MCC Academy News
April  2017
Upcoming Events:

April 3 - 4th Quarter Begins  

April 7 - No Uniform Day at both campuses in recognition of International Night (see below). Please make certain students are dressed in Islamically-appropriate attire. 

April 7, 6-8pm - International Night - Hosted by the MCCA PSG at Morton Grove campus banquet hall, this special event features a display of Islamic cultures with food sampling and artifacts on display. $2 per person admission, open to the public. Spread the word!

April 13, 9am-5pm - Skokie Campus Parent Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL at SKOKIE CAMPUS 
Stay tuned for sign-up information from your child's teacher

April 14 - Teacher In-service Day - NO SCHOOL at BOTH CAMPUSES 

April 17, 10am-6pm -  Morton Grove Campus 
Parent Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL at MORTON GROVE CAMPUS 
Stay tuned for sign-up information from your child's teacher

HIGHLY IMPORTANT: April 21 - INTENT TO REGISTER FORMS and DEPOSIT DUE - For ALL returning students for the 2017-18 school year, please fill out and return the Intent to Register form along with a $500 deposit (per family) by April 21, 2017. After this date, any open seats will be given to students on our waiting list. We appreciate your attention to this matter. Just like all other private schools, we need to secure our enrollment for the coming school year through this process.  

April 24-28 - IOWA TEST WEEK - Children in grades 1st-8th will spend a portion of each day this week taking the IOWA Basic Skills test. Stay tuned for more information from your child's teacher.

Saturday, May 20, 2017, at 9am 
Hosted at Morton Grove Campus
Stay tuned for more information from the MCCA Parent Support Group!




Monthly tuition is due each month by the 10th.  Late payments will accrue late payment fee of $25 for each month payment is not received.

Please sign up for automated withdrawal if you have not yet done so.  If you have any questions about tuition payment, please email our accountant at

A Note from the School Council

Salaam alaikum MCCA Community,

MashAllah, the MCC Academy Annual Dinner was a success! Once again this year, alhumdilAllah we had a full house as tickets were sold, and we raised over $200,000.00. Thank you all who helped plan the dinner and all who came out to support MCCA at this event.

This year's 8th grade graduation class of 50 students is the largest in our school's history, mashAllah. Alhamdilallah, two of our graduates have been accepted to Northside College Preparatory School in the #1 ranked high school in the state of Illinois, this is a remarkable accomplishment, mashAllah. The vast majority of our other 2017 graduates have been accepted to some of the most competitive honors programs and magnet schools in Chicago and the suburbs. Many of our alumni graduating from high school this year have received acceptances and scholarships from some of the best universities in the state and beyond, SubhanAllah. These alumni have really proven themselves during their high school years, many graduating in the top of their classes. In fact, roughly 13% of the Illinois State Scholars from District 219 were Muslim students, many of which were former MCC Academy students. MashAllah, our alumni are excelling in academics, sports and club competitions at their respective schools, many competing at the state and national level in major competitions in the areas of business (DECA), science and math. 

This year, at MCC Academy, we have a record nine middle school students who qualified for the State Science Fair. At the District Science Fair, 11 of our students received gold medals. Our History Bee winners went on to Regionals. 

Our boys basketball team this year won their conference championship, mashAllah! Go CRESCENTS! Our girls basketball team finished 2nd place at the regionals. And, our girls volleyball team won the regional championship. 

Congratulations to one and all!

Mrs. Musarrat Khan
MCCA Council Chairperson

PSG Update

Upcoming Events:
April 7th  - International Night - Travel the world with MCC families!
April 20th - Dairy Queen Fundraiser

Save the Date:
May 20th- Family 5K Race for Education

Key Dates:
April 7th,14,21 & 28th - PSG meetings
April 4th, 11, 18, 25th - Pizza Sale at Skokie campus.
April 12& 26th- Popcorn Sale at Skokie Campus

PSG is ramping up for some great projects. Spring brings in new energy and more outdoor activities. We are hoping that parents will find new ways to get involved, even if it's for just an hour.

