April 2018
  Hingham Congregational Church, UCC
366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

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Message from the Rev. Fred Meade

As of this writing, spring has officially started. But it doesn't feel like it. Two to four inches of snow are predicted on the Cape. No daffodils are in sight. However the weather is certainly conducive of a Lenten attitude. But as of this reading or by the time this gets published and it's available to the Hingham congregation, Easter will be behind us and we will be in the season of Easter.
The season of Easter last seven weeks followed by Pentecost. Typically during this season most pastors talk about hope and resurrection. After all isn't that why Jesus died. The problem is that on any given day in the Easter season, whether it's the weather, a personal medical report, a car accident or something horrific happening in the news, hope can seem very far away. And that is problematic. 
The  seasons in the life of the church don't always follow our individual spiritual journeys, just as spring, summer, fall and winter don't always give us the kind of weather that we would expect. One could say, "prepare for the unexpected."  That's easier said than done. If it's unexpected how do we know what to prepare for and does that mean we live a life of paranoia? I think not. The spiritual life has something to say about this. Scripture reminds us that God rains on the just and the unjust. Inasmuch as we try and control our lives there are moments when chaos simply happens. And it is in those moments that we are called to be people of faith.
You see I don't see Easter as a season. I believe Easter is a way of life. We can live as Easter Christians if the heartbeat of God is close to our consciousness. When we are connected to God we live with the strength and hope that faith uniquely offers. It really is as simple as that. But there's nothing simple about the spiritual life.

That's why the church is so vitally important. That's why regular attendance helps. Each week we are in church we are re-reminded of God's presence in our world. All of us including preachers need that weekly reminder of how close God is.
Yes, things aren't always going to unfold as we would hope. All of us will have moments in which, if we are honest with ourselves, might lament, "I didn't see that coming!' But if we can hold on to the still small voice of God, hope and strength will abound. Yes that is true in all the seasons of life.
Oh by the way, I'm the new kid on the block. I will be "hangin in Hingham" for three months while Pete is on sabbatical.
Rev. Fred
Christian Education                   April 2018

