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The Dance Corner News
Vol VIII   Issue VII
April 2012

Important Dates

4/16- 4/22-

April Vacation, no regular classes



Recital Ticket Sales,


(find your family's purchase time slot below)


5/30 & 6/1-

Onstage Rehearsals, times TBA in May


6/2 & 6/3-

 Recital Weekend

"I Love New York" recital, 2pm, 6/2 & 6/3

"Twinkle Stars Showcase", 12pm, 6/3


Don't Miss Out!  Order your recital t-shirts, flowers and yearbooks today!
Give yourself one less thing to remember on recital day by pre-ordering your recital T-shirt,rose bouquets and additional yearbooks for your dancers!  Pre-order forms are available in the lobby and online through April 24th.  All T-shirt and flower orders must be received by 4/24.  T-shirts and flowers can be purchased at the recital, but we order limited quantities, so pre-order and be sure to get yours! 
Yearbook Cover Contest Deadline


The first annual yearbook cover contest deadline is Friday, 4/13 at 7:00pm.  Any ads submitted after this deadline will not be considered for the contest.  Don't miss your chance to be on the cover of our first FULL COLOR yearbook and spend a day in NYC!


Cover Contest Rules & Ad forms are available on our


recital page

Classes & Camps
VIp camp
Don't forget to sign up for summer camps and classes.  Registrations paid in full by May 1st may be eligible for a 10% discount!  For schedule and information visit TheDanceCorner.com or grab one of our summer brochures in the lobby.
Stage Rehearsals
Stage rehearsals will be held Wednesday, May 30th and Friday, June 1st.  Each class will rehearse on one of these dates.  The rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the beginning of May. 
As you can imagine, it is difficult to create a schedule that is convenient for all Dance Corner families.  Please let Miss Carrie know about any school concerts, field trips etc, that may interfere with your child's ability to attend rehearsal on May 30th or June 1st by April 22nd. 
We will do our best to schedule classes on dates and times that work for everyone. 
Normal dance wear should be worn for the rehearsal. No costumes please.
Monthly Tuition Payments  

Monthly Tuition bills are due upon receipt. Payment can be mailed to the studio or left in the "Check Box" in the waiting area.

A $10 late fee will be applied to any monthly payments not received by the 15th of the month. Also, there is a $25 charge for returned checks.

The Dance Corner accepts Visa and Mastercard, allowing you to have your tuition bill paid automatically each month. See Miss Carrie for details.

Ticket Sales
Tickets will be on sale Saturday, May 19th from 12:00pm - 5:00pm and will be available for purchase thru June 1st.  Tickets will not be available at the door the day of the recital.  Families have been assigned a time slot for ticket purchases on May 19th based on when they registered for fall classes.  Families of graduating seniors are first to purchase tickets.  
You do not need to purchase your tickets in person on May 19th.  If you are unable come to ticket day, you may fill out a Ticket Request form and we will assign your tickets during your time slot on May 19th. 
For the I Love New York recital performances, there is a limit of 12 tickets per family on ticket day.  Additional tickets can be purchased by filling out a ticket request form or purchasing tickets at our Dance Shop anytime between May 21st and June 1st. 
There is no limit to the number of tickets each family may purchase for the Twinkle Stars Showcase.
Families can purchase tickets for all three shows during their assigned purchase time slot. 
Tickets are $14 per person for I Love New York performances and $10 per person for the Twinkle Stars Showcase.  Families attending more than one I Love New York performance can purchase a recital pass for $21. 

Recital passes are valid for the same person to attend both I Love New York recital performances.  Recital passes are not valid for the Twinkle Stars Showcase performance.
Those families carrying a past due balance thru May will not be able to purchase tickets until their balances are current.  Statements will be e-mailed to all families with past due balances before ticket day. If you have any questions about your balance or issues with any charges, please contact Miss Carrie before ticket day to discuss them.  
All classes will meet as scheduled on Ticket Day, Saturday, 5/19.


Yearbook Advertising
Trinity HughesShow your support for the dancer in your life.  Place an ad in our new full color, glossy yearbook.  
Include personal messages and photos to let the dancer in your family know how proud you are of her or him.   Business advertising is also welcome.  More than 1000 residents of Killingworth, Madison and area towns will view your ad .
Save money by submitting your completed ad and payment by 7:00pm, Friday, 4/13. Early bird ad prices range from $35- $175.
The FINAL DEADLINE for yearbook ads is 12:00pm, Saturday, 4/28. NO ads will be accepted after this.
The printing of the yearbook is funded by these ads.  Please support our effort to give dancers memorable keepsakes from the recital. Ad forms are available in the studio lobby or click here.    
2012 Ticket Sales List

Families will purchase tickets during their assigned timeslot.  The order that families are listed is the order in which they will buy tickets. The first name listed at 12:00 will be the first family to buy tickets, the second family listed will purchase theirs second and so on.  If you are late for your assigned time, the next family on the list will go ahead of you.  The schedule is tight and we need to keep things moving quickly in order to keep the day running smoothly.

Families who cannot attend ticket day should complete a ticket request form and turn it in to Miss Carrie by 7:00pm on Friday, 5/18.  If you submit a ticket request form by the deadline, seats will be assigned to you at the end of your designated ticket time block.  Ticket requests turned in after 7:00pm on 5/18 will be filled at the end of ticket day.


Please address any questions or concerns to Miss Carrie.




 Winham/ Tinkler
 Young/ Das-Young


 Bartick- Gould
 Miller/ Grief
 Wallis/ Helm
 Adams Sack


 Murphy, Abigail & Jessica
 Hammell- Murphy
 Campbell, Alyson


 Rohlfs/ Barry
 Jones, Abby
 Alexander/ Miller
 Frost/ Mansour
 Dam/ Bellantoni
 Brunick/ Berliner
 Thibodeau/ Petrelle
 Adams, Helen & ReAnna Jean
 Campbell, Anna & Kaelin
 Way/ DeMatteo
 Ducoff/ Carlson
 Carter/ Donnelly
 Von Ahnen
 Young, Hailey
 Carmichael/ Loew
 Marsden/ McKenzie
 Stevenson/ Levels
 Meeks/ Kowalski
 Peterlik/ Forbes
 Roman/ Reilly
 Ludwin/ Colborn


Please address any questions or concerns to Miss Carrie.


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