This past month, PSG hosted another fun Donuts for Dads...or a Dude event for grades 1st-2nd at Skokie campus. We always have a tremendous turnout, mashAllah! This is a great testament to the wonderful effort and interest our dads have in supporting their child's education experience. 

PSG helped to organize the volunteers who participated as classroom leads for the annual Junior Achievement program. Students really enjoyed learning about early economic themes from parents and community volunteers. Our thanks to all of the volunteers! 

No Uniform for a $1 Fundraiser
PSG is helping to raise funds for the 8th grade graduation festivities. This year, mashAllah, we have a record large number of MCCA graduates. The No Uniform for $1 fundraiser helped us raise important funds needed to make graduation a special time for our 8th graders. Thanks to all who supported this effort. 

For more details, feedback or comments, please email

MCCA HifzhulQur'aan Students Achieving Monumental Goals, mashAllah!

اللھم صلى علی سیدنا و مولانا محمد و علی آلہ و صحبہ و بارک و سلم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillaah, last month was an amazing and Barakah-filled week for the boys in the HifzhulQur'aan Department!

Along with the daily recitations of Divine Word, two students from 8th grade accomplished monumental tasks! 

Sami Ahmed, who is on his way to become a recognized Haafizh of our program, finished his second Khatm (A complete revision of all the 30 chapters)! He is now on his way to completing his last, but never final, Khatm required for Ijazah (Certified recognition of a Haafizh).

The other 8th grader, Zakariya Siddiqui, finished his final Sabaq (Newly Memorized Homework) for all of the Holy Qur'aan and is now on his way to complete the necessary evaluations so that he too may be recognized and receive Ijazah! We ask you to please make Du'aa for all of our students to properly complete the remaining sections of the Holy Qur'aan.

JazaakAllaahu khair!

جزاكم الله خيرا والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Qazi M. Faaizuddin Biabani
Director, HifzhulQur'aan Department
MCC Academy
Record Number of Middle School Students Heading to State Science Fair Competition

Out of the 29 MCC Academy middle school students who competed at the Regional Science Fair, eleven students were awarded gold at this competition on Saturday, March 4, 2017, a record number of winners for MCC Academy. Mashallah, nine of these students scored high enough to qualify to compete at the Illinois State Science Fair on Saturday, May 9, 2017, at Northern Illinois University. Mabrook to Fatimah Syed, Zahrah Ahmed, Ashira Johara, Aleena Ahmed, Umaimah Ansari, Omar Siddiqui, Adam Yousef, Haroon Salahuddin, and Wafa Choubkha. Adam Djoudi and Mya Nasir were also among the students awarded gold. For the past five years, MCCA has had anywhere from 3 to 7 students make it to the state science fair competition, also an amazing accomplishment, mashAllah.  Three of the state entries; Ashira Johara, Fatimah Syed, and Zahrah Ahmed earned a special award for being in the top 10% of the entire middle schoolers at the fair that give them the opportunity to win $25,000 from Broadcom. Mabrook to all of these students and to MCCA Science Teacher Mrs. Abeer Saleh for her amazing stewardship and passion for science that she shares with her students year after year. The MCC Academy is blessed to have her talent, alhumdilAllah! 

Nasheed Club Represents MCC Academy in Various Programs throughout the School Year

Nasheed Club is organized by MCCA Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Silvat Sheikh. In this club, children enjoy learning to sing Islamic songs. They meet every Tuesday from 4-4:30pm at Skokie campus. This year, Mrs. Sheikh has nearly 20 students in 1st-5th grade enrolled in her club. Each month, the children perform at least once during morning assembly and have opportunities to showcase their beautiful nasheeds at other programs. Earlier this year, Nasheed Club performed at a Thanksgiving program at a local church in Wilmette.  Last month, they performed at a church in Evanston at an interfaith gathering. And, Nasheed club sang two songs at the MCCA Annual Dinner on March 11th. This club is a wonderful way students have an opportunity to represent MCC Academy in various communities.