HCC family and friends,        
As Pete's sabbatical is rapidly approaching, I am thinking of reconciliation in all forms and fashions. For today I am wondering, how do I reconcile myself to this weather which is causing such exhaustion for me. Shovel, rinse, repeat and over and over and over. . . Dictionary.com tells me that reconciliation has something to do with making a truce when there is friction. How will I make my truce with the remainder of winter? I suppose time will tell and I will do my best to take heart with each step along the way.
As many of you know, have figured out, or will figure out soon - reconciliation is complicated and there are many ideas about what it has to do with and how it comes from our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer and Friend. For some progressive Christian people, the idea that "God is reconciled to people," is hard to hold and appreciate. I should note that I sit with the masses: I have both positive and negative thoughts relating to theological notions of reconciliation. For this reason, I so look forward to diving right into faithful community study of this important word and theme. This is, after all, about so much more than being okay with rough winter weather.
We are all so blessed to provide this important time for Pete and also to have Fred Meade coming to help us learn and grow while Pete is away. Praise be to God!
We will have 2 educational film screenings in April and May which will thread into our studies around reconciliation:
At 6:30 pm on April 22nd we will host a screening of Peterson Toscano's Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible. " Peterson Toscano's unique personal journey led him into performance art. After spending 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents attempting to de-gay himself through gay conversion therapy, he came to his senses and came out a quirky queer Quaker concerned with human rights and comedy. He asks himself and his audiences unusual and stimulating questions: Who are the gender outlaws in the Bible? How can comedy help us better understand our most tragic losses? Peterson is on a mission to connect with his audiences in deeply personal ways stirring up hope and purpose in a rapidly changing world." Learn more at: www.petersontoscano.com 
Get more info and RSVP event here: http://evite.me/gUqm4jYkJw 
At 6:30 pm on May 6th at 6:30 pm we will host a screening of Making a Killing: Guns, Green, and the NRA. Learn more about this movie at: https://www.bravenewfilms.org/making_a_killing_guns  
After each film we will take time to think about how our faith intersects with these important topics.
To prepare spiritually for Pete's sabbatical I will be traveling to Ipswich, I will journey to House of Peace in Ipswich, MA on March 27th to spend another lovely day in their Thoreau style cabin.
Thanks to everyone for the prayers in March for the meeting I had with the Pilgrim Association Committee on Ministry. I am so happy to be a Member in Discernment and also a licensed local pastor here at HCC!    
Our annual lobster roll sale is coming right up - we look forward to bringing these delicious rolls to YOUR kitchen counter, table, or office! Beginning in the middle of April we will have youth selling these rolls during coffee hour and there will be an online order form available even sooner. We are grateful for any orders and are always excited to fulfill large orders for businesses. If you work at an office and want to advertise for us or bring food for your friends or co-workers on May 23rd, this is a great opportunity.
SAVE THE DATE FOR VBS - July 30th - August 3rd - Exploring Jungles and Jesus: Faithful Stories - registration will be up on the church website in just a few days!
A Pete leaves for sabbatical please do help out as much as you are able with our regular need for shepherds - our kiddos need your support!
Sign up at: http://signup.com/go/PgsxgTD These folks are also background checked through the CORI system - if you need an update on your check, we will send you an email. If you want to help and need to submit paperwork, follow this link from our church website: http://hccucc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/CORI-REQUEST-2015-2016.pdf. 
The invitation to High Schoolers to help with church school remains open! Ask Sara for details. This can be a great way for HS youth to gain experience working with people of all ages - the children and youth as well as the adults who are teaching and shepherding. (These could also be volunteer hours as required by most High Schools.) Let Sara know if someone in your family may be interested.
Please let me know of any questions or concerns!
Here is how adventure awaits us:
April 1, Sunday, 6, 9, & 10 am - Easter worship services including bunnies at 9 am and 11 am!
April 2, Monday, 7 pm - Lobster Roll meeting
April 4, Wednesday, 6:30 pm - Bereavement
April 5, Thursday, 7;15 pm - Christian Education meeting
April 8, Sunday, 11:30 am - HS youth mission trip meeting
April 8, Sunday, 11:30 am - 6:00 pm - CPR / First Aid training; food provided. RSVP to Sara. All church members invited; shepherds encouraged to attend.
April 9, Monday, 6:30 pm - Grades 7th - 12th invited to a play about children's lives living in the concentration camp, Terezin.
Based on the famous book of poetry, I never saw another butterfly, written by children in the holocaust, this performance is appropriate for grades 7-12.  The play chronicles two days in the life of these children in the concentration camp. RSVP here:   http://evite.me/UXJQkmG8yd  
April 11, Wednesday, 6:30 pm - Confirmation with sponsors
April 13, Friday, 6 pm - Community Game Night; RSVP here:   http://evite.me/bYm3288axe  
April 15, Sunday, 11:05 am - Youth to sell lobster rolls during coffee hour
April 18, Wednesday, 6:30 pm - Bereavement
April 19, Thursday, 12 pm - Annual children and youth trip to Cradles to Crayons. Have children eat before or send them with food for this volunteer trip. RSVP here: http://evite.me/nb3hh7429K  
April 22, Sunday, 10 am - Earth Day intersects with an exploration of reconciliation
April 22, Sunday, 10:15 am - Breakfast Club
April 22, Sunday, 11:05 am - Youth to sell lobster rolls during coffee hour
April 22, Sunday, 11:30 am - High School Youth group
April 22, Sunday, 6:30 pm - Film Screening of Peterson Toscano's Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible; RSVP here:   http://evite.me/gUqm4jYkJw 
April 25, Wednesday, 6:30 pm - Confirmation
April 26, Wednesday, 7 pm - Ladies Lounge - location to be determined
April 27 - 28, Friday and Saturday - Confirmation retreat
April 29, Sunday, 10 am - Exploring reconciliation as it relates to neighbor
April 29, Sunday, 11:05 am - Youth to sell lobster rolls during coffee hour
April 29, Sunday, 2 - 4 pm - HS youth service project
Ongoing unless otherwise noted:
Tuesdays, 7:00 pm - bible study
Thursdays, 9:00 am - GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) bible study
Young men's group - ask Kate or Sara for details
Men's group - ask Kate or Sara for details
Peace of Christ,

Pete and Sara's recent trip to Mt. Monadnock 

Prayer requests...
  • Ann Burnaby
  • Summer Foxley, Kate Sheinis' Daughter-in-law
  • Eric and Veva Johnson
  • Mary Beal
  • Tom Arthur
  • Avi Lev, whose parents both died recently
  • Ron DuBois, Kay Doherty's husband
  • Jane Thorell, Mark's Mom
  • The Thomson family, friends of Jessica McIver
  • Terri Fortin, whose mom died recently
  • Galen Hersey
  • Katie and Betsy, friends of Dan Kelleher
  • Susan Randall Harbert

  • Joe Ludley, Mark's father
  • Bill Ketchum, Member in Discernment

  • Suzy Burba, student at Andover Newton and Member in Discernment

  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.


