April 2016

The Power of Stories in our Lives

"Read me a story, Grandpa".  I can't wait for my 12 month old grandson to ask me this. 
Andrew Horwood

This got me thinking about stories.  And reflecting that stories are largely called "make believe", and aren't considered real.  As adults, it's easy to think that we are living "in the real world", and stories, seen as childs play, aren't part of our life, right?  I don't think so.   Just look at election campaigns.  What are they about if not telling a story, a dream for what the country could be?   How much energy gets invested in telling such stories?  This is an indication of the power to influence the behaviour of adults which lies behind the stories being offered us. 

It's been said that "without a vision, the people perish."  I ask what sort of vision do WE have for OUR lives?   What sort of stories are we accepting which power our lives?
The musical, "South Pacific" offers a clue. The song Happy Talk includes this advice - "Happy talk, keeping talking happy talk. Talk about things you like to do. You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?"

We live in a digital age where everything has sped up and change seems constant.  There's energy on the move - the energy of Life creating something new.  Change brings up feelings like anger, fear or sadness, and as a result of these feelings, it's tempting to make up a story to explain to ourselves why we're feeling as we do.  Then as a result of the story we've made up, often a horror story, we're likely to feel another emotion.  This is called mind generated emotion, which is frequently much more intense than the original feeling we had as a result of participating in the energy of change itself.   This is the way mountains are created from molehills.   Wouldn't Happy Talk be more useful?

Intense change is often called a crisis.  Such times include both danger and opportunity and the feelings that go with each.  We have a choice about how we view such times, what sort of story we'll create to explain to ourselves what's occurring.  And those choices will create our experience in the future.  In this way, we create our own life experience.  Powerful, aren't we?  We get to choose the experience of our lives!!!

A mentor I've never met, Grace Van Duzen, said "it's all a continuum of victory.  It's all about what can Spirit do next to raise consciousness?"  What a wonderful way to view each circumstance.  This is really helping me amidst the range of changes unfoldin g in my life right now.

As you live into the changes happening in your life, consider these:
  • Take care with the stories you make up.  Your choice will change your life
  • Be at peace with the feeling of uncertainty, which is the nature of change.  It's all about victory.
  • Train yourself to look for the opportunities - it's much more fun
Here's to the ease in Life
Dr Andrew Horwood
Program Director

Marvellous May
If you are seeking to discover more about yourself, to embrace a fresh beginning in life or to simply be more present in day to day living, we have some great events to support you on this journey.

Yin-sightful Yoga
Alternate Wednesdays. May 4th & 18th. June 1st, 15th & 29th
9.30 - 11.00am  Fee $7/session 

Find the 'Yin' within. With reclined or seated poses to help you slow down, unwind & reconnect with the inner you.
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Stillpoint Meditation 
Altern ate Wednesdays May 11th & 25th. June 8th, 22nd. July 6th.
9.30 - 11.00am  Fee $7/session

Calm your mind & relax your inner being in a supportive group environment.
All welcome no prior experience necessary. Click  here for more details.

Attunement Post-Grad Program
Saturday May 14th. 1-5pm
Fee: Donations appreciated

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This is an ongoing program for Attunement Graduates only. 

Sacred Sound - Feel the Vibration
Overnight event. Saturday May 28th from 4pm - 11:30am Sunday 29th
Early Bird offer by May 22nd $110. After Early bird offer $150. 
Saturday Only Early Bird offer $70. After Early Bird offer $90

Featuring the unique skills of Matthew Kuhn of Whitefeather. Celebrate the ancient art of sound healing, using drums, native american rattles, rhythm sticks and voice. Reconnect with yourself and community around the fire and under the stars. 

Miracle of Silence 
Saturday June 11th 1-5pm
Early bird price $20 by June 3rd. After Early Bird price $40 

Practising  silence in a supportive  group gives you an opportunity for reconnection with the Inner Self - that part which allows for deeper knowing of your internal  truth. Click here for more information and to book tickets.

Celebrating Earth's Sacred Cycles - Winter Solstice
Saturday June 18th  6 -7pm
Fee: Donations appreciated

A time of ritual & sacred celebration of the earths' rhythms. The Winter solstice is the shortest day, longest night of the year and is a time of inner reflection. Click  here   for more information.

Morning Tea
Tuesday to Friday 11.00-11.30am  

Join us Tuesday to Friday  for an opportunity to relax and make connections. Kindly let us know you will be attending. Details  here


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  Meme of the Month

Letting go of Control.....
By Christine Spencer

          I've spent a lot of my life in a tizzy mess without even realising it! 

I've wanted to control my every move and if my loved ones didn't follow my way of doing things or my idea's, there was friction.

I was definitely focused entirely on myself and living somewhat unconsciously.  I look back now and think, that was so sad, I've missed way too much of the unexpected gifts life has given me. Lately, however, I'm aware of a deepening process taking place within me. Read more of Christine's inspiring blog  here

The Persisting Power of the ANZAC Spirit 
by Andrew Horwood

We're on the cusp of honouring the 100th anniversary of the landing at ANZAC cove. The nations of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey were changed forever by that 8 ½ month campaign. Tales of heroism, sacrifice and suffering abound and this event in our nation's history ranks as the time Australia became a nation more so than Jan 1st, 1901 when Federation was declared between the States. What messages are there for us today from this persisting power of the ANZAC spirit? To read more click

Family Fun Event Highlights

Here at Riverdell we can pack a lot of fun into 3 hours! At our recent Family Fun event we created amazing artwork, found time for some fun family yoga, enjoyed a walk amidst our beautiful property, relaxed on our reflexology path and still had time for afternoon tea! Click below to see the highlights of this wonderful event.


Family Fun Event
Family Fun Event

Poem of the Month

A Summers Farewell
By Rita Koehler

Take thou today
This laden bower
Of golden fruits

With loving gratitude
That honours
joyful labours toil

From sunrise
Until fading light
You graced

So let us sing
Together welcome
Autumns harvesting

Gather in
Precious grain
Grapes splendour

And let earth enter
Into sweet dreamingness
Renew for spirits spring

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