Dear District 41 Community,

On behalf of Glen Ellyn School District 41, I want to thank the community of voters for your support through this election. As you may have heard, the unofficial results are in and the DuPage County Election Commission is reporting that we have passed our $24.2 bond referendum by 11 votes. I am very proud of the process that the district, Board of Education and community went through together to come up with a comprehensive plan that the community supports.

We will be waiting for the official results in the coming weeks. We will communicate the news as soon as we hear from the election commission. If the referendum passes, we look forward to continuing to engage with the community to make the proposed projects become a reality.

A special thank you to all who worked extremely hard to help inform the community about the projects and the reasons why this is a necessary investment for our students today and in the future.

Dr. Paul Gordon