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F rom 
The Rev. 

Dear ones,


THAT is the whole of our faith. What more is there to say? Well.....
I am still reeling joyously at the wonder-filled Holy Week we just lived into. As we proceeded through the week between Jesus' festive entry into Jerusalem leading into his death and Resurrection, it seemed God was more palpable than usual. We enjoyed the company of several newcomers, while every single hand was on deck to make the week holy in every sense of the word. We had the blessing of a delightedly increased liturgical presence of our Mother Heidi while rounding out Lent on Holy Wednesday night with her final gathering around her deeply spiritual work, "Holy Solitude". Mind you, those Wednesday Night sessions of fellowship, learning, prayer and sharing were attended almost without exception by 14-19 people! Our Resurrection liturgies (including Easter Vigil and Resurrection Sunday) were hands down among the most joyful I have attended or celebrated ever! The next person who sweeps the ledge under the nave windows will have a wonderful time learning the story of just how a champagne cork landed there during the Eucharist of Easter Vigil 2018!!
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From The Rev. Ed
Chili Cookoff
Lobster Boil #50
From the Senior Warden
From the Junor Warden
Treasurer's Report
Music Ministries
The Month at St. Paul's
Formation Survey
Spring Cleanup
Parish Office Reminders
Flowers for the Altar
Oak Crest Service
Grace Place Fundraiser
ECW Conference
Bishop Curry's Message
From Love INC
Food Pantry Reminders
Update on Alex
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Activities & Events
Contact Information
Lobster Boil efforts for OUR 50TH ANNUAL LOBSTER BOIL are already underway. Please begin this coming Sunday to gather and distribute lobster order forms; we already have received our first order and we need your help to make the sales the largest ever; remember, half the proceeds go to amazing local service agencies and half go to the ministry of St Paul's. The more lobsters we sell, the greater our ministry to the larger community. I can't wait for this year's event, a reunion and a ministry and a meal all in one! We are trying to schedule a visit from the man in the kilt as well, although none of can find his contact information. (-:

This community continues to minister within and without the walls of 900 Normal Road at full tilt. I am grateful to how much each of you gives in depth and breadth to the Kingdom of God, to one another and to those who have yet to brighten our doors but who still feel our presence. It is truly an honor to serve in your midst.

God's peace and every blessing,

Low Sunday Brunch
April 8 after the service

The "Low Sunday" Brunch will take place on April 8th. There is a sign up sheet in the Parish Hall for needed food offerings (breakfast casseroles, coffee cakes, fruit, etc.) Come enjoy great fellowship and great food. See Jocelyn Prall with any questions.
Save this Date! 
Saturday, May 19, 2018
Annual Lobster Boil #50
Wow! Fifty Years! 

 Calling all former St. Paul's members and families: We would love to see you again to help us celebrate our 50th annual Lobster Boil. Pass the word, call your friends, email the folks you know! Come back and have some fun helping at the boil, stay for the After Party, and come to church on that Sunday. It would really be fun to see you and your families. 
Questions? Contact the Parish Office or a committee member: 
Rick and Freyja Johns, Pat Brown, Jennie and Bill Cummings, Rhys and Jocelyn Prall, Lorraine Langer, Betsy Pool, Fr. Ed Bird, and Peg Newby.

The Lobster Boil Kickoff Meeting is
at the Low Sunday Brunch on April 8th 
after the 10:30 AM service! 