A Note from Our Moderator
Gifts of Time and Talent

As Rev. Pete and the Board of Stewardship have said many times, there are many more ways to give to our church than with a monetary contribution. Contributing time to wonderful causes like our Pine St. Inn monthly meal ministry, or the Taste of Hingham, or this past Sunday's Feeding Families Together project (which was an amazing production - thousands of meals prepared in Hale Fellowship Hall!) are equally valuable ways of giving to HCC.
This is the time of year when a variety of other time- and talent-giving opportunities are available to members of the HCC community. Specifically, I am referring to opportunities to serve on the Boards and Committees of the church, groups of folks who gather each month to do such things as help bring order to worship, programs to youth, support for local charities, and a church building that operates effectively - just a few of many examples.
Such a group - the Nominating Committee - has begun to gather to identify and recruit individuals who may have an interest in serving on one of these Boards or Committees, with terms of service typically lasting for three years. The objective of the Nominating Committee is to prepare a slate of nominees to serve for the coming year that is then approved by the congregation at the Annual Meeting, which this year will take place after worship on May 20th. Members of this year's Nominating Committee include our ministers, Pete and Sara, Marco Boer, Sherry Schilb, Paul Jeffrey, Debbie Edmundson, Lynn Mayo and me.
In order to provide an opportunity for members of the HCC community to learn more about what each of the major Boards does, we will be holding a "Board Fair" after worship on April 8th, in the Hale Fellowship Hall. This will provide an opportunity for anyone interested to learn more about our Boards from the current members directly - each Board will have a table or space downstairs. Please note that volunteering for service is not restricted to members of Hingham Congregational Church, with the exception of the Board of Deacons. Anyone in the HCC community who is interested is welcome to serve on the Boards of Christian Education, Fellowship, Outreach, Stewardship and Trustees. So, if you are interested, please take a few minutes to learn more at the Board Fair on April 8th. And, perhaps most importantly, if there is a Board you would like to serve on, please let me or one of the members of the Nominating Committee know!
Thank you!

Blessings to you and yours,

Baptism in March 
Bennett Edward Stoeckle was baptized on March 11th.
We celebrate with parents Jessie and Matt
and sponsors Lizzy Stoeckle and Andrew O'brien.
"The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World" - by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

HCC Men's Group will read together a wonderful new book featuring a fascinating, five-day dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World."
 Our reading will end with a discussion of the book at the March 12th Men's Group meeting, Led by Jeff Collins. For those guys who've been around a while, you might view this upcoming session as a sequel to our enlightening discussion on happiness from years ago, led by Jeff. 
The Book of Joy is 366 pages. It's widely available in various formats: hard- and soft cover, e-book (including Kindle), and audiobook. It also can be found in most libraries. 
Link to "The Book of Joy" on Amazon: 
Please join us. We are especially looking forward to those who haven't joined in the past.
Please RSVP to Neil Connolly.  hinghamneil@gmail.com or 201.294.8705

The totals are not in yet as to number of walkers, sponsors, and money raised for SHARING. But it is never too early to thank all of those involved in this year's Good Friday Walk - sponsoring, walking, working, and even those praying for Kay Doherty and the grass-roots organizations that SHARING is able to support throughout each year over the past 47 years!! As of this publication time, HCC has at least a dozen walkers lacing up their walking shoes, another dozen workers ready to take their posts at HCC and other rest stops, and about 20 sponsors with pledges totaling $1700 - so far. (And it isn't too late to make a check out to "SHARING, INC." and sending it along to Ed B.)  Thanks to all!!
Thanks,  Ed B.
Board of Outreach

Easter Box Thanks!
Many thanks to all who generously filled an Easter food box for our neighbors through Wellspring.  We provided over 30 boxes and the recipients were all most appreciative.  Easter blessings from the Board of Outreach!

The Carrots are coming!.....  
April 15th is our annual Carrot Drive...don't forget your veggies! 

