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GRENFELL, Sir Wilfred Thomason [1865-1940]
This collection includes 22 items: 6 Wilfred Genfell Typed Letters Signed (TLS) ; 6 Lady Anne Grenfell Typed Letters Signed (TLS) ; 2 Photos ; 7 Ephemera and 1 Artifact dating form 191? to 1940.

One content example;
* 2 TLS to Wheelock, 7 May 1930 and 7 April 1939: telling Wheelock that he is an inspiration and that he looks forward to the next game of chess; thanking him for his work with Labradorite, referring to Nazis and fascists ("I've always thanked God for the fact of our wops.") with travel plans..

Sir Wilfred Grenfell was an author and a medical missionary to Newfoundland and Labrador from 1892-1940. He was an author and a member of Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. Grenfell established the Labrador Medical Mission and the International Grenfell Association...   Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,700 USD OR $ 2,192 CDN        #7659

DAVEY, Norman [1888-1949]
A literary archive collection includes: 4 manuscript notebooks of poems and a few stories, written in pencil (approximately [410] pp. of written text) and two books, one signed.

Circa 1917-20. Many drafts of poems are untitled, and some are crossed out. Approximately [410] pp. of written text. Also includes two books written by Davies: his very scarce first book, Poems by Norman Davey with a Prefixed Essay (London: L.C.C. Central School of Arts and Crafts, 1914)....

Norman Davey was an English engineer, poet, and novelist.  In 1914 he published 2 diverse books, The Gas Turbine and Poems with a Prefixed Essay. Four of his poems appeared in Cambridge Poets 1914-1920. An Anthology (1920). He wrote 18 books...    Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,600 USD OR $ 2,060 CDN        #7632

MANNIN, Ethel Edith [1900-1984]
Ethel Mannin was a prolific and popular British novelist who wrote biographies, travel books, books for children, and autobiographies.

Collection of many TSL contains Mannin describing her books and how they were written, travels in various countries, Fleet's family and the death of his wife, the Arab Israeli conflict, literature (Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence), old age, drinking too much, etc.
The main part of the collection dating from 1972-1983 is the exchange Mannin had in old age with George Arthur Fleet (a retired pensioner who worked for the Royal British Legion, the film trade, and a literary agency)...   Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,300 USD OR $ 1,675 CDN        #7635

21 BOOKS ...

1905. London, S.W. Partridge & Co.
First edition. 5-1/4 X 7-3/4, (6),[5]-288pp; 32pp (adverts). With 20 Illustrations and including a small map of Moravian missions on the Labrador Coast.

PREFACE: "In the lonely retreat of Abloriak Bay, on the western coast of the Labrador peninsula, rise in solitary grandeur the great black mountains called the Torngaets. The rocky precipices which look grimly down upon the shadowed water have assumed grotesque and fantastic shapes, presenting to the imagination the jagged ruins of some ancient fallen city. Far up on the summit of one such precipice looms the black and yawning entrance to some deep cavern, shaped like the gable end of a building  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 1,225 USD OR $ 1,575 CDN       #7716  

HERIOT, George [1766-1844]


1807. London, Richard Phillips.
First edition. 8-1/4 x 10-18 inches. xii, [1]-602 p.,1 l., Old reback with worn leather spines  and black label with gilt type. Contemporary boards preserved however, greatly scuffed. 

Complete with all 28 plates as called for including; 1 hand coloured folding frontispiece, 26 nice older hand coloured plates (5 folding), plus 1 hand coloured folding map.   Hand-coloured plates all very striking and attractive.

"The earliest and the most important aquatint book published on Canada" (Hill)  ."Illustrated books on North America are curiously few in the period with which we deal. By far the most interesting is Heriot's Travels through the Canadas...interesting for its aquatints..." [Prideaux]...  Click for more information and photos;
This book is on consignment.