From the Senior Warden

It's Spring! We haven't quite left all the chilly, gray weather behind us, but we're definitely feeling the urge to get outside, feel the sun on our faces, and maybe check out our yards for signs of those first spring bulbs poking through the soil. At St. Paul's, plans are being made for our garden space, with new ideas about what kinds of vegetables and herbs to plant this year. Raspberry plants are being donated, maps of the garden beds have been created, and wooden compost bins will soon be constructed. Everyone is invited to be part of the garden. If you are interested, please contact Linda Lorbach at lindalorbach@yahoo.com , or Kristen Borre at kristenborre@rocketmail.com . Of course, our Spring Clean Up Day will be happening soon on Saturday, April 21st, so please plan to bring your rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows to help tidy up our grounds and work along with NIU student volunteers. Marv Kombrink will have more information for you in the coming weeks.
Before all of that, though, we have another opportunity to share some wonderful food and fellowship at the "Low Sunday Brunch" on Sunday, April 8, following the 10:30 service. If you feel inclined, you're invited to bring a brunch casserole or quiche, or perhaps some fruit or bread to share. Or just come, eat and enjoy. But that's not all! April 8th is also the Lobster Boil Kickoff. There will be information available on how you can help out at our 50th Annual Lobster Boil taking place on May 19 this year. There are many opportunities to pitch in, both before and during the Boil, so please come and find out what it's all about.
Usually, in vestry meetings (and other meetings), we begin with appreciations; I am going to wrap up with an appreciation. I would like to express my gratitude to Father Ed and Mother Heidi for leading us through a very contemplative and beautiful Lenten season and through such a deeply meaningful Holy Week. Attending services on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Easter morning may seem like a lot of church to go to, but by attending each one, Rick and I feel we have immersed ourselves fully in the story of the Passion of Christ and the Resurrection. The services this year have been particularly lovely and inspiring, due in large part to the planning and preaching of Father Ed and Mother Heidi. Thank you!

Freyja Rasmussen-Johns

From the Junior Warden

I have attended the Vestry meetings and am a member of the search committee. Thank you to everyone on the search committee for their hard work. The writing and re-writing of the parish profile, future rector characteristics, and OTM worksheet was a tedious process, but we can be proud of the documents we are presenting to the Diocese.
We are preparing for the Spring Cleanup Day on April 21. Rick and Rhys are helping me to understand the process and the Garden Committee is helping determine how much mulch, topsoil and other items we need to order in the next week.
Reverend Ed was excited with the response to the Adult Formation Survey. Please see the results below. He and Freya have asked that I work with members of the congregation to come up with a plan addressing these results. Marilyn Cleland will be helping me with this. If you would like to be involved, please let me know. We are thrilled with the attendance at our Lenten series "Holy Solitude" presented by author Heidi  Haverkamp. Mother Heidi provided inspirational presentations and she and Reverend Ed were great facilitators.

Check the website for the 
Treasurer's Report Summary
March Report with February 2018 Figures:

This report covers the month of February 2018. The checking account with Heartland Bank is our primary operating account. Accounting reports are compiled by American Midwest Tax and Accounting, Inc. whose office is at 901 North First Street in DeKalb. Sheila Appel is our primary contact. The firm also pays the bills and processes the payroll. The Edward Jones Firm on Sycamore Road managed by Matt Myre oversees our Building (Capital) and Endowment Funds.
Receipts through February 2018 (See attached worksheet for details)
We have received $43,335 from 2018 pledges through the end of February which is 38% of the $115,063 budgeted. The total of all receipts through February was $44,905 which is 20% of the budgeted amount of $223,063.
Disbursements through February 2018
Total operating disbursements through February were $37,538 which is 17% of the budgeted amount of $223,063. The difference between receipts and disbursements through February was $7,367 on the positive side.
Capital Fund
The balance in the Edward Jones Capital Fund at the end of February was $30,000 in CD's and $4,718 in the Money Market Fund totaling $34,718. We spent $3,199.64 for the new computer in February so the Capital Fund Balance in the Heartland Bank account is a negative ($580.70.) Adding the $34,705 in the Edward Jones Account, the end of February Capital Fund equals $34,137.30. I moved $4,000 from the MM at Edward Jones to the Heartland Bank Account a week ago. A CD for $10,000 comes due on March 19, 2018. I have requested Edw Jones to keep it in Money Market Funds rather than reinvesting it since we may need the funds for Gutter Work on the church. Another $10,000 CD comes due in May and we may decide to reinvest that one.
Endowment Fund
The value of the Endowment Fund at the end of February was $2,154,674. a change in value from January of ($66,914) The net increase in value for the year is $30,994. For reference, 5% of the Monthly Average Balance was $104,027 and 4% was $83,222. These numbers relate to the amount we take from the Endowment Fund for Operating Expenses. The end of February numbers reflect the volatility of the Stock Market but we still have a net increase in value for the year. The Endowment Committee met in early March to review the Endowment Fund with Matt Myre from Edward Jones.
Apache Stock - The shares on deposit with the company are 6.307 The stock was valued at $215 on February 28, 2018. The value has decreased $50.61 since the beginning of the year.
On February 28, 2018 Fund balances in the Heartland Bank checking account were: Discretionary Fund $392.93; Flower Fund $1,071.62; Music Fund $2,005.00;
Columbarium Fund $3,623.90; Operating Fund $34,987.84; Capital Fund ($580.70), for a total of $41,500.59.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Brown,  
March 18, 2018
Music Ministries            