Cooking Club Off to a Healthy Start!

MCC Academy's Ms. Zeenat Umar and Ms. Deba Malik hosted their first Healthy Cooking Club meeting earlier this week. The kids loved making Mexican hummus wraps together with two of their favorite teachers! They had a blast chopping up vegetables and creating this healthy, quick AND delicious meal that incorporated all the food groups and essential nutrients. If you want to try making this wrap at home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, here's the recipe below. Bon Appetit!

-Flat-Out Whole grain foldable wrap
-Hummus (any flavor you like) OR Eggs (any way you like to cook them)
-Mixed greens (or any kind of lettuce/salad mix)
-Grape tomatoes (cut in half)
-Cilantro (chopped)
-Avocado (sliced)
-Cheese (sliced or shredded, any kind you want)
-McCormick Mexican seasoning
-Black Pepper

1. Warm up the wrap on a skillet or in the microwave (15 seconds)
2. Lay it flat, and on one side, spoon about 2 tbsp of hummus and spread it out.
3. Sprinkle the Mexican seasoning and black pepper on top of the hummus.
4. Add the slice of cheese (or shredded if you are using that).
Layer the avocado slices and grape tomatoes on top of the hummus.
5. Place the mixed greens and chopped cilantro next.

MCCA Resource Teacher Mrs. Basith Secures "For Our Schools" Grant

Taking it upon herself to reach out on behalf of MCC Academy, Mrs. Basith applied for the "For Our Schools" grant by the Meemic Foundation earlier in the school year. The foundation was offering grants to schools that simply filled out a quick questionnaire about "Why I think MCC Academy deserves the For Our Schools grant", which awards the winning school a $500 Office Max/Office Depot gift card.  The submission could only be 3,000 characters, so Mrs. Basith had to choose her words wisely. AlhumdilAllah, Mrs. Basith's submission was accepted. Here is the beautiful response to the application prompt that Mrs. Basith submitted: 

"The values MCC Academy upholds and embeds into our students are ones that will enable each student to succeed in any endeavor. Any school that can teach values alongside academics deserves to be recognized and deserves help to continue such life-changing work. The staff at this school all realize that this institution is not simply a place to educate, but a place to experience and create. Each staff member puts forth his/her best effort, is open-minded while maintaining standards, and spreads positivity that awakens each student's capabilities. Calling MCC Academy a school is an injustice to all that happens here. We are a family and as family, we maintain ties through successes and struggles. This school deserves the For Our Schools grant with which we will do wonders to help each student grow into his/her best form. Thank you for your consideration." -- by Mrs. Basith, MCCA Math Resource Teacher
MCCA Students Competed Strong in All-School Spelling Bee

All of the student finalists who competed in the annual MCCA Spelling Bee really held their ground this year, mashAllah! The held on for long periods of time before the final top three were crowned this year's winners. We are so proud of all of the kids who worked so hard to get to this competition. Mabrook to the top three winners: 
First place - Haniya Khan
Second Place - Manha Minhajuddin
Third Place - Zainab Syed
Special thanks to our wonderful Spelling Bee team - Mrs. Silvat Sheikh, Miss Deba Malik, Miss Farah Bozai, Mrs. Maheen Ayub, and Miss Bisma Makda - as well as our ever-supportive parents.

MCCA Student Artists Showcased at Skokie Art Event

Recently, the Village of Skokie invited MCC Academy to participate in an Art Showcase Event called SOAR (Student Outstanding Art Recognition). MCCA Art Teacher Mrs. Nazia Sikander selected some of her students' top artwork to be part of the SOAR exhibit, which is now on display to the public at the North Shore Performing Arts Center until March 31, 2017. All of the artists were honored at a reception earlier in the month.

MashAllah, Mrs. Sikander continues to inspire our students with creative and unique art instruction and projects. Here is a sampling of her students' artwork and photos from the SOAR event.

