Upper Makefield Fire Company Calls for Help   
2017 is the 50-year anniversary for the Upper Makefield Fire Company, and we encourage you to celebrate by helping to rebuild our volunteer base. 

Non-fire Fire Company Volunteers
You may not be tomorrow's fire-fighter, suited-up and riding a fire truck to the next neighborhood emergency, but The Upper Makefield Fire Company and the Lingohocken Fire Company, which both serve Upper Makefield Township, need the type of help you may find rewarding to provide.

There are many volunteer opportunities. Current Fire Company members staff fundraising events, keep our books, and provide support for our volunteer firefighters. Members include working parents, small business owners, tradespeople, professionals, and retirees. 

Coverage Areas
Fire protection in Upper Makefield is divided into 3 service areas. The Upper Makefield Fire Company covers roughly 2/3 of the Township, and the Lingohocken Fire Company covers 1/3, designated as Area 35. 

Upper Makefield Township provides annual funding to both fire companies at a cost far less than a paid fire company would require. 

Tip: Ever wonder where that fire truck you saw or heard was headed? Now you can track the Upper Makefield Fire Company's activities with its online Runs and Workers 2017 Report , and on  Facebook 

Upper Makefield Fire Company. Visit the new UMFC website for details and a calendar of activities. 

Lingohocken Fire Company. This fire company serves a portion of Upper Makefield, Wrightstown, and Buckingham townships. Lingohocken also notes recent activities on both their Facebook page and website. Website. Facebook Page.

Free Trees Made Easy via Arbor Day Foundation!   

Arbor Day Foundation Home Page
Home Page for Arbor Day Foundation. Click on the picture to explore which FREE trees will work best on your property!
Due to an overwhelming response, our first Spring UMTreeGrant partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation sold out in less than 24 hours! 

The online application opened on March 27, and sold out the same day. 

By partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, Upper Makefield made it easier than ever to select the trees best suited for your property. Trees available come in 1-and 5-gallon containers. One-gallon trees will be shipped, at no cost to participants; 5-gallon trees may be picked up at Upper Makefield Township municipal complex.  

If you would like to be contacted if another Arbor Day Foundation program is approved, follow the link and leave your email address. 

Plan Precisely Where To Plant Your Trees for Energy Savings
The Arbor Day Foundation website features aerial maps of your property, and a drag and drop feature to help you determine where to plant each tree for maximum energy savings. When you plant the right tree in the right place, you can reduce home energy consumption by up to 20 percent each year. 

Tree-planting Benefits
  • Cleaner water supplies, because tree roots filter impurities headed downstream
  • Leaves reduce the air's carbon dioxide, including irritants that aggravate asthma
  • Healthier and calmer people, especially children, according to numerous studies
Visit this page for a quick read about the many benefits of trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. 

Thanks to members of the Upper Makefield Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) for presenting this enhancement to our UMTreeGrant program. 

Recycling Ordinance Update

An updated recycling ordinance requires all Upper Makefield residents to contract with a DEP-licensed collector or waste hauler for the disposal of municipal waste and source-separated recyclable materials.*

Check our waste and recycling webpages for trash removal and recycling opportunities.
Township residents are required-at a minimum-to recycle:
  • Glass Containers: clear, green, and brown glass bottles & jars
  • Bimetal Containers & Aluminum Cans: rinsed beverage and food containers
  • Plastic Containers: plastics #1 and #2, additional plastics depending on the hauler 
Residents Contract for Private Pickup in UMT
Upper Makefield Residents contract independently for curbside trash and recycling pickup. By law, these haulers DO NOT accept electronic waste or household hazardous waste. To meet that gap, Bucks County each spring publishes electronic and household hazardous waste drop-off days for the year.

Composting and Grasscycling 
Here's a guide from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which covers grasscycling (leaving grass clippings on the lawn) plus yard and food waste.
Choices in Waste and Recycling Services
Check with your hauler or homeowners association for specific recycling capabilities, schedule, and separation requirements. Your hauler may collect more than the minimum recycling items listed.


Traditions/Heritage Hills/Lakeside Residents
Pay Water/Sewer Bills Online
Now residents with public water and sewer accounts may pay online. Once you've registered online, you can download a mobile payment app from the App Store (tm) or Google Play (TM). This service is provided by PSN, the Payment Service Network. Next: Online payments for other Upper Makefield housing developments. 

Prepare for Emergencies by Signing up with Ready Bucks Alerts 
When you sign up for Ready Bucks alerts, you have many options: Setting quiet times when alerts won't sound, choosing the types of alerts you want, and sending alerts to multiple devices. Each option is easy to change when needed. Sign up today! 

Things to Do

Earth Day at 
Core Creek Park
Saturday, April 29, 2017
Address:  Middletown Township, south of Newtown, east of Rt. 413 on Tollgate Rd. 
Be sure to stop by to meet and greet members of the Upper Makefield EAC (Environmental Advisory Council). 

National Prescription Drug Takeback Event
Saturday, April 29, 2017
10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
Address: Upper Makefield Township Police Department, 1076 Eagle Road, Newtown, PA 18940. 

Revolutionary Run
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Washington Crossing Historic Park