The St. Paul's Adult/Youth & Children's Choirs  are  preparing 
several new anthems  for remainder of Easter & beginning of Pentecost!

Easter Anthems:
4/08 "With A Voice of Singing" Martin Shaw                    4/15 "Joyful!" Michael E. Ekbladh
4/22 "The Lord's My Shepherd" Frasier Wilson                4/29 " I Believe in the Sun" Arr., Mark Miller   

5/06 "Praise the Lord for Spring" Robert Powell - The Children's Choir
        " Jubilate Deo"  W.A. Mozart - The Adult/Youth Choir
5/13 "Alleluia, Amen!" Thomas Norris, Arr., James Kirkby
5/20 " I'm goin'-a sing when the Spirit says sing" The Children's Choir           
        "Panis Angelicus"  Thomas Pavlechko The Adult/Youth Choir w/Organ
5/27 "I Will Sing with the Spirit" John Rutter

Don't wait, if you enjoy the arts such as singing, playing an instrument, acting, dancing, drawing, as  well as, the art of oratory, please come and join our artistic work and fellowship! 

The Month of March at St. Paul's

M other Heidi, Beth Lee and Father Ed attend the March for Our Lives in Rockford Il on March 24th

Easter Sunday Festival Celebration with Rev. Heidi, Rev. Adam, Rev. Ed and 
acolytes Luke Stubblefield, Ava Stubblefield and Gretchen Schlabach

Kayla Kirchner and Peg Newby prepare for Easter fellowship inside as
 Lori Judkins prepares for the Easter Egg Hunt outside
Christian Formation Survey

We received 21 surveys back of about 40-45 sent out.

Of the 21 received, 17 are interested in adult formation.

Of the 17, regarding format (they were allowed to vote for more than one thing)
a)      15 vote for the group facilitator
b)     11 vote for a book study
c)      7 vote for videos
d)       5 vote for dramatic readings
e)      5 vote for a lecture
f)       5 vote for offsite tours
g)      5 vote for small prayer group formation

For preferences, of the 17:
a)      14 want to drop in, no advance prep
b)        9 like weekly, short-term (5 more also like every other week)
c)        9 like specific topics for a whole, brief series

Topics include:
a)      Bible for knowledge, 12 votes
b)       Bible for faith, 8 votes
c)      Episcopal 101, 7 votes
d)       New prayer techniques,7 votes

Three groups emerge in re time slots:
a)      Weekday evening
b)       Sunday morning
c)      Weekday morning

And clustering them according to that first, it appears that Group (a) wants group facilitated book study with some video mostly around Bible study for faith or knowledge with a bit of Episcopal 101 and some new prayer techniques.