Students in 3rd-5th Grades Participate in Healthy Body Image Workshops

Girls Workshop
Struggles with self-esteem and healthy body image are rising concerns for children, leading to unhealthy self-perceptions, habits, and other concerns that can have a negative impact on a child's growth and development. This last month, our school nurse, Mrs. Plummer, our Islamic studies teacher, Ms. Irum, our gym teacher, Ms. Umar, and school counselor Ms. Latifi conducted a workshop for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls. This interactive workshop addressed healthy lifestyle choices, fitness and nutrition routines to implement in life, sisterhood and self respect, and the importance of self-esteem and health in Islam. Students learned about simple everyday habits they could include in their lives to improve and nourish their self-perceptions. They learned the importance of fitness and healthy foods in their lives. They heard about the responsibility they have towards their minds and bodies, especially as Muslims. Students also reflected upon where their self-perception is now and how they can work to develop healthier ideas about themselves and encourage one another to be more positive about themselves. Societal ideals, pressures, and expectations were discussed and challenged, as well. 

Boys Workshop

Mr. Quadri and Coach Azam Tai headed up the boys workshop
. Mr. Quadri spoke about hygiene and cleanliness, also about ways the P rophet (saw) cared for his personal hygiene. Coach Azam talked about health and nutrition - how to keep yourself fit and what foods and drinks are best for you. The boys participated in organized fitness activities to show them how even just 7-10 minutes of physical activity is incredibly beneficial. Then, in closing, they spoke to the boys about bullying and how detrimental the effects of bullying can be. 
MCCA Nurse Mrs. Plummer Arranged Fun and Educational Performance about Healthy Teeth

Last month, MCCA School Nurse Mrs. Hadessa Plummer arranged for Delta Dental to perform their educational play called "Tooth Wizard and Plaque" to our students in Kg-5th grades. Kids laughed a lot and learned a lot.  The performance taught students about the dangers of p laque, h ow cavities are formed, h ow brushing defeats plaque, the i mportance of brushing teach, gums and tongue, h ow much tooth paste to use, the i mportance of flossing, the i mportance of mouth wash and adult supervision to use it,  Healthy foods and t o brush after eating sugary snacks.  After the play, each students was given a bag with a t ooth brush,  tooth paste,  floss, and a  letter for students and parents about maintaining good tooth care. 

Middle School Science - Mrs. Saleh

The 6th grade students were investigating the question, "Which Insulation Works Best?" They are practicing more with the steps of the scientific method and analyzing their data to determine the best and worst insulation. 

The 7th grade students dissected the Rattus Norvegicus after completing their studies on the systems of the human body. Each student took a practical exam after identifying the organs of the specimen and made connections to the studies of the systems learned. 

Eureka! Archimedes's principle was put into action in the science lab. The 8th grade students discovered that figuring out the volume,mathematically, of an irregular object can be determined by displacement of water.  

8th Grade Literature - Mrs. Gomaa 

8th graders in Mrs. Gomaa's literature class were busy posting elements of style they found in the novel "The Giver," and discussing the effects these elements demonstrate throughout the story. Students found the following elements: factual tone; first person point of view; unusual proper nouns; symbolism; repetition; precise word choice; sensory image; sentence fragment; descriptive vocabulary. 

Library Update from Mrs. Bergeson 

Asalaamualaikum  - Spring is here and it's a great time for kids to get outside and enjoy the weather. It's also a good time for them to pick up a good read at their local public library! 

During March, we celebrated "Read Across America Day" by dressing like Dr. Seuss characters and others characters from literature! We continued our fun for National Reading Month by spinning the "Library Wheel" and winning books or prizes. Students in 1st-5th grades also received a reading log to complete during March. ALL 1st - 5th grade students who complete the reading logs will have their name entered to win one of the Grand Prize Gift Baskets! We also had center time before spring break, where kids get to explore creativity, games, building, and books with their friends. 

