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April 2018
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 April is National Stress Awareness Month 

You do not want to miss out on April wellness, included in this issue; rainy day workouts, great recipes plus much more. 

Bring DeStress Strategies to your workplace.  Click on DeStress Oasis to learn more about the different workplace opportunities


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Lawmakers have rejected the Governor's budget proposal for a new 14% tax on Health Insurance in New York  

Carrier Highlights 

UnitedHealthcare and Oxford:
Oxford has recently partner with Teledoc, this is a great opportunity for your existing New York Small groups (1-100 lives) enrolled in Oxford to receive preferred pricing with Teledoc Services.  Teledoc provides quality remote care, via phone, video or mobile app visits. 

Empire BCBS:
Did you know that Empire provides dedicated support to groups with 20+ enrolling employees. Additional  services for groups these size include: Open enrollment support, assigned account manager, dedicated renewal support plus much more. 
Get the latest updated on Empire's Small Group specialty lines, click on 2018 Specialty producer guides; for information on dental, vision, life, disability and voluntary information.  

Get a head start on 3rd quarter rates. Click here for 3rd Quarter 2018 Medical, Ancillary & Additional Products pricing.

Senior Care Update

Senior Care Update
Do not miss a big opportunity in Medicare click on the link to see a quick video

Great Resources for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement products
New Open Enrollment Period in 2019
Currently the Medicare program allows beneficiaries to either change, drop or start a new Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D Prescription Drug plan during Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period which runs each year typically from October 15 th - December 7 th.   One can also disenroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan each year from January 1 st through February 14 th during the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period.  Starting in 2019, due to a new law called the 21st Century Cures Act, there will be a new Open Enrollment Period each year from January 1st through March 31st. During this time Medicare beneficiaries will be able to make a one-time change to their Medicare Advantage plan or leave it and return to Original Medicare. This will create an enormous selling opportunity for agents. 
Now is the time to get appointed to sell Medicare products or you can refer your Medicare eligible clients to  Senior Care Team and still earn a referral fee.
FILCO Senior Care Team
Cheryl Dickscheid:(646) 658-6921 |Michael Friedman:(347) 738-6846 | Howard Roth:(646) 658-6915

PEO Opportunity 

Earn extra cash with Prestige! Prestige's broker comp is the BEST out there! Enroll your clients into a great PEO and put some extra dough in your pocket at the same time.

Reach out to Colleen Visconti our PEO Specialist or 732-704-5079 today to learn more about the numerous PEO opportunities.

Specialty  Update

Great opportunity with Guardian!
Lower pricing and Increased cross sell discounts in NY
  • 2nd Quarter community dental PPO rate sheet can be discounted up to 15%

Revised Dental Cross Sell Discount for Cases Written for NY Situs Groups 
Market Segment
2-24 Lives
25-49 Lives 
0% 0%
Dental + 1
8% 7%
Dental +2
12% 10%
Dental +3
16% 13%
Dental +4
20% 16%
Dental +5
20% 16%

New 3rd and 4th quarter rate cards are expected to be out shortly!

 FILCO Specialty Team
Andrew Guarini: 732-704-5081 | Christa Wilson: 732-704-5074

NAHU Update

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their 2  Medicare Advantage rate guidance with a 3.4% average premium increase designed to help competition in the Medicare Advantage market. CMS is continuing to review some additi onal items relating to benefit flexibility and plan to issue additional guidance shortly. To view the entire 2019 Final Rate Notice and Call Letter, Click Here.


In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo and State Senator Jeffrey Klein, leader of the Independent Democratic Caucus, announced an agreement to unify. This could have a significant impact on the remainder of the legislative session as traditionally, the group members have voted with the  Republicans. Pending the outcome of the April 24 special election, this could all change control of both houses of legislature.

If not a member of NAHU, click on the link to join today!
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-Winston Churchill