Group (b) mostly appears to want to keep Sunday mornings as they are, with a touch of video, or dramatic reading and lecture to spice it up, mostly on the same topics: Bible study for faith, or for knowledge; Episcopal 101; and new prayer techniques. A subsequent conversation with those who normally have attended this group suggests the priest might begin attending these and taking leadership for a while. The idea was that this group do on Sunday's what the larger group did during the week so that if the priest is the leader for both, they don't have to prepare two different things.

Group (c) wants book study, bible study for knowledge, on a longer-term basis, with there being a specific topic for a few weeks.

There were 27 new topics or format proposed by one person each; one person came up with about 12, another came up with five, the rest were where ten different people had one idea.

Did you get your Christian Formation Survey for Adult Education? Have you returned it yet?

Can't wait to get your thoughts! Mail to the Parish Office or just drop it off when you are here.
Spring Cleanup and NIU Cares Day
Saturday April 21 - 9AM-Noon

Saturday April 22nd, from 9 to Noon, we are going to clean up the church ground, trim bushes, put new mulch down, and get the garden plots ready. Please bring wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, and any else useful for cleanup. We are also a site for NIU Cares Day and a number of students will be here to help. Please bring some extra hand tools (no power tools) to share with the students. Thanks! Any questions, call Marv Kombrink at 630-485-0222.
If you are an inside person, Lorraine Langer and Freyja Rasmussen-Johns will be heading a crew to help clean up the inside of the church, also.
Reminders from the Parish Office
Rector's Discretionary Fund is collected the first Sunday every month. These funds are used to help people in need in our community. The next collection will be on Sunday, May 6 , 2018.
Food Pantry Sunday  is the second Sunday of each month. You can bring your food any time and place it in one of the baskets. Non-perishable food items and monetary donations can be dropped off any Sunday, or at the Parish Office. Please make all checks out to St. Paul's with "Food Pantry" in the memo line.  The Food Pantry Sunday coming up is April 8 2018.
Proclaimer Deadline: The deadline to send information for the monthly newsletter is the third Sunday of every month.  Please send any information you would like to see in the May 2018  issue of the Proclaimer to the Parish office by April 15 , 2018 .  Your pictures are also welcome.
The Vestry meets every month. The vestry minutes are available on our website here.
The Parish Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays, 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
Flowers for the Altar

Dates are open for your dedications.  Flowers are not used on the altar during Lent, but dedications can still be made. 

The 2018 flower sign up sheet is next to the bulletin board outside the kitchen and dates can be selected for all months during the year. Generally the donation is about $30 for a Sunday. 
Celebration of Holy Eucharist
at Oak Crest,
Wednesday, April 18th, 2 PM

This service includes music, readings, a short homily and communion. If you would like to be involved in the important outreach of our parish, please join the Reverend Ed at OakCrest on these third Wednesdays of the month.
Grace Place Fundraiser
April 28, 5:00-6:30 PM
401 Normal Road

Grace Place Celebration APRIL 28: All Are Invited; All Are Welcome!  Grace Place is having an end of semester celebration and St. Paul's family is invited!  Please come and get to know us better, enjoy refreshments and good company.  Allow us to thank you for your constant support of our campus ministry by having you as our guests. For additional information please contact Kris Borre at  kristenborre@rocketmail.com
Called to Lead
ECW Conference

April 28, 2018
St. James Episcopal Church
West Dundee, IL
All women from across the Diocese are invited to attend this conference on women's leadership.  Our Honored Women from our parishes and our Distinguished Woman, Angela E. Watkins from Messiah-St. Bartholomew, Chicago will be honored during our Eucharist.
Workshops will be "Communication: More Than Email" with Cathedral Associate for Communications, Alan Taylor and "Avoiding Burnout" presented by Debbie Prium, an advance nurse practioner. 
Registration is $25 in advance and $35 at the door.  Registration includes lunch.  You may register online or download a copy of the registration form at the ECW website.