Librarians from the Skokie Public Library also came this month for an interactive presentation with 5th grade titled: "What Makes a Great Story?" Students were challenged to use their literary skills and best judgment to see what goes into good literary writing. Alhamdulillah, the librarians were impressed that the students had read many of the titles they discussed during their presentation! 
The third grade teachers also set up a visit from Muslim author Tayyaba Syed, well known for her work on the "Jannah Jewels" series. Ms. Syed talked about being an author and encouraged students to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams! 

Scholastic has made some adjustments in their book fair divisions that affect smaller book fairs, such as our middle school fair. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone the middle school book fair until this coming Fall 2017, inshAllah. However, there is still a Scholastic Book Fair scheduled for  May 1st - 5th  at the Skokie campus, which will be preschool - 8th grade fair, so please mark your calendars for these dates! As a special incentive to encourage middle school families to stop by, we will have a raffle especially for the middle school students and a special extended evening just for these kids, as well. 

Please email me if you have any questions about the Library or upcoming book fair. Thank you! Donelle Bergeson, 

MCCA Hifdh Core Academics - Mrs. Sherin Saleh

3rd grade Hifdh students are so excited to begin their money unit by adding and subtracting money values using real money!

Middle school Hifdh students spent some time reflecting on the meaning of age. Students reflected on their own lives and

the transition that has come with their different ages. Overall, their narratives reflect on the idea that age is just a number but certainly with more years added to their life comes more responsibilities. InshaAllah, these students can soon reflect on the meaning of being a Hafidh of the Holy Quran at such a young age!

5th grade Hifdh students wrapped up the unit on fraction concepts with fraction kites. Through this project students practiced simplifying fractions along with converting fractions into decimals and percent.

Middle School English - Mrs. Elmasri

Students worked on persuasive writing skills by writing a review for a product. Each student had to write a solid review and include either a video, poster or slideshow about their product.   Also, e ighth graders wrote thank you cards in English class to Jan Schakowsky for supporting the diverse communities initiative and for supporting Muslims. Students personally handed the cards to her during a town hall meeting at MCCA. The kids are also  working on letters to give Dick Durbin expressing their plight as young Muslim Americans under a Trump administration. They are letting their voices be heard! Mrs. Elmasri and Mrs. Barkat worked together to have sixth graders write cards to our Jewish neighbors at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie after a recent vandalism incident in their community where swastikas were drawn on benches. They learned about Judaism in history and through this act, showed their solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors as a minority group in America. 

Middle School Social Studies - Mrs. Barkat

In honor of this past African History Month and Women's History Month, MCCA 6th and 8th graders conducted individual research projects to highlight the accomplishments of amazing individuals throughout history. The 8th grade students each gave a daily speech in the months of February and March during assembly on an historical figure they selected. This speech allowed them to build their research skills as well as their public speaking skills. Each student gave a three-minute speech on the importance, main life events, and legacy of a particular historic figure. Many students even chose to dress as their individual in order to enhance their presentation as they informed the rest of the school about their topic. In the same vein, the 6th grade classes were assigned a person from history relevant to these months and asked to make Cereal Box Book Reports. The sixth grade class had fun reading biographies on their individual person and then creating beautiful book reports which summarized the reading as well as discussed the legacy. As a final touch, each student did a one-minute presentation in class so that all could learn, admire, and be inspired by many amazing figures of history. 

2nd Grade - Mrs. Sheikh, Mrs. Baig, Mrs. Bozai

This past month, second graders were busy with many activities. First, they participated in the class spelling bee. Then, they completed their final drafts of their book submissions, and then these were sent for publishing.  In math, they mastered fractions and are now learning to measure in feet and inches. Students  learned interesting facts about the solar system, which concluded in a presentation facts about their assigned project.  This week, they are learning about Native Americans and the thirteen colonies and how they gained their independence from England.   STEM program ended this week. Second graders had a lot of fun building stuff and learned about earthquakes and avalanches.  Congratulations to all class spelling bee winners.