Price: $ 6,300 USD OR $ 8,125 CDN       #7640  

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]

1836. London, Charles Knight.
First edition, second issue.  (xiii, 351 pp.). 12mo, twenty engraved illustrations, map, frontispiece; in three quarter leather and fancy marbled paper, impressed decoration and title. A nice copy of Traill's first book in bespoke binding, now become quite scarce. Lightly rubbed at the corners and along the spine edges; the text very clean. Condition: Very Good.

Traill's first book, according to Needler in Otonabee Pioneers, was intended 'to enlighten the people of the Old Country on Canada, and to encourage immigration,- not to discourage it, as her sister Mrs. Moodie [who suffers at Needler's hands] did in Roughing It in the Bush'  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 625 USD OR $ 805 CDN       #3317        

MOODIE, Susanna [Susannah Strickland] [1803-1885]

1852. London, Bentley.
Second UK edition. 2 volumes,  5-1/4 x 8 inches. Original dark green cloth unrestored.  Original tan endpapers in both volumes

Second, and considered better or more complete edition, with an extra, 41 pages  (pp. [295]-336) chapter entitled, "Canadian Sketches," added to volume II, which does not appear first London edition, volume II.

"Roughing It in the Bush, became a best seller in both England and the United States. One of the characters in the book was called Little Addie and Mrs. Moodie based it on her daughter Agnes."  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 625 USD OR $ 805 CDN       #1019        

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]

1857. Toronto, Toronto Times.
7th edition. 12mo., 4.25 in x 7.5 in, xi, [1], [13]-218pp., 1[14], 40, 1(blank), [48]pp. 8vo,  original brown boards, 2 plates, 5 illustrations (including 1 diagram).

Classic work aimed at the woman emigrating from Britain to Canada, based upon the experiences of Traill, who by this point had spent over 25 years in 'the backwoods of Canada'. The work provides practical advice on most aspects of emigration, from choosing a ship from Britain, and what luggage to bring, to the finer points of furnishing a log cabin (including how to make an easy-chair from a flour barrel) and the perils of alcohol  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 495 USD OR $ 635 CDN       #0458        

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]

1873. London, T. Nelson
2nd edition. 12mo, Illustrated with two beautiful colour illustrations, 1 wood cut plate, 21 wood cut illustrations.
Original gilt decorated Brown cloth, with black and gilt decoration and spine missing 1/8 top and bottom.

The nurse, Mrs. Frazer, who was born on the shores of Rice Lake in Upper Canada, describes, in story form, Canadian animals, flowers, fruits, and reptiles to her young charge, Lady Mary, the daughter of the Governor of Canada...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 80 USD OR $ 100 CDN       #1551        

1894. Buffalo, C.W. Multon printer.
First edition. 7 x 5 inches, 194 pages, light brown pictorial cloth with black type and illustration on cover, cloth soiled and corners bumped and worn. Binding loose at frontis and title page. Smudge on tile page. illustrated with 8 black & white pages including the frontis.  Few text smudges inside.  Condition good only.

First edition ("First 1000"). Numerous pen and ink drawings and two photos.
 ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #1100        

SINCLAIR, Samuel Bower (1855-1933)

1903. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press
First Edition. 5-1/2 x 7-3/4 inches. iv, 126pp. Dark brown cloth cover with gilt type on spine and front cover. A signed note is pasted in the front fly leaf "with the compliments of the author SB Sinclar"
Very good condition.

Samuel Bower Sinclair, was a Vice-Principal Normal School, Ottawa, Canada when he wrote this book.
 ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #5090        

NEPOS, Cornelius  (c100-24B.C.)

1767. Paris, Barbou.
3-1/4 x 6 inches. (4),[5]-285pp.(2pp).  Original dry full leather, gilt type and decorations on spine with marbled end papers and  corners worn. Top of spine missing 1/8". Frontis plate.  All text, in very good condition, text in Latin. Overall good condition.

A uncommon copy of this edition.
Cornelius Nepos (c100-24 BC) was a Roman biographer.