Coming Soon! HCC Youth's Famous Lobster Roll Sale!
It's Back! The service trip youth of the Hingham Congregational Church are preparing for the 2018 Lobster Roll Sale!
An order form will be posted shortly on the HCC website. In addition, beginning in mid-April orders may be placed in Hale Fellowship Hall following the service. Look for the smiling youth at tables ready to take your orders.
Each lobster roll comes with with a complete lunch which includes an all premium Maine Lobster (no fillers) roll, a bag of potato chips and a home-style cookie. Free delivery for orders of 6 or more. Please place all orders by Wednesday, May 16th or earlier.
This sale is a fund-raiser for the teens and adults participating in the July service trip. They will spend 7 days painting and repairing homes of financially challenged and elderly families in West Virginia Each participant must help fund the cost of supplies for the work they will perform and the lobster roll sale is a large contributor to the costs for the program. Give yourself a break from cooking and support a very worthy cause!
Progressive Dinner - April 28th!
Fellowship is happy to be working on Progressive Dinner 2018. It is set for April 28th. We welcome singles & doubles to join together. We are looking for folks to sign up to enjoy a group dinner at a randomly chosen house in the Hingham area. We are also looking for some host houses for the event. Sign ups have started at Fellowship Hour in the Hale Fellowship Hall. Additionally we've put sign up sheets in the programs for this coming Sunday. Any questions or if you want to sign up on email; please email Sherry Schilb. sherry.schilb@sanofipasteur.com 

The Jr. Choir will continue its rehearsals and sharing its voice in Sunday worship during the coming weeks of spring. It is never too late in the year to join the Jr. Choir, so if your child loves to sing and is in Kindergarten through grade 6, please encourage him or her to attend a rehearsal some Sunday after church. (Parents, feel free to come along). We have a wonderful group of children singing this year.
          Please check the Sunday Bulletins and "TW@HCC" for rehearsal dates and times. With public school vacation in the middle of the month, the schedule is yet to be finalized. Please direct interest or questions to Mr. B. at jeeko@comcast.net
Ad Hoc Committee on Rust House Funds
For those interested, please plan to attend an information meeting on Sunday, April 29 at 11:30 am in the sanctuary following the church service to learn about the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee's for use of Rust House funds.  This matter will he brought before the congregation for vote at the Annual Meeting in May.  The information meeting provides an opportunity to be well informed about the committee's recommendation.
What's going on with the pipe organ?
On January 30, all the organ pipes were removed for much needed cleaning, repair, and tonal restoration. The shutters which cover the front of the pipe chamber were removed to access the pipes more easily. After the pipes are returned (in May), the front of the pipe chamber will be covered with cloth rather than wood shutters to allow the sound to flow more freely. The resulting organ tone quality will be clearer and less muffled, not really any louder. The color of the new acoustical cloth is very close to the existing wall color and will blend right in.
The Music Committee led by Ed Bartholomew and Steve Waynen reviewed several proposals from different Organ technicians before selecting Joseph Rotella at the Spencer Organ Company which has the most experience, is most familiar with our organ, and offered the most practical proposal. After years of planning, this work is finally being done thanks to Jim Cosman who has the right combination of curiosity, musical experience, and business acumen to serve as the perfect liaison and negotiator between our church and the pipe organ experts.
Meanwhile, since our existing organ is a hybrid of electronic sounds and real pipes, we have been hearing only the electronic half of the organ which our organist Dr. Eileen Hutchins manages expertly - Imagine if only half the buttons on your car stereo actually worked. The electronic organ and console is approaching 25 years old and nearing the end of the expected lifespan of an electronic organ (or any electrical appliance). We will make plans to replace the organ console at some point in the future.
The shutters have been temporarily replaced so that the front of the church looks nice for the upcoming Holy Week Services. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as this phase of our church renovation is completed.