Ali Farooqui-1st Place
 Zayd Mohammed-2nd Place    
Zaina Syed-3rd Place
Safa Hussain-Runner-up
Kareem Ismail-1st Place
Fatima Shethwala-2nd Place
Aisha Mehveen-3rd Place
Mariya Syed-Runner-up
Amine Chabou-1st Place
Haadiya Ansari-2nd Place
Idriz Redzovic-3rd Place
Ahyan Ayub-Runner-up

3rd Grade - Mrs. Patel, Mrs. Aqueel, Mrs. Qureshi

Third Grade ended March with our annual Fiesta! All week, third graders read and learned about Mexican culture. On the day of the Fiesta, students had a chance to indulge in Mexican tacos, create sombreros, and take a swing at a piñata. We also got a chance to listen to a presentation led by third grade parent Alma Campos about Mexico. So many fun facts were shared, and Mrs. Alma brought in a variety of Mexican snacks and drinks for the third graders to sample. The third grade teachers would like to thank the parent volunteers who came in to help make this day such a success. 

In our classrooms, we have started taking practice IOWA tests in order to start prepping students for the actual IOWA test, which will take place the week of  April 24th. Please do purchase the recommended IOWA practice books we had suggested. It is a good way to get the students ready for the test.   We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! 

1st Grade - Miss Malik, Miss Ademi, Mrs. Nabeel

We are so proud of our first grade friends!  First graders are learning about money by getting familiar with how each coin differs in look, feel, and amount. They sharpen their math skills by adding and subtracting different values. To get more of a hands-on experience, during centers time, they enjoy buying and selling various items around the classroom using real coins.

Preschool - Mrs. Malik

This month has been a busy month for the preschoolers. They were recently introduced to "Teddy and I". "Teddy and I" allows the children to take Teddy home with them over the weekend, go on an adventure, and document it all in their books. When they return to class on Monday they present their book and recount all the fun things they did with Teddy.   We also completed to themes: 'Under the Sea' and 'Life on a Farm'. The children created their own Rainbow Fish and learned the valuable moral of sharing. They also did a fun craft when learning the life cycle of a chicken.  We also started "Story time with Parents" where parents volunteer some time from their busy schedules to come in and read a story for the class. The students love seeing the parents and listening to some amazing stories.

4th Grade - Mrs. Patel, Mrs. Aziz-Khan, Mrs. Iftekharuddin

Fourth Grade is wrapping up third quarter with great excitement and work. Students have been working on writing biography of a famous person. Now, students are working on their posters to present on Friday as a Wax Museum.   We also participated in READ America day where students dressed up their favorite book character. Students had the opportunity to work on hands-on activities to understand natural disasters. We also wrapped up our interfaith poetry pals program with our partner schools. Students had fun writing and performing poetry with their pals. We are looking forward to an exciting fourth quarter ahead filled with a lot of learning and experience. 

Physical Education Update - Ms. Umar

Students have been working up a sweat to end the quarter with fitness circuit and obstacle course challenges! They have been making a lot of progress building their muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance working all of their muscle groups. For our basketball unit, we have been continuing to work on different skills such as dribbling and shooting - we will be ending our unit with a mini basketball tournament in each class to practice and put together all the skills we have learned this past quarter inshallah.

5th Grade - Ms. Barkat and Mrs. Rehman

5th graders had a surprise visit this month! Our lovely Skokie librarians came to give a presentation on what makes a story a GOOD story. Students also had a chance to become book critics. 

They evaluated the first lines of popular novels. Was that line interesting enough to keep you reading? Two thumbs up and a huge thank you to our Skokie library. 

Kindergarten - Mrs. Shariff, Mrs. Siddiqui, Mrs. Khawja
Kindergarteners have been waiting patiently for their classroom butterflies to make their debut. Finally, after many weeks, the cocoons opened and the butterflies took flight.