Classic of ancient historical biography of the Roman emperors.
The book covers Miltiades, Themistocles, Aristides, Pausanias, Cimon, Lysander, Alcibiades, Thrasybulus, Conon, Dion, Iphicrates, Chabrias, Timotheus, Damates, Epaminodas, Pelopidas, Agesilaus, Eumenes, Phocion, Timoleon, Hamilcar, Hannibal, Cato and Atticus  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 120 USD OR $ 155 CDN       #2420        

DRAKE, Samuel G. (Gardner) [1798-1875]

1845. Boston, Benjamin B.  Mussey
9th Edition. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4 inches, 708pp. Rebacked with original spine and original brown cloth front boards. Illustrated. 12 plates which include the frontis.  Some plates with foxing, otherwise, very good condition, a nice copy.

Some people covered in this book; Red Jacket; Brant; Marinus Willet; Sir William Johnson  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #0896        

HALIBURTON, Judge Thomas Chandler   [SLICK, Sam Samuel] [1796 - 1865]

1837. London, Richard Bentley
First UK edition. Old leather spine very worn and tltle on spine not readable. 12mo. [1] xii - 367 pp [1] contemporary 1/2 calf and marbled boards and cracked at front and back. Insides are good with  p237 small tear on bottom right not effecting text. Overall fair condition of an uncommon edition and in original, unrestored bindings.

First UK edition, preceded by the rare Canadian of the previous year  ... Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 100 USD OR $ 125 CDN       #1821        

1873. Albany, The Argus company, printers
First edition. 5-1/4 x 9 inches. [1]-69 p. Original booklet re-covered in flowered paper bound cover. Original paper wraps chipped missing some paper along borders, no type affected. Internally quite clean. Gift inscription of "Compliments of J.M. Patterson Jr. neatly written on the wrap cover.

Overall good condition. Quite scarce.
 ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #2036        

MARRYAT, Captain Frederick, (1792-1848)


1845. New York, D Appleton & Co.
First US edition. Two volumes bound in one. 3-1/2 x 5-7/8 inches, (6), [5]-170,8pp ads; (6), [5]-179pp. New leather spines, 5 bands, two leather labels with gilt type, new marble covered boards and endpapers. Some light foxing throughout, otherwise very good condition.  A nice copy.

This is the American edition of juvenile fiction which the author "showed that a family that had emigrated and settled near Kingston, Upper Canada, was delighted when the opportunity came to return to England to claim an inheritance. One son of this family, who enjoyed the free Canadian life, remained in the province."  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 100 USD OR $ 125 CDN       #0898        

LANCELOT, Dom Claude (1616-1695) & SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Mary Anne (1778-1856)

1816. London, Printed for J. and A. Arch

Second edition. 2 volumes., xxxii, 254; viii, 338: 8vo. A couple of spots affecting some preliminary leaves; otherwise a very good set in contemporary half calf; neatly rebacked. This second edition, "considerably enlarged," and is stated as an altogether different work, as is explained in the new 19-page preface to this edition.

Based on Lancelot's Tour to Alet (pub. in his "Memoirs de St. Cyran," 1738) being a compilation and adaptation of extracts and memoranda, with numerous additions  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #2609        

HAMILTON, Lady Emma [1765-1815] (subject)


1815. New York, David Huntington and printed by Daniel Fanshaw
First American Edition? 5-1/2 x 3-3/8 inches, 8pp prelims including half-title and frontis portrait, [5]-200pp., 1 blank. Worn leather spine and corner tips, dull gilt type on spine and worn marbled boards, Internally foxing throughout on agetoned paper.

Priority has not been established between the New York and Philadelphia editions for the first US edition printing. The title is advertised in New York and Philadelphia papers at the same time (late Oct./early Nov. 1815). Page 191 with small torn near spine border affecting a couple of words. Fair condition only ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #4361        

A group of legal printed documents from the "Library of Sanford Fleming" from Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. All approximately 13-1/4 x 9 inches and in generally good condition.
Nice provenance and shows some insight into Sir Sandford Fleming collecting and research interests.

