An ARM Update
April 2013

Dear friends,  


We have a vision for leadership!
For the last 50 years, the Western world has poured trillions of dollars into Africa, with Uganda being one of those recipient countries.  Unfortunately, even with these financial blessings, it is hard to find lasting change here.  The fact is that until Ugandan's are empowered and enabled to create lasting change, our story and future will remain unchanged.  
This is why we have a vision for leadership at ARM, and our example, is none other than Jesus Christ.  He was an exemplary leader, one who did not worry about His well being but rather about the well being of people around him.  He was a servant with a heart for transformation.

In this edition of our e-news you will hear the story of some of our children who are raising above the status quo. We are thankful to nurture them on their leadership journey's and we are thankful to all of you, who make it possible through your faithfulness to this ministry.  These children are the types of leaders who will create lasting change in Uganda and the type of children we are so blessed to raise here at ARM!  


Be blessed,


Pastor Peter


Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO

Congrats to our Child Leaders PARKstory

April E-News Video Blast

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The Ugandan Education System 

Did you know that the Ugandan Education System is quite different than the USA Education System? Here are some of the differences:
  • Most city-dwelling children start school at 3 years old, starting with baby class & then nursery school.
  • Village-dwelling children usually start school much later, at around 8 or 9 years old. 
  • Children attend 7 years of primary school (P1-7)
  • & 6 years of secondary school (S1-6). 
  • In Uganda age does not determine your grade, so you often find young children in the same class with older ones.
  • The last 2 years of secondary school are not mandatory if a child is not pursing a college degree, so many students stop at S.4 to pursue vocational training or to start their own businesses.
  • School at any level, is not free.  This is why ARM offers sponsorship to help subsidize a child's education cost & make it affordable for them.
NGLP & University Education

NGLP (Next Generation Leadership Program) is a university sponsorship program through ARM.  This program only admits 20 students per year.  

Currently, only about 10% of our secondary school graduates attend University through our NGLP program.  This is due to the limitations in sponsors as the price significantly increases at the university level. To help ease this, our sponsors have the option to choose partial funding levels at $50, $100 or $150, if they can not cater for the full funding rate of $200 per month. 

Did you know that Uganda's University education is run on a British system?

This means that in Uganda most Bachelor Degree programs take 3 years to complete, with the exception of law and a few other programs that can take 4 to 5 years to complete.
Leadership Training Course

The Leadership Training Course is ARM's newest project and is scheduled to launch in 2014 to help us better fulfill ARM's vision of raising "generations of transformational Christian leaders".
The program is a mandatory 3-month, intensive exit course for all of ARM's sponsored children. 
The heart behind this program is to give all our students intentional & practical tools in their leadership toolboxes so they leave ARM well. 
 Our goal is that they strive to be transformational Christian leaders throughout their lives.  Leaders who will never quit or compromise, but leaders who stand the test of time even in the face of adversity and societal pressure. 
Please keep ARM and the development of this new program in your prayers!
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