It's Alive! Building the Not-So-Perfect Frankentype 


So there you were, in your garage tinkering away when suddenly, eureka!  Maybe you even thought of the scene from the old Frankenstein movie when the doctor exclaimed, "It's alive! It's alive!"  So many of us have been there. 
The Frankentype.  You may have built one already and don't even know it.  This is the prototype where you've snuck out to the graveyard of broken products and spare parts.  You've used glue sticks and duct tape.  You've put it all together with blood, sweat and that idea that struck you in the middle of the night.  The result is a prototype that only an inventor could love, but you've taken that first important step of prototyping in the right way - you've built it, you've proven that it works and most importantly: you haven't spent a lot of money.  
And y ou should expect several iterations of this cheap, ugly prototype, as it is a low-cost way to understand your future product's functionality, and prepare you to make it's prettier cousin: the MVP (minimum viable product).  This is the one where you'll start a whole new iterative process as you begin your market validation, and gain valuable customer feedback.  
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Some of your best customers can be the government agencies looking for great products to solve their problems.  But how do you connect with them?  How can you sell your products to them? 

Find out how you can leverage FREE services to do just this as we hear from - 
Darrall Henderson State Director at 

KYPTAC stands for the Kentucky Procurement Technical Assistance Center, a valuable business development resource that works with companies that want to sell to federal, state, and local government agencies.  Their goal is to help you win government contracts, and they do this by providing free, highly personalized procurement assistance.   

They consult on contracting, marketing, GSA schedule, certifications, proposal drafting, and more. 

There are many valuable opportunities for inventors and entrepreneurs in finding the right   government   customer that is waiting for great product solutions to their problems.

So join us as we hear about some great FREE help we can get to market our products and business solutions to government customers.  

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