Sir Sandford Fleming was a Scottish Canadian engineer and inventor. Fleming proposed worldwide standard time zones, designed Canada's first postage stamp, left a huge body of surveying and map making, engineered much of the Intercolonial Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway, and was a founding member of the Royal Society of Canada and founder of the Canadian Institute, a science organization in Toronto  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #5841        

1898. Boston, Christian Social Union
18,[8]p., 8vo, original printed wrappers, cover-title,  good condition. (Publications of the Christian Social Union. No.53, Sept. 15, 1898)  With: Investigation of hours and other conditions in the Mercantile Establishments of Boston, with a Report of the Work of the League from March to November, 1898 / The Consumers' League of Massachusetts.
Early Mackenzie King publication on  the working hours of women and girls in non-manufacturing establishments in Massachusetts.

Wm. L. M. King was Canada's prime minister for a total of21 years.  He was the longest serving Prime Minister in British Commonwealth history  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #7539        

KIRKE, Henry [1842 - 1925]

1871. London, Bemrose & Sons
xi, [1]-227pp + [4pp pub. ads.]. Frontis. folding map, errata slip.  Original brown decorated cloth, gilt and black printed square design to front and back boards. New white endpapers. Top and bottom of spines missing 1/4" and faded white letter and number on spine. Xlibray with stamp markings on a numbers of pages inside. Light scattered spotting on first and last few leaves.   Good condition only.
The colonial history of Newfoundland, Acadia and Canada, based on previously unavailable documents from the Record Office in London.
 ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 65 USD OR $ 80 CDN       #0865        

Presentaion copy signed "Compliments of the Editor, Alexander Fraser  to The Honourable Senator C.P. Beaubien, Montreal
Overall good condition. Covers frayed at edges and spine torn. Insides good with some ads at back with tears.

Fraser came to Canada on the recommendation of Sir Charles Tupper, to take up a position on the editorial staff of the Toronto Mail (later the Toronto Mail and Empire).   He also served as editor of the Scottish Canadian, Massey's Illustrated, Presbyterian Review, and Fraser's Scottish Annual  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 65 USD OR $ 80 CDN       #2366        

LAURIE, Major General [John Wimburn], (1835-1912)

1887. Ottawa, Printed by MacLean, Roger & Co.
First edition. 9-1/4 inches high by 6-1/2 inches wide. 38pp.  Softcovers, bound as issued in the original printed self-wrap. The stitching if broken and the book is thus disbound and lacking the rear wrap which had no printing on it. 38 pages (of 39 pages). Page 39 is missing which a full page chart labeled F [not unlike the charts on pages 36 & 37. "Supplies taken north from Moose Jaw...". Considered good condition overall.
This pamphlet addresses the Riel Rebellion of 1885  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 60 USD OR $ 75 CDN       #1343        

[DRUMMOND, Lt. General Sir Gordon [1772-1854]]

1947. Drummondville, Printed at the Office of the Welland Reporter
The 1947 copy is rare in it's own right as is the first edition rare published in 1853.
8-5/8 x 5 1/2 inches, 13 pages. Perimeter faded light green card stock cover, fold out frontis map, 12pp, 1 poem. Very good condition.
Page 2 Battle of Lundy's Lane 1914 poem by Janet Carnochan
[3]  Title page Booklet divided into three parts.
Part 1- Extract from the despatch of General Drummond p[4 plate]5-6
Part 2- Incidents from Mansfield's Life of General Scott. p7-10
Part 3- Lundy's Lane Sir R. H. Bonnycastle p11-12  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 60 USD OR $ 75 CDN       #4554        

MURRAY, General James [1721-1794]
& CRAMAHE, Hector Theophilus (1720-1788)


1762. Quebec, James Murray
Marriage contract (certified copy of), 3-1/2 folio pages; Quebec, September 6, 1762. Seal of wax to the document. Near fine condition. Rare document.
The part is certified and signed by the clerk Jean-Claude Panet (1719 - 1778) on page 2, lawyer, judge and notary, on page 3 signed by James Murray (1721-1794), sergeant, colonel d' infantry and General governor of the province of Quebec. The other signature under the red seal and below General James Murray on page  four is Hector Theophilus Cramahé (1720-1788), both very important people in the early history of Québec.

