Marguerite's Newsletter             April/May 2017

Classes start on Monday, April 3rd
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:: Gift Certificates
:: Winter Boot Camp
:: Spring Sewing Retreat!
:: Kidz Can Sew
:: Sewing with Knits
:: Beginning Sewing for Adults
:: Children's Clothes
:: Beginning Sewing for home
:: Quilting--Making Memories
:: Teens Can Sew
:: Intermediate/Advanced Fit, Finish, Fantastic

The prospect of sunshine and blossoms is very appealing during this last round of cold weather!  Summer clothes are so much fun to stitch--often quick and easy.  In our intermediate knits class you will learn all the techniques necessary to create clothing out of this luscious, but tricky, fabric.  Check out the pattern below.

The sewing school is gearing up for the summer with classes for kids and teens.  Both age groups will learn the essentials of sewing.  The class times for kids on Monday and Teens on Wednesday will remain the same.  Sewing is a life skill for all ages.

April brings us another sewing retreat at Montgomery Bell State Park.  The leaves should be on the trees so our view should be tremendous from our sewing suite.  Registration is very limited so give us a call to register as soon as possible.


Fantastic Choices
Something for everyone!

Gift Certificates
Classes or Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Scheduled at mutually agreeable times.
Call for Details!

Birthday Parties
For kids and adults
These parties are lots of fun.  We do a sewing craft that introduces the student to sewing and using a needle and thread. Projects vary.  Call for more information.
Spring Weekend Boot Camp
at the sewing school
(No exercise required)

May 13th
Saturday 9:00-5:00

Intermediate and advanced students have a weekend of uninterrupted sewing time with the assistance of our fabulous teachers!
Very limited enrollment!!

Workshop in school.

12:00-1:00 Lunch
Snack lunch provided

Creative Stitching

What is included:
Consultation on project before weekend.
Use of classroom equipment!
All instruction.
One-on-one critique of your work.
Spend time with our very talented teachers.
A sewing experience like no other!!!


Call for more details and hotel information.
Spring Sewing Retreat
Montgomery Bell State Park
April 28, 29, 30th
Pressing Matters
Limited Enrollment!!

This is a fun weekend of sewing with friends and our wonderful teachers!!!

Arrive on Friday for lunch.  We will set up our classroom,organize our sewing equipment and projects, and start sewing!   We will sew until late in the evening on Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  We leave the park around noon.

Students will work on instructor approved projects--we will consult before the weekend.


Sweats and no makeup!
Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast provided. Other meals at Park Buffet.

Tuition:   $400

 You may reserve and pay for your own room with the code given to you upon registration.
Kidz Can Sew
Ages 10 and up!

Emerson's First Skirt!
Creative kids learn how to use a sewing machine, follow a simple pattern and create their own clothes.  We start with a skirt!  Machines provided!  Students can use their own machine if the have an instruction book.

Mondays               3:45-5:45
Tuition:  $120 (4-2 hr. classes)  You can start at the beginning of any month.
Registration fee: $80, includes sewing kit
Sewing with Knits--Intermediate
Building a basic knit wardrobe!

Built your basic knit wardrobe! Pair with your favorite scarf, lacy tank, bralette, and sandals. You will be stepping out in style! This very slippery, tricky fabric needs special techniques.

Techniques include:  how to cut fabric, stitch seams, seam finishes, stabilizers and hems--and, of course, fitting is our specialty.

Wednesdays                    6:00-9:00
Tuition:  $280                 8 weeks     

Beginning Sewing--Adult Garments

This class is for the student who has never sewn or has minimal skills--a good refresher if you have not sewn in many years. Students learn how to thread a sewing machine, cut out a pattern, follow the instructions and create a wrap skirt or an elastic waisted pencil skirt/casual pants for men! Machines provided. You may use your machine if you have an instruction book. 

Tuition:  $160 (4-3 hour classes)  Start at the beginning of any month.
Registration fee:  $80, includes sewing kit.
Beginning Sewing--Children's Clothes

This cutie is wearing one of our advanced creations!
Learn how to sew for your precious little one. You will learn how to choose a size, cut out a pattern on fabric,
understand instructions and stitch a dress.
Techniques include: seam finishes, facings, hems.

Tuesdays                     9:30-12:30
Tuition:  $160 (4-3 hour classes)  Start at the beginning of any month.
Registration fee:  $80, includes sewing kit and pattern
Beginning Sewing for the Home

Chair pillows!
Learn how to use a sewing machine and create beautiful and unique items for your home. We start with placemats, a table runner, and a series of pillows, building our skills as we work through these fun projects.  Machines provided.  You may use your own machine if you have an instruction book.

Tuesdays                       5:30-8:30
Wednesdays                 11:30-2:30
Tuition:  $160 (4-3 hr. classes)  Start at the beginning of any month.
Registration fee:  $80, includes sewing kit.
Quilting--Making Memories

Learn how to quilt!  This class is for all skill levels.  New sewers will learn how to use a sewing machine, cut fabric and piece together a lap quilt.
Our project:  a memory quilt made out of tee shirts!  This is a great graduation gift.

Thursdays  6:00-9:00
Tuition:  $160 per month (4/3hr. classes)
Registration fee:  $80 for new students, includes sewing kit.
Intermediate and Advanced students $30
Ann's Quilt
Teens Can Sew
--an independent study
Creative teens will learn how to use a sewing machine, follow patterns and create fashionable clothes hat fit!!!  If you love fashion, are thinking about a career in fashion design, or just love to sew, this class is for you!  Many students use their skills in applying to fashion design school, colleges and future jobs. Machines provided.  You may use your machine if you have an instruction book.

Carter's New Pants!
Wednesdays--after school until 6:00
Tuition:  $160 (4-3 hr. classes)  You may start at the beginning of any month, space available.
Registration fee:  $80, includes sewing kit
Fit, Finish, Fantastic

Have fitting issues, need pattern instructions interpreted, need a hem pinned up, need creative ideas??? This class is for you. You pick your project, we take your garments to the next level with details that add the "wow" factor to your sewing.  Patterns are for your skill level.  This is a fun, relaxing, class --"me" time!

Wednesdays           6:00-9:00 or
Thursdays            9:30-12:30
Tuition:  $160 (4-3 hr. classes)
Registration fee:  $30 per year    
Classes start the week of April 3rd
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