Presiding Bishop's Pilgrimmage in Jersusalem on Good Friday

Episcopal News Service - Jerusalem]
The cold early-morning rain that fell here on Good Friday seemed to blur the lines between Christian denominations and make clearer the united Christian witness in the Holy Land, as pilgrims huddled together in the wind to retrace Jesus' road to Calvary along the Via Dolorosa.

Among them were Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and those traveling with him on a Holy Week pilgrimage. With the skies alternating between threatening and bright, the pilgrims walked gingerly along the rain-slicked limestone pavement that has been worn smooth by centuries of Christian devotion. Cassock hems sometimes dipped into the many puddles along the way, making for a cold and wet experience as the rainwater soaked in.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry walks the Via Dolorosa with Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem Suheil Dawani through the Old City in Jerusalem.  Every year, the Good Friday ritual is re-enacted in the midst of everyday life in the Old City in Jerusalem. Shopkeepers were slowly opening their sweet shops, bakeries and souvenir stores. Religious icons and jewelry and vestments were for sale next to butcher shops and hair salons. Feral cats scrounged for food. Trash collectors carefully drove their motorized carts down the narrow pilgrim-lined streets. A police officer joined the procession as a guide.

Members of the  Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land join each year to walk the way of the cross.  At each stop, a pilgrim read from the Bible and others led prayers for themselves and others. The pilgrims sang hymns as they walked between each station. Curry and the Most Rev. Suheil Dawani, the Anglican archbishop in Jerusalem, were among those carrying the cross during the walk.

Read the rest of the article here .

Bishop Curry's Easter Message can be viewed here.

From Love INC

This month we were able to use funds from your church to assist the following: a lady in need of medication, a senior person whose toilet needed to be replaced (cheap toilet was purchased and a volunteer installed), and a family was able to receive partial assistance towards their water bill. Thank you for taking part this way, and allowing people to be exposed to the greatest love of all....Jesus' love and care for them.

A blessing partnering with you in our community.

Nathan Scott
Food Pantry Reminders
Th anks to all parishioners who contributed to Food Pantry Sunday. The next Food Pantry Sunday will be April 8, 2018.

St. Paul's has adopted the 1st Thursday of every month to help at the Salvation Army Food Pantry from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. Please contact Pat McMahon if you can help out in these months or can substitute in other months.

Items in large demand are diapers (size 4 and up), canned or fresh fruit, pet food and personal care items (toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap, etc.).
Contributions may be made at any time during the month, not just on the second Sunday.

Thanks to all whose donations help to make this  a successful ministry.   Pat and Vince McMahon
An Update from Alex Esche
from Jennie Cummings

Hi Jennie,
I am doing well! My job (actuary) is interesting; the first few months I was learning a lot, but now that I know my around a little bit I'm starting to get my own projects. My place is nice; Melissa and I got a 2 bedroom townhouse, and it is very comfortable!  I found a church close to home, St. Christopher's, and the associate priest here knew Fr. Ed!  I will be back in May for my graduation; I hope I can stop by then.  Have a happy Easter!
Westfield, IN
A nniversaries & Birthdays

April Birthdays
4/2                  Maggie Russell
4/17               Rick Johns
4/18               Edie Faulkner (Rick's and Freyja's grandkid)
4/18               Alan Leonard
4/23               Doug Roberts

April Anniversaries

4/14               Martin and Jacqueline Mounts
4/21               Ed Bird and Beth Lee

Activities & Events

4/1           10:30 AM Service
                11:45 AM Easter Egg Hunt
4/2-5         Father Ed vacation
4/8            8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
                 Low Sunday Brunch and Lobster Boil Kickoff, 11:30 AM
4/15         10:30 AM Service
                Vestry Meeting, 12:15 PM      
4/18         OakCrest Service, 2:00 PM
                Children's Waiting Room, 3:00 PM
4/19         Lobster Boil Presentation of Proceeds, 2:00 PM
4/21         Spring Cleanup with NIU Cares students, 9AM-Noon
4/22         8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
4/29         10:30 AM Service

Save the Date

5/19        LOBSTER BOIL!

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