James Murray was one of General James Wolfe's three brigadiers in the British expedition against Quebec in 1759 and  the Governor of Canada from 1760 to 1766. General James Murray In October 1760, became military governor of the district of Quebec and became the first civil governor of the Province of Quebec in 1764...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 3,000 USD OR $ 3,850 CDN       #3625  

4pp, 12 x 8 inches folded to 5-3/4 x 8 inched and affixed to larger paper and removed from an album. 2 pages of text in French. Dated  Mar 11, 1821.

 Letter from Madame de Castéras Lady in Waiting to S.A. of the French Pringles
 ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #6869        

BELL, Alexander Graham [1847-1922] & BALDWIN, Frederick Walker "Casey" [1882-1948]


Circa 1908. Collection of 11 glass plate photos (plates measure 81mm x 100mm) in this collection with all in fine condition except "June Bug" with two cracks. They are housed in their original purpose built box with a leather strap and brass bands.

11 glass slides in collection. The following is details on the first slide...
1. "Aerial Experiment Association".  Depicts from left to right J.A.D.McCurdy, T.E.Selfridge, A.G.Bell, F.W.Baldwin, and C.Curtis standing at the Point at Beinn Breagh, Alexander Graham Bell's Estate at Baddeck.  Beinn Breagh served as the Headquarters of the Association for most of its life although during the winter operations were transferred to Hammondsport, New York because the weather was more clement, it was close to Glen Curtiss' engine workshop, and there was a good field for test flights.

"In the history of effective flying the [Bell's Aerial Experiment] Association ranks in precedence next to the Wright Brothers."  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 4,500 USD OR $ 5,800 CDN   #3443       

1815. London,  W. Faden, Charing Cross
First edition. Plan of the Different Channels Leading from Kingston to Lake Ontario printed Aug. 12, 1815, London. Map was folded now flat.
Paper size: 9-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches
Image size: 8-5/8 x 9-7/8 inches
Engraving is in near fine condition. An attractive and historic  early map of Plan of the Different Channels Leading from Kingston to Lake Ontario...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #5612        

BOUCHETTE, Joseph [1774 -1841] (author)

1815. London, W. Faden, Charing Cross
Fort Chambly & part of the Great Camp, 1814,  printed Aug. 12, 1815,
Paper size: 5-3/4 x 9-1/2 inches
Image size:  4-1/4  x 8-1/8 inches
Engraving has been cleaned and de-acidified and now in fine condition. An attractive and historic  early view of Fort Chambly  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #5608        

KELLY, John David [1862-1958]

Circa 1960. Toronto, Rolph Clark Stone
16 x 12 inches paper size, 13-7/8 x 10-1/2 inches image size,
"Push on York volunteers" Brocks dying words (in fact, never said)
"Battle of Queenston Heights"
"From the Rolph Clark Stone Heritage Collection"   
Lithographed famous Kelly image of the Battle of Queenston Heights and a dying Brock.
Agetoned paper from exposure while framed otherwise very good.
Scarce print  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #4220        

1813. Baltimore, Niles Weekly Register
Complete original newspaper, Niles Weekly Register (Baltimore, Marylnd) dated June 12, 1813.  This is a 16-page newspaper with a page size of 10 x 6.5 inches. Very good condition.

This has 4 inside page War of 1812 reports:
1. Capture of York page 238 killed and wounded report 1/4 page
2. The Battle of Ft George page 239 1/2 column two reports including wounded and killed plus p242 article.
3. The taking of the Niagara frontier by the US forces page 240 & 241 reports by Isaac Chauncey
4. Sacketts Habour battle , Jacob Brown and New York Gazette  report, page 241 & 242  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #3507        

KING, William Lyon MacKenzie, [1874-1950]

1950. Ottawa, W.L. MacKenzie King
20.3cm x 25.5 cm (8 x 10 inches)  folded to 20.3cm x 12.5cm (8 x 5 inches) but flat as it is now.
Typed 2pp personal letter dated May 13, 1950 on Laurier House letterhead, (TSL) hand-written salutation and inscription and signature Billy (William Lyon MacKenzie King ).

