PHOENIX BEAKIN'                          APRIL 2017
April Events
April 1st: Springfield, VA, Bernadette Plair
April 1st: Hampstead, NC, Things I Wish I'd Known
April 15th: Alexander, NC, No Place Like Home
April 22nd: Fairfax, VA, Did You Know?

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April 1st in Springfield, VA
Bernadette Plair retired as a scientist from the Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) at the Cincinnati Zoo. A native of Trinidad, Bernadette is also Director of the Center for the Rescue of Endangered Species of Trinidad and Tobago (CRESTT). She is devoted to the reintroduction of the blue-and-yellow macaws in Trinidad. PLEASE join us for this important event about conservation, which will include a special auction.  Event time and location here
Adoptable Birds, There Are Many More!
Orlando, Green Cheek Conure

Orlando, along with some other green cheek conure friends, recently came to us from a MD shelter. He loves to bathe. He also flies well, a beneficial skill we hope he can keep in a new home that can safely offer this opportunity.

Ricky and Lucy, Blue & Gold Macaws
We think that birds in pairs (without breeding, of course) provides an enriched way of life for most parrots.  Since it is not in their interest for us to over snuggle, simply enjoying life alongside these beautiful parrots is usually the best outcome for all. Giving birds an opportunity for a bird friend is a great gift! You can read more about adoptable bird pairs in one of our prior blog posts here.
What Happens If My Bird Is Lost?
It's spring at last, and a great time to get our birds outside for some helpful fresh air and sunlight.  However, we must do so safely.  Please make sure your bird only goes outside in an appropriate carrier, to avoid flight or other potential hazards. Meanwhile, we should always be prepared in the event of an emergency. Suzanne Cromwell has outlined some valuable tips and ideas in a recent blog post.
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