It's hard to believe that this cute little boy, handsome "young" man will soon have a birthday...
April 2018

Dear friends
With spring around the corner we also will soon celebrate Rene's birthday... It's a big one this year... Don't tell anyone but he will be turning 65. How can this be?
In the Netherlands it is a tradition to have a Birthday wish list. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said: "All I  really want is seeing the ECCA school building project completed".  

Education is what will change the future of a nation.

This made me think, maybe, just maybe we can get closer to the final goal of $30,000.  Two buildings ( 7 out of 10 classrooms) are finished. We need help with the third building, toilet block and final landscaping.  As a photo is worth a thousand words here some pictures. Digging, mixing cement,  the last building that still needs help and one of the finished buildings.  

TRAINING - RUNNING, as part of the fundraising...
Rene is trying to do his part as well and as part of the fundraising efforts, he has signed up to run/walk the "Rock 'n Roll Nashville Half Marathon"  on April 28, 2018, the day before his big day. I would have loved to join him, yet due to my, hopefully healing tear in my meniscus, I can't run just yet. With his back problems the last year running has been more difficult and the Haitian roads don't help. 

For those runners among us, or those that have watched races; it's like hitting the wall during a marathon (26.2 miles). Those last couple of miles can be a killer. Getting to the finish line takes time, however pushing through the wall gets us there. Rene's half marathon is also part of the  fundraiser, you can sponsor him per mile or whatever works for you. 
Maybe some of you would love to donate towards making the ECCA school regardless of the race :).  Would you be willing to consider?  To donate can be done through the HFI website under Donate now, (please mention ECCA Rene 65) or you can write a check to HFI, with a note attached, for ECCA school - Rene 65. Of course emailing or mailing cards/wishes for his birthday would be great. (Could you let me know if you like to participate, any amount is a move forward!).

Thank you for reading until the end.

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