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April 2018

COMING SOON!!   How often do we have the opportunity to meet people from around the world with extraordinary knowledge about parrots?  Have you ever met someone who has seen wild African parrots first-hand? Only $139 for two action-packed days with our guest speakers.  Extensive auction and stainless steel cage raffle.To register, click here.   Please join us!
April 7th
Springfield, VA
Stephen Baldwin
Quakers of Brooklyn
April 14th
Baltimore, MD
Things I Wish I'd Known
April 21st
Alexander, NC
A Parrot's Point of View
April 28th
Fairfax, VA
Did You Know?  A Gathering of Parrot Care Information
The Quakers of Brooklyn
April 7th
Springfield, VA
Steve Baldwin
Steve Baldwin has been tracking the wild quaker parrots inhabiting Brooklyn since 2005.  What an amazing study and accumulation of information about how birds survive, socialize, and reproduce. Steve hosts monthly "Wild Parrot Safaris" in Brooklyn so the public can also enjoy them.  He will give us a presentation about the parrots that will trace their oddly compelling story in the U.S.A. and give insight about their remarkable "street smarts" (which naturally includes the ability to enjoy pizza!). 
More info about our event times and places at
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Almost every bird will need more than one home. Sometimes it is because people have not taken time to understand how to live successfully with a parrot; but most often it is simply because our lives change. It's no ones fault, it's just what needs to happen. So it is really important that we promote adoption as a positive way to find a bird companion.  To l earn more about our process go to
PEANUT is a blue front Amazon looking for his next Phoenix Landing family.  He eats a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, pellets are still a challenge, but no seeds, yay! He loves pistachio nuts and almonds in the shell and all types of nuts out of the shell for special treats. His current loving Phoenix Landing family thinks  he would do well in a home with other birds, and he currently shares the house (not a cage) with another Amazon. He knows many wild bird calls, and currently enjoys a beautiful woodland view in western NC. Peanut loves tearing apart small wooden blocks. He is trained to step on a stick or rope, a very useful skill. His wings have not been clipped but he does not fly.  He is reportedly about 12 years old but we really don't know and could be much older.
MALACHI  is a 14 year old Congo African grey. He whistles, chatters, and sometimes even dances. He wants absolutely nothing to do with hands (very common for birds, especially greys), but that's okay, it is his prerogative! He spends most of his time chewing on toys and watching the "other bird" in the window (when a light is on behind him and he sees his shadow). He is not eating many fresh foods yet, but he is perfectly content with pellets, Nutriberries, almonds, and walnuts. Malachi came from a home that had adopted another Congo grey from us, but then they hit hard times.
SALLIE  is a 35+ year old wild-caught Congo African grey. Sallie  had her beak bitten off about 2 years ago and her elderly owner obtained only minimal veterinary support. Since she's been with Phoenix Landing, she has been to the vet many times and still gets daily treatments. She is able to eat and enjoys fresh fruits and veggies, grains and her fine pellets. She also has deformed feet and is 1/2 blind. She is a total mess, but is really sweet. Wild caught parrots already deserve extra from us, and this little girl needs someone extra special to adopt her.
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