Letter to Mrs. Mary Scott, 82 South Drive, Toronto, Ont. A friend of his parents and whom he had previous personal correspondence with before and after this. WLKM had very few friends and family and rarely showed his private side in public which makes these type of personal communications insightful and rare. Highly collectable.
 ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 1,300 USD OR $ 1,670 CDN       #4389  

TRUDEAU, Pierre Elliot  [1919-2000]

1963. Montreal, Pierre E. Trudeau


8-1/2 x 11 inches, on Université de Montreal blue engraved logo letterhead with typed Public Law Research Institute.
Pierre Trudeau typed and signed, Pierre E. Trudeau, 1963 letter responding  to an invitation from a July 26, 1963 letter (carbon copy of this letter included) to participate in a new concept called "Exchange for Political Ideas in Canada".
 ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,925 CDN       #5620  

PEARY, Robert Edwin [1856-1920]

1907. Superb bold signature and inspirational quote in Latin , penned on a 7 x 4 inches card, in full: "Robt. Peary, U.S.N. June 10, '07 'Inveniam viam aut faciam" ["I shall find my way or make one"].

The phrase has been attributed to Hannibal; when his generals told him it was impossible to cross the Alps by elephant, this was supposedly his response  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 695 USD OR $ 890 CDN       #3415        

1863. Québec, Province of Canada

15-3/4 x 14-3/4 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript and transfer document with docketing information handwritten on verso. Faded seal, agetoned, some spotting, small 1/4 inch hole near but not touching Monck signature and creases, otherwise very good condition.
 ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 425 USD OR $ 545 CDN       #3124        

1867. Vittorio Emanuele II - First United King of Italy. Signed clipped piece of paper with Vittorio Emanuele II signature. [with 5 other pieces involving Dr. Leone Levi visit to Italy in 1867].
Various sizes. A letter from the Minister of Agriculture dated 2nd Oct. 1867; a program of the musical 'Della guardia Nazionale al Pranzo di S. M. i1 Re nel R. Palazzo Pitti' and a single page menu both with the date Oct. 5 1867; with a printed. invitation to the 'II Preffo del Palazzo d' Ordine di Sua Maesta. With an Italian sonnet written in Leone Levi's hand  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 195 USD OR $ 250 CDN       #4879        

SIMENON, Georges Joseph Christian [1903-1989]

1969. Typed letter signed. One page. 10-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches. On personal Vaud, Switzerland stationery with his name on top and his address at bottom. Dated April 14, 1969. Thanking the Canadian correspondent, Gwen Cowley, for a payment regarding his book, Maigret on the Defensive. Simenon mentions he is also sending by separate cover copies of latest book  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN       #4979        

STEFANSSON, Vilhjalmur [1879-1962]

Autograph Note, signed. Undated [circa 1950?], on his personal note paper, New York, addressee unidentified SingIe sheet, 9 x 13.8 cm. Written in red ink.
Signed "V Stefansson". Message of 9 words "Sorry I overlooked returning these thru Autumn of '49".

Stefansson was a noted Arctic explorer for Canada and a celebrated author on arctic and inuit topics. He was born in Arnes, Manitoba, Canada and lived much of his life in the United States.
 ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #5843        

LOCKE, William John [1863-1930]

1909. 7 x 9 inches hand-written autograph letter signed note was folded in four, now flat and envelope 4-5/8 x 4-3/4 inches.
La Haye, Berks. letterhead, dated 15th July [19]09. Sending his autograph. With original envelope. Very Good condition.

William John Locke was a novelist and playwright, born in British Guyana. Probably the most famous of Locke's books adapted to the screen was the 1918 Pickford Film Corporation production of Stella Maris starring Mary Pickford. In addition, four of his books were made into Broadway plays, two of which Locke wrote and were produced by Charles Frohman...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #5053        

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