wanting to drive the vettes. We met at Claudia Sanders in Shelbyville. Many people showed up, we go to spend some time on the balcony as we all arrived, had many laughs, and met some new members. As always the food was plentiful and filling. 

April's Sunday drive looks to be a great one as Steve does an excellent job planning these out. 

The next Sunday Drive
April Sunday Drive
The founders of Our Best Restaurant, Kay and Kenneth Way, demonstrated their love for family and friends in the fall of 1990 to the first guest that entered their restaurant.  

"Hello! How have you been?  Where do you live?  Let me get you another iced tea!  Thanks for stopping by today."   Kenneth's smile was genuine, his handshake firm, and you could tell by the gleam in his eye that he was truly glad to see you.  Kay could always be found in the kitchen preparing food using family recipes passed down from generations!

Good country-style cooking, friendly and efficient service, combined with moderate pricing and genuine value is what makes Our Best Restaurant a destination location for our club for years. If you've been looking for great, old-fashioned, home cooked food you need look no further than OUR BEST RESTAURANT in Smithfield, KY.  Come join us Sunday, April 23rd  for a beautiful back road drive to Our Best Restaurant.  Don't forget to save room for their homemade desserts.  The place has a country charm and is way off the "beaten path", but it is well worth the drive. You won't be disappointed.

Sign-ups will be at the FCCC April meeting,  call Steve Conley at 502-817-6595 or e-mail him at CONLEY@BELLSOUTH.NET

We will meet at the BB&T at 42 & the Watterson. meet time is 2:30 cars departing at 3:00pm. 

Car Show Shirt Orders
We will be taking orders for the Car Show shirts at the April meeting. They are the same shirts we had for the show last year so please let Laura know if you need one. The order will be placed May 1st so we can have them to hand out at the May meeting.
Car Show Meeting

Don't forget there will be a car show meeting April 30th at Mark & Bonnies house.  

Event count Update 4/1/2017
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