Pine Street Inn
April 16  
Help, Hope, and Home: Those three words describe the Pine Street Inn's mission to end homelessness. For over thirty years, HCC has provided an evening meal on the third Monday of each month to women at the Pine Street Inn in Boston. HCC's outreach to the Pine Street Inn provides multiple opportunities for our congregation to be a part of moving men and women beyond homelessness to long-term stability and success.  
  • Kitchen help is needed at 8:00 AM on third Monday of each month (April 16) for meal preparation. The meal is prepared in our renovated church kitchen at 8:00 AM. Please contact Marcia Sinclair ( marbensin@gmail.com) if you would like to help make a delicious dinner for 100 women in less than an hour.
  • Driver/servers are needed to take the food from HCC to Pine Street Inn and to serve the meal. Please contact Caroline Gibson (cgibson.gb@gmail.com) if you would like to participate in the life-changing experience that occurs when you serve a warm meal to the women at Pine Street Inn.
  • Got Cookies? Got Brownies? Got Desserts? Please mark your calendar and bring donated desserts to HCC on Sunday morning, April 15 or Monday, April 16, by 9:00 AM (Labelled - Pine Street Inn).   Since we resumed making the meal in our renovated kitchen in October, we have not had an adequate supply of dessert donations. Please help!
 If you would like to know more about HCC's ongoing outreach to the Pine Street Inn in Boston and how you can help, please contact Ruth
Ruth Whitner ( rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net)
GUILD Consignment Center Leaps Into Spring!
"The turtle appears upon the earth, and the time of the singing of birds has come."
Immediately after the winter clearance sale, volunteers teamed up to pack donations for local charities, undertake a thorough cleaning of the retail space, and begin tagging items for the new season. Colorful spring merchandise appeared on the racks on March 27 and an expanding inventory grows daily.
We are now accepting consignments of spring and summer clothing for men, women, and children and ask that these be not only seasonal but represent current styles, be clean, and in good condition. Household goods, toys, and electronic equipment must be in working condition and [if battery operated] contain working batteries. Consigning will be accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays; donations can be made at any time.
Spring break coming? Come in and find just what you need for your travels, indoor and outdoor activities, warmer weather play clothes, or upcoming special events. We will be open as usual during school vacations, and enjoy young browsers and treasure hunters.
Visit on Tuesdays (10am-8pm), Wednesdays (10am-1pm), Thursdays (10am-6pm) or Saturdays (10am-1pm), or call 781-749-8000 with questions or for updated details.
HCC is a Welcoming Church:
Hospitality in a Growing Church:
Why develop hospitality? An attitude of friendliness and warmth toward visitors helps a church to grow. Visitors come to a church to try it out. They have a variety of reasons and a diversity of backgrounds. What happens to them from the time they first arrive to the time they leave will determine how well that church embodies Jesus' commission to reach out and make disciples. The inspiring quality of the sermon and the worship service are crucial. The warmth and friendliness of the congregation, however, account for more than half of the reasons why visitors return. When new members are asked, "Why did you choose to join this church?" the most common replies are, "We tried several churches but this one had the friendliest people," or "On our first visit we felt as if we were part of the church community." All of us at HCC practice hospitality when we reach out to welcome others, wear our nametags, pass the friendship pads along our pews, greet new friends during coffee hours and invite them to participate in all that HCC has to offer. Let's continue to make HCC a warm and friendly place to be!
Adapted from: Hospitality in a Growing Church, UCC, 1985
HCC Welcoming Team
April 1
9:00 & 11:00
Easter Worship services
April 2
  7:00 pm
  7:30 pm
Lobster Roll Meeting
Trustees Meeting
April 3
  7:00 pm
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
Deacons Meeting
April 4
  6:30 pm
  7:00 pm
Bereavement Group
Outreach Meeting
April 5
  7:15 pm
Christian Education Mtg.
April 8
11:30 am
11:30 am
11:30 am
  6:30 pm
HS Youth Service Trip Meeting
First Aid/CPR Training
Board Fair
Nomination Boards Mtg.
April 9
  6:30 pm
  6:30 pm
Grades 7 - 12 - Sha'aray - Play
Men's Group
April 10
  7:00 pm
Facilities Use Task Force Mtg.
April 11
  6:30 pm
Confirmation with Sponsors
April 12
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together
April 13
  6:00 pm
Community Game Night
April 15
11:05 am
Lobster Roll Sale Begins!
Carrot Drive!
April 16
  8:00 am
Pine Street Inn
April 17
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
April 18
  6:30 pm
  7:30 pm
Bereavement Group
Executive Council Mtg
April 19
  9:00 am
11:30 am
Growing in Faith Together
Linden Ponds Group

12:00 pm
Cradles to Crayons
April 22
10:00 am
Earth Day

10:15 am
Breakfast Club

11:30 am
HS Youth Group

  6:30 pm
Film screening: "Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible"
April 24
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
April 25
  6:30 pm
April 26
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together
April 27-28

Confirmation Retreat
April 29
11:30 am
Ad-hoc Rust House information meeting

2-4:00 pm
HS Youth Service Project


NVNA and Hospice,
has an immediate need for volunteers to assist in the community and at The Pat Roche Hospice Home.  
Please contact: Kelly Tammaro, Volunteer Coordinator 
Thank you

Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed!
Do you enjoy helping thos in need? You can help seniors in your won community and feel great doing it. At South Shore Elder Services, we want to make sure no one goes without a meal. We need your help to make this happen. Give us a call and find out what volunteering
                      for Meals on Wheels is all about.

What does being a Meals on Wheels volunteer mean? 
  • Valid MA license and a reliable vehicle/CORI check
  • Availability of 1-5 days a week/Monday-Friday/late morning
  • Driving to each consumer's home on your route and delivering a meal to their door
  • Initial train is required, additional enrichment opportunities offered
For more information call Jody at 781-848